Megabyte GeForce GTX 4090 Gaming 24G Test

Flash meets speed.

  • Megabyte GeForce | It’s the Nvidia GeForce 4090 RTX 4090 Founders Edition is out into the world, meaning that the advance of AIBs (third-party graphics cards) has started. The first card that we have custom-designed to our test bench will be the Gigabyte GeForce RTX4090 Gaming Oc 24G. It is factory overclocked and comes with a massive quad-slot cooler that keeps frames at a constant level, and an abundance of RGB to add some design. It costs 100 dollars over the Founders Edition and offers a mix of top performance and low temperatures that make it a great option as your first gaming laptop.Gigabyte GeForce the RTX4090 gaming OC, 24G Photos – Megabyte GeForce

Geforce Gigabyte RTX 4090 Gaming OS Design and Features

  • It’s a beast. Gaming OC is a monster card. This is true for each RTX 4090. However, the images do not do the dimensions the cards are. The Gigabyte’s dimensions are 13.4 x 5.9 3.0 inches, which is enough to ensure that it wouldn’t fit into the case of my Corsair Crystal 680X. A case upgrade later, and I finally was able to get it installed, however, it’s essential to ensure that your computer can handle powerful GPU.
  • It’s not just the length which makes the card stick out. Its depth of 3 inches places it in quad-slot territory. Its depth is beneficial due to its cooling capacity, however it can cause vertical mounting to be difficult without getting in the way of the glass of the case and the case being deprived of air cooling. It’s a problem since Gigabyte has fitted each fan with a programmable LED ring, which is virtually invisible when connected normally.
  • There’s a reason to the massive cooler. It’s the RTX 4090 is a beast of gaming cards. It was designed to provide high performance, and it delivers it with a plethora of performance. Similar to it’s Founders Edition, the Gaming OC comes with 16.384 CUDA cores, which are the principal drivers for non-ray traced performance. It also comes with 24GB of super-fast GDDR6X video memory. This memory is connected to 384 bit bus and operates at 21Gbps. It’s exactly the same as the previous generation’s 3090 Ti RTX however don’t think that it’s a good thing the fact that this memory is incredibly speedy.
  • As stated in the title it’s the Gaming OC is factory overclocked however it’s only a small increase in comparison to that of the Founders Edition. In the box, the boost clock is 2535 MHz. This is just a tiny advantage of 15 MHz. Memory clocks remain similar with 1313 MHz. This is a significant improvement, but it’s not likely to change your great gaming experience significantly better than Nvidia’s reference card. – Megabyte GeForce
  • However, in reality the real world, the “side off the shelf” specifications aren’t as crucial than they appear. The Nvidia GPU Boost technology is a smart way to ramp up all its current GPUs over these limits anyway which means that performance is limited more by thermal and power limitations than the initial tweaks made by manufacturers. This is why aftermarket graphics cards generally have superior thermal options – although it is true that the Founders Edition is excellent too and gives AIBs a competition in terms of performance per dollar.
  • The cooler in this case is something to see. This Gaming OC uses Gigabyte’s Windforce cooling system. It’s powered by three huge 110mm fans that are each imprinted with a set of fins, which help to facilitate airflow. The middle fan rotates counter to the two outer ones to reduce the amount of air turbulence. Below is the bulk of the card’s bulk is a huge heatsink lining with copper heating pipes. A vapor chamber is located right over the GPU to draw heat into the copper pipes and out of the fins to be pumped out of through the back. It’s the exact same design we saw in the previous generation but it’s grown in dimensions. It’s just as good as, if not better.
  • On the reverse to the front of the card lies a basic metal backplate that is heavy-duty and durable. It helps strengthen the structural integrity of the card. It isn’t exactly necessary due to an enormous heatsink bonded to its circuit board however, a huge cutout allows for plenty of blow-through, which helps to disperse heat. The card is powered by a single 16-pin connector, however in the event that your power supply does not meet the new technology, Gigabyte comes with an adapter that can convert to four 8-pin GPU plugs into a powerful but unattractive cable.
  • There’s an additional BIOS switch that lets you enable an overclock factory setting (toggled in default) or to turn the card in silent mode. The card doesn’t sound loud even when it’s under load and blends into my case’s fans extremely well. The card’s silent mode can slighty increase temperatures but, as we’ll be talking about in the section on performance there’s nothing to be concerned about. – Megabyte GeForce

