Mario Kart 8 guide: Tips, tricks, and everything you must be aware of the Deluxe edition of Mario Kart 8 on Switch

Mario Kart 8 guide:

From learning how to drift, to securing the first spot There are some important strategies and tips to win every one of your Mario Kart 8 races. Guide by John Bedford Updated Contributor on 18 Mar 2022

Mario Kart 8 is one of the Wii’s top games. It’s now given a fresh lease of existence on Nintendo Switch, compiling all previously released DLC as well as adding new features, including an all-encompassing Battle Mode – in one complete package.

If you’re playing Mario Kart at first, need some refresher information on the fundamentals or you’re still playing in the game on Wii U, this Mario Kart 8 guide, tips and tips page will help you understand everything you’ll need to know to be a better competitor in any race from online up to Time Trial and beyond.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe – everything we know about what’s new

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is an exclusive Nintendo Switch exclusive game that arrives three years following the Wii U’s launch in 2014 and includes the following new features and features:

Courses and characters:

  • The previous 32 courses as well as thirty characters of the Mario Kart 8 original Mario Kart 8
  • DLC updates, which include 16 additional tracks (a mix of old and new courses and some that are in the style of Animal Crossing, Legend of Zelda and other Nintendo franchises) Six DLC racing characters (Tanooki Mario Cat Peach, Link, Villager (boy and girl), Isabelle and Dry Bowser) as well as new vehicles with themes
  • Five characters exclusive to Deluxe Five characters exclusive to Deluxe – Inkling Boy as well as Inkling Girl of Splatoon (each featuring three color swaps) Boo, King Boo, Dry Bones, and Bowser Jr.
  • The sixth character unlockable is the Gold Mario that can be completed by completing each cup of 200cc
  • Palette swaps are available for Yoshi along with Shy Guy for players who purchased both DLC packs for Wii U
  • Three Deluxe-only vehicles: The Koopa Clown and two inspired by Splatoon
  • New amiibo outfits for the Mii racer, based on Splatoon figures

Mechanisms and features:

  • A brand-new Battle Mode returns with five modes and eight arenas
  • Capability to hold two things at the same time
  • Two new items are available – the stealthy Boo (during race events) and the leaping Feather (in Battle Mode)
  • A third, pink-colored “tier that can be used when you are cornering to provide an additional increase
  • The technique of fire hopping removed
  • 200cc class race (including Time Trial) and Time Trial) from Wii U’s DLC update
  • Smart Steering feature designed for beginner players.
  • New visuals with improved clarity – 1080p60 on the TV, 720p60 on handheld devices – up from 720p for the Wii U
  • Up to 8 players local multiplayer, and 12 players online, and the ability to switch carts and characters within lobby areas online

Mario Kart 8 guides

Alongside the tips and tricks Below are information on different features of the game, whether the game is played with Switch as well as Wii U, including shortcuts and unlockables, costumes for amiibo and much more.

Mario Kart 8 Shortcuts list of classic, standard, DLC courses and cups
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Mario Kart 8 Deluxe characters, weight classes, and the top combination of karts available on Wii U
Find the most efficient wheels, body and gliders to take the lead in the group.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe unlockables include the method you can unlock Gold Kart parts as well as Gold Mario
You should prepare to play a variety of tracks in order to find all the information you require.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Amiibo list for each Mii racing costume
How do you dress your Mii to look like Sonic, Mega Man and other iconic characters.

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Mario Kart 8 tips and tricks

Before you get in the finer details of each track and mastering the hidden shortcuts scattered throughout the collection of tracks There are some essential fundamentals that are worth learning. Starting with Mario Kart’s (now 3-tier) drifting system to making sure you’re off the stating grid in an instant, we’ve put together a handful of strategies that can help you beat the other competitors within a matter of minutes.

The drifting system masters

You’ll not make an impact on the leaderboards if aren’t taking advantages of drifting features in Mario Kart 8. If you are able to sustain an unspecified duration and you’re able to trigger a speed-boost effect, which will be activated when you release your finger off of the drift button.

