Mobile Legends patch 1.7.32 notes Every buff or update, nerf, and overhaul

Mobile Legends patch 1.7.32

Mobile Legends | A new hero is set to grace the battlefield.

Moonton has released patch 1.7.32 after the closing of major MPL leagues as well as the One Esports Mobile Legends Professional League 2022 Invitational (MPLI 2022),

Joy the new mage hero will be being introduced to the Land of Dawn in the upcoming patch. Heroes like Aulus, Kaja Carmilla, Aulus as well as Minotaur were also given major changes to encourage players to play them in competitive games.

It’s not known if it’s clear if the M4 World Championship early next year will be held in this patch. However, the addition of a new character along with the addition of 27 new heroes could alter this metagame.

These are the major buffs, nerfs and hero overhauls and adjustments to the battlefield that are included Mobile Legends Patch 1.7.32.

Mobile Legends patch 1.7.32 introduces a new mage hero, Joy

Passive Humph Joy’s angry!

  • Joy gets an increase in movement speed and also a shield every time her abilities can cause damage to non-minion enemies. The effect is only activated once every 4 seconds on the same opponent.

Skills 1: Look Leonin Crystal!

  • Joy summons the Leonin Crystal in the targeted location, inflicting Magic damage to enemies in the vicinity. The Leonin Crystal can also be used as a springboard to Joy’s second skill.

Skill 2 Meow and the of Joy! of Joy!

  • Joy is a sprint in the target direction, causing Magic Inflicting damage on enemies who cross her route.
  • The act of hitting an enemy causes Joy the ability to go into Beat Time!, during which she is unable to control effects and is able to cast the skill repeatedly. The casting skill 2 during the beat can increase the damage of the skill.

Ultimate Ha Electric Beats!

  • The Ultimate unlocks when Joy uses her Skill five times consecutively. Joy eliminates any control effects she has on herself and gains Movement Speed, and deals damage to enemies in the vicinity 8 times more than 4s. Each Skill 2 used on the beat boosts the damage of the Ultimate.

Mobile Legends patch 1.7.32 balance and hero adjustments


Credit: Moonton

Passive – Lethal Shot

  • The every Lethal Shot now deals true the damage
  • Damage is adjusted from 110 percent total physical attack to 50 + 100 100% total physical attack
  • Improved her basic attacks so that they will not be disrupted by her own abilities


Screenshots by Jules Elona/ONE Esports

Passive Crystalline Armor

  • New Effect: Getting combo points will now reset the timer for Crystal Energy’s decay
  • Crystal Energy now decays slowly instead of disappearing. the duration is now decreased to 5 seconds
  • Reduced Crystal Energy per second was increased from 5% of maximum HP, to 10% HP maximum
  • The conversion rate for damage-to-crystal energy increased from 85 to 100%
  • The percentage at which the ultimate transformed to crystal energy by hero damage to actual HP is reduced by 30 to 25%.

Skill1 – Strike of Piercing

  • Awarded an additional physical attack bonus to cause damage

Ultimate Appraiser’s Wrath

  • Crystal Energy Bonus was reduced from 40 percent to
  • A New Effect: Doubling the rate that his Ultimate converted crystal Energy into Hero Damage into actual HP


Credit: Moonton


  • Stolen defense is adjusted between 6-12 and 7-11

Ultimate Curse of Blood

  • Carmilla will then throw Carmilla’s Curse of Blood in a direction, and create a field that slows enemies who are caught in it.
  • All enemies that remain in the battlefield after some time will be imprisoned and chained and slowing them down, revealing them.
  • Damage is adjusted from 525-525 +160 percent Magic Power to 450-750 +130 percent Magic Power
  • The Linked Damage Ratio was reduced from 70% to 50 The Linked Damage Ratio decreased from 70% to 50
  • The Linked Control Ratio was increased from 70 percent to 100 percent

Special Partner Skills

  • Cooldown went from 20s to 45s.
  • Base Shield