What we thought regarding the RTX 4090 Founders Edition

  • Its RTX 4090 may be huge and costly however, holy smokes in the event that it doesn’t blow its rivals out of the park. It’s not fair because it’s the only card in this generation available as a result, and so we’re only left with cards from the last few decades to compare with. While the rest the pack catch up, given its incredible specifications for hardware and DLSS 3 AI wizardry, even the $1,599 price does not appear unreasonable considering the unbeatable frame rates this card can produce. Bo Moore and Chris Coke, October 11, 2022. Bo Moore and Chris Coke on October 11, 2022. – Megabyte GeForce

Score: 8

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  • As with all RTX 4090s this gaming OC is built on the identical Ada Lovelace design. This means that you will get the same benefits as all other models, but nothing is left to be desired. It’s a streaming multiprocessor that is complete with CUDA Tensor, CUDA and RT (ray tracer) cores and advanced technologies such as Shader Execution reordering to improve the performance of ray tracing. It can support DLSS 3 and frame generation which dramatically boosts frame rates for games that support it, including Cyberpunk 2077. Creators and streamers will also benefit from the brand new AV1 encoder that allows for faster rendering and better quality streaming.
  • For a complete breakdown of these technologies, make sure to check out our review of the launch of this new version of Nvidia GPUs. There’s plenty to know that I’ve only scratched the surface of however, this Nvidia RTX 40-series is a advancement in many ways. – Megabyte GeForce

To output this card has the following ports: three DisplayPort 1.4 ports as well as an HDMI 2.1 connector. It can support the max resolution of 7760×4320 (8K) across the four ports.

Gigabyte Geforce RTX 4090 Gaming OC Performance

  • Before we dive into the results of our benchmarks It’s worthwhile to take an examination of the factory overclock that Gigabyte implemented to this. As I mentioned in the earlier section in the section above, the advertised out of the box speed is just 15 MHz higher that the 2.52 GHz of the Founders Edition, but with GPU Boost factored in, things are drastically altered.
  • In my tests the card achieved the rate of 2760 MHz. However, it came down to 2745 MHz when playing. The thing that is particularly fascinating is that Founder’s Edition achieved a higher top clock speed, 2775 MHz. However, it was also able to settle at 2760 MHz following that initial acceleration. In actual use, whether either overclocked or not the average clock speed was identical on both cards.
  • The Gaming OC did win in temperatures, but. Although it was true that the Founders Edition hit a peak temperature of 64.7C however, the Gigabyte was able to reach 62C when under heavy load. It also fluctuated between 60 and 61C when playing. With Silent Bios enabled, that temperature increased to 65C. This puts it in line with FE. If you have more power source this is a great option to use manually overclocking.
  • However, unless you’re trying to squeeze every ounce of performance from your card, it’s not required. Even at 4K resolution, this RTX 4090 Gaming OC 24G has a high frame rate as well as smooth, responsive gaming. – Megabyte GeForce

Let’s dive into our benchmarks results.

Megabyte GeForce

Test system MSI MEG Z670E ACES, Ryzen 9 7950X (stock), Corsair iCUE H150i LCD Display Liquid Cooler 32GB Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro DDR5-6000 2TB Gigabyte Gigabyte NVMe AORUS SSD 1200 Watt ASUS Thor Power Supply.

