Mobile Legends Atlas guide: Best build, skills, emblem, combos

Mobile Legends Atlas guide

As we devote our whole time, to floating under the ocean.Credit: Moonton

The Abysmal Sea Atlas is among the most ancient living things found in the Land of Dawn. After discovering the remains of an ancient Mecha Sentry on the seabed, Atlas empowered it to escape from the sea.

He can be ejected from his mecha, and then rejoin for a brief period of time and introduce a brand new method of play for the gameplay.

Mobile Legends Atlas guide

An excellent leader, he excels at controlling the crowd and chasing down adversaries.

Atlas’ skills in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Passive – Fryd Breath

Atlas creates Frigid Breath all around him for five seconds every when he uses a skill. All enemies that are who are affected by Frigid Breath will see their speed of movement decrease over the course of three seconds, following that, they’ll become frozen for 0.5 seconds.

Atlas increases 11-25 Magic and Physical Defense when frigid Breath is active.

  • It allows you to stay on enemies and cast your spells.
  • You can be active in an entire team battle in the event that you can chain your moves effectively.

First skill – Annihilate

Atlas is a powerful weapon that smashes down and triggers three explosions. Each explosion causes magical damage to the enemies. In the state of ejection: When the player has been ejected from the Mecha Sentry he as well as his Mecha will be able to cast Annihilate.

  • Utilize this skill after Perfect Match so that you are able to create two circles of AoE to ensure maximum damage during Ejected State.

Second skill – Perfect Match

Atlas is in Ejected State, gaining movement speed and resistance to the effects of slowing. In this state, it is possible that the Mecha Sentry is able to follow the Pilot at an increasing rate (can not be affected except by suppression). After they have met, Atlas will return to the Mecha that deals devastating magic damage to enemies around and then dazzles them.

Ejected State Atlas along with the Mecha share the identical HP bar, which reduces the damages that occur by this condition.

  • This ability is what makes Atlas stand out from the crowd. Literally. It is possible to use it over walls, giving you greater maneuvering options.
  • A gap closer, you can use Perfect Match and Frigid Breath to chase opponents.
  • To ensure a final stun you should use the speed to place Atlas ahead of the opponents instead of behind them.
  • If you start a battle using Perfect Match it won’t be able to use any other spells to get out (besides Flicker if it is off cooldown). In contrast, Perfect Match is an excellent escape tool since it provides you with a boost of speed and decreases the damage you suffer.

Ultimate – Fatal Links

Atlas throws chains at all nearby heroes before beginning to channel (can only be stopped by suppression) and deal magical damage to enemies that are hit and slowed the speed of their attack. If this skill is utilized repeatedly while being channeled, Atlas will drag the enemies towards him, and then drop them to the desired spot, dealing magical damage. When using this skill, Ejected State will summon the Mecha Sentry to Atlas to merge quickly.

  • Utilize Fatal Links following Perfect Match’s stun to create an effective crowd-control combination.
  • While Fatal Links may be channeled, they aren’t transmitted and are slow to fully utilize when it’s in full view. Instant casting is equally efficient.
  • You can lure opponents to your team in order for them to be able to deal the maximum damage upfront.
  • At the conclusion of the day, it’s still tanking. Even if you start with your entire combo, but your teammates aren’t able to follow through, odds are that your enemies will not die. It is better to be aware of the team’s position and then peel your carries to the side instead.

A comprehensive beginner’s guide on how to play Atlas in Mobile Legends

Battle spells that are recommended for Atlas

Flicker is essential if are looking to become the best player on Atlas. The ability to close the gap when you play combos could be the difference between taking somebody out or even missing completely. Or, Sprint is also viable.

The best design to play Atlas on Mobile Legends

Rapid Boots, which increases your speed of movement by 80, provides the highest game-changing speed. This is a huge benefit for Atlas since he will no longer depend upon Perfect Match to initiate, and now has the ability to keep up with the opposition with this purchase.

Dominance Ice is an essential component for all tanks. They usually purchase Immortality as well as Athena’s Shield. Include Antique Cuirass into your tank if physical damage dealers of the opposing team are in need of it.

Emblem set

Pick from two sets: Tank as well as the Support Emblem sets.

In the support, the emblem setting includes Agility points to increase the speed of movement Recover for regen or Pull Yourself together for an extra cooldown for Flicker.

If you choose to go with this Tank symbol set make sure to add points to Shield and Inspire to help with cooling down as well as Brave Smite, which will make it easier to last than a few minutes during engagements.

How to play Atlas Atlas

Atlas Kit revolves around Perfect Match. It doubles the damage output when combined with Annihilate and is his primary tool to start.

If you’re playing the hero using a repositioning spell, make use of it before your mecha gets close to him. If he is unable to determine where you’re going then you are in the safe territory from being stunned.

Make sure to fight within lane spaces that are open or along the river to ensure you have enough space to take him down without exposing him to frosty Breath. If you come across him in the forest and your front line is unable to take out his combo and then strike immediately.

Even so, with the level of power the guy is at now, it’s fair to say that it’s pretty difficult to take him down.

Pentiment review: “It’s like scampering around inside a 16th-century comic book”

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