There are three types of boosts available on Switch as opposed to the two standard boosts on Wii U. Wii U edition. If you’ve drifted enough to see tiny blue sparks exploding from under your car, that signifies that you are ready to begin the first stage of boost.

If you are able to hold on to the drift for long enough to start igniting glowing orange flames underneath your kart, you’ll gain a greater speed boost after you let go. Keep going and you’ll be rewarded with an additional pink tier to get an even greater boost.Every bit of speed can be beneficial with Mario Kart 8. We’ll help you cross the line in the fastest time possible.

Mario Kart 8 guide

First place to maintain in an event

To ensure that things are fair or even in your own perception – you’ll be given less boosts in power the further you are. This doesn’t mean that the equipment you get for being the first aren’t worth it not at all.

Do not be enticed to discard that green shell fast if you’re in the middle of the group. If you notice the red homing shell heading at you, hold the L trigger in the position it is. This will put your green shell at the rear of your kart and it will take the complete weight of the missile heading your way.

Switch’s brand new double-item setup lets you have two defences for you, providing you an extra layer of security.

Utilize this slipstream method to gain an advantage

Just align yourself with a car that is ahead and within a few minutes you’ll be able to benefit from an acceleration-boosting slipstream. So long as you feel tiny wisps of energy bouncing around the kart, you’ll be at the mercy of this helpful boost.

Utilize all of the ghost data of the game

If you’re having trouble making some progress in the Time Trials, select More Ghosts after selecting an area, then download a top-performing player Ghost from your Leaderboard. Then, select Race Against Ghost from the menu, select the ghost you downloaded, and click”add.

It is now possible to view the kart and character types along with the glider and wheels options which helped the player achieve the super-slick speed. Click View Ghost to see their smart shortcuts in action and then try your best to replicate the way they did it.

Make sure you have many coins

Try to collect as many coins as you possibly can in the initial phases of an event. Each coin you pick up will give your engine a tweak and speed. It is only possible to benefit from the additional engine power the total of 10 coins offer, though. The coins you earn after this point will give you a slight increase before adding to your total. You’ll be able to unlock new kart components as your total collection of coins grows.

If you come to a standstill by your opponent at any point you’ll be able to lose a couple of coins as a penalty. Most of the time, you’ll take at the very least one when you get back up to speed it is advisable to squeeze one back when you move away. Keep an eye on any other players who crash too – you could get some of their coins while you fly by!

Find out where to find the shortcuts are

Each circuit that you play in Mario Kart 8 has a shortcut or two that allow players to play around and discover specific ways to cut just a few seconds off their laps.

Spend some time enjoying the leisurely journey around each course in single-player mode to get to understand what the secrets lie. A lot of the courses traverse rough terrain, and thus require speed boosts or some other method if you want to get a significant gain. If you’re not able to find any ones, or need some ideas or inspiration, this quick-fixes page can be of assistance.

Simple when you’ve got many mushrooms to play around with during Time Trial mode, but you never know when you’ll find one up during competitive races too.The race never ends until it’s done on Mario Kart. You never know what kind of item you’ll be getting the next time.

Utilize the boost start trick to exit the grid fast

Similar to the previous Mario Kart games, there’s an option to escape the grid and get the fastest start possible however timing is crucial. As the countdown starts you must hold the accelerator for just a few seconds after the second number is displayed. Continue to hold it down for the remaining countdown, and you’ll fly off like the speed of a rocket.

There’s a danger with this boost in the beginning. If your timing is slightly too early or too late, the racer could be able to spin their wheels for a shorter duration before accelerating away. However however, with a bit of practice, you’ll be in a position to master this vital technique every time.

Gain speed using stunt boosts

When you shake the controller, or press the R trigger at the moment you take off from the ramp, you’ll be able to perform an impressive stunt, and get an additional speed boost immediately afterward. Make sure you do not jump too soon, otherwise you’ll miss your take-off. The only downside to hitting the button too late is that you skip the boost in itself.

Don’t limit your stunts on the most well-known ramps and slopes within the game. A variety of natural and built-in objects give you the chance to start stunts, so you can play with the roots of trees as well as fallen pillars and anything else that is thrown into the mix in the course of an event.