  • Starting by using 3DMark Fire Strike Ultra, we can see that the three 4090s tested in this test significantly outperform the last generation’s top models. The score generated from Gaming OC Gaming OC is higher overall because of differences in our test systems , but the performance of graphics on the three cards is identical. Performance of neck and neck in this test.
  • The second test that we have in our round-up of tests is Unigine Heaven. Similar to 3DMark it renders a set of scenes that boost GPU performance to the top of the line thus the scores will shed insight into how the two models of GPU are compared. In terms of 4K resolution the Gigabyte is slightly behind, yet it manages to outdo it both Founder Edition and the MSI RTX 4090 Suprim Liquid X.
  • Ray tracing performance draws competitors closer all over the place. In the Boundary test, which tests ray tracing three cards share the differences between 82 and FPS. When the 3DMark Port Royal ray tracing test the card scores 22% better that its predecessor, the RTX 4090 Founders Edition but is around 350 points which is 1.4 percent behind that of MSI’s Suprim Liquid X. When it comes to 3DMark’s Ray Tracing Test, the situation is similar. It’s just two frames behind the Suprim, but a more frame than the FE.Gigabyte Geforce RTX 4090 Gaming OC – Gaming Benchmarks 
  • In the case of real game benchmarks, we can get our most accurate view of the way all three RTX 4090s compare to each other, as well with a variety of older generation cards. A quick look at the bars indicates that they’re very close. Check out the particular results however, when compared against MSI Suprim Liquid X, the Gigabyte Gaming OC averaged 4 percent faster at 1080p, 5percent quicker at 1440p and 2% faster in 4K. In comparison to it’s Founders Edition, it averaged 11% more efficient across all.
  • Let’s be honest It’s an gaming card that supports 4K So let’s concentrate on these numbers. We’ll note that because of our testing procedure last generation and the release for the RTX 3090 Ti, the results are not present in a number of the tests that were expanded.
  • In 4K the nimbleness to these cards are apparent as day. When compared to Suprim Liquid X Gaming OC, Gaming OC Gaming OC is 3% quicker. In comparison to those using the Founders Edition, it pulls 22% faster. This may sound like it’s not much, but the reality is the case that, in the majority of instances both cards fall within a couple of frames of each other , with the most notable difference is an 8 FPS advantage for Wolfenstein: Youngblood… at a sufficiently high frame rate, it’s almost invisible. – Megabyte GeForce
  • The results are essentially identical to those we observed in the last generation. We’ll need to observe how the remainder of the 40-series performs however the reality is that the cards perform exceptionally similar to each other, and that’s because of the design. Think of it as a performance guarantee when you’re deciding to go for a particular class of card. – Megabyte GeForce

Guide to Buying

The Gigabyte GeForce GTX 4090 Gaming OC 24G is on sale at all major retailers of technology such as Amazon, Best Buy, and Newegg with a MSRP of $1699. – Megabyte GeForce


  • So, is the Gigabyte GeForce the RTX 4090 Gaming OC 24G worth it? It’s $100 more expensive than the price for the Founders Edition with a 2 percentage performance improvement It may not appear as if it is at first. However, as an enthusiast model, a large part of the price is the possibility of pushing it beyond the base specifications it comes with. With such a big cooler and ample headroom for thermal the possibility of overclocking is much higher on this card Gaming OC than the FE however, even if you choose to keep it simple by clicking”Auto OC” or the “Auto OC” button in MSI Afterburner or the monitor of your choice. With a price of $1700, this whole range of cards is targeted towards exactly that kind of player. The other aspect is style. Style might not be as crucial as performance, but they are important particularly if you’re creating an extravagant rig for the most recent games. Gaming OC Gaming OC isn’t the flashiest card, but it certainly earns aesthetic points over the boring FE even if it’s not able to display the RGB on the fans. It’s also perhaps more crucial, a $100 increase might not seem enough after you’ve got the Founders Edition becomes difficult to locate (which is already the situation). Gaming OC Gaming OC isn’t the cheapest card however it’s not it’s most expensive. If you consider the small out of the box edge, more overclocking capability, cool temperatures and quiet fans you’re left with a device that’s an excellent and enjoyable choice for an ultra-modern gaming PC. – Megabyte GeForce

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