Utilize the blue zones that defy gravity

Another method of gaining some speed is to crash into other players as you’re both sporting your anti-gravity blue wheels on. Gentle touches can give you both an extra boost However, make sure not to strike another player from one side while you’re speeding up or you’ll move them forward.

In addition to striking other players in the areas of anti-gravity Keep an eye out for any objects that have a blue-ish tint. Touching them will also put you in a spin and propel you forward only a bit faster.

This Switch version comes with a brand New Battle mode

After the polarizing version of Battle mode in the original Mario Kart 8, the Deluxe edition brings the game back to the roots of the franchise with enclosed arenas that are specialized and modes. They include:


  • Balloon Battle (burst opponents balloons)
  • Bob-omb Blast (burst balls from opponents by using Bob-ombs)
  • Renegade Roundup (one group tries at capturing the second team using Piranha Plants)
  • Coin runners (collect as numerous coins as is possible)
  • Shine Thief (attempt to hold the Shine Sprite for 20 seconds to take the prize)

Eight courses:

  • Battle Stadium
  • Dragon Palace
  • Luigi’s Mansion (GCN)
  • Lunar Colony
  • Sweet Sweet Kingdom
  • Urchin Underpass
  • Wuhu Town (3DS)
  • Battle Course 1 (SNES)

Make sure you are clever in your power-ups

If you’re fortunate enough to be in possession of Crazy 8 power-up – which allows you to use eight different power-ups, take them out in the quickest time possible in the event that there are other players around. If you don’t, they could steal the mushroom you’ve cultivated or even your invincibility stars.

Another tip to beat your opponents is to secure your weapons of projectile until your target is in the air, and flying across a massive gap. If you are able to get them out of the way you’ll see them suffer a longer animation when they respawn and allow you to go faster than them.

Here’s a quick overview of the options available:

BananaThe device puts riders who come into contact with it into a spin for a short period of time.
BlooperLowers the visibility of all cyclists and traction may be reduced temporarily
Bob-ombThe bomb explodes after a short period of time, and knocks over the karts around it
Boomerang FlowerUseful to hit racers if thrown and then returned up to 3 times
Bullet BillInvincibility is granted and helps propel the racer’s speed via auto-pilot
CoinAccelerates speed with each coin collected, to a maximum speed of 10
Crazy EightCreates eight power-ups, which revolve around the Kart.
Fire FlowerGives you the ability to shoot off spinning karts for only a brief duration of time
Golden MushroomOffers extended bursts of additional speed
Green ShellThe fires are straight striking the riders it comes into contact with
LightningThe game destroys all power-ups collected before shrinking and slowing down other racers.
Piranha PlantConsumes food such as racers and food items, giving an increase in speed to the owner every time
Red ShellFocuses on the closest player in front and knocks them down.
Spiny ShellIt lands on the kart at the top of the list and knocks down other karts while it travels
StarInvincibility is granted for a short period and speeds up speed
Super HornObliterates other riders and objects within a small distance
Triple BananasThree Bananas that can be dropped. It acts as a barrier in the event of in orbit
Triple Green ShellsThree Green Shells that can be fired off. It acts as a barrier in the event of in orbit
Triple Red ShellsThe player is given three Red Shells to shoot off. Protects against damage if left in orbit
Boo (Switch to only)Steels an item taken from an opponent, making you invulnerable to theft process
Feather (Switch and Battle Mode only)Take a leap high into the air to get higher platforms and stay clear of attacks

Learn to fire Hop – in the event that you’re not using a Switch

A controversial method for speed-boosts to be extended for Wii U version Wii U version has initiate the boost with a drift, after which you repeatedly tap the R1 button while turning your wheels in the direction of left and right. This will greatly extend the duration of time that the boost stays in effect.

Although it sounds like an attack, it’s grounded into the game’s physics system which determines the duration of boost determined by the amount of time your wheels stay on the ground. This is a controversial technique among players, and maybe it’s the case that Nintendo may have decided it was not enough, and eliminated it out of Switch. Switch version entirely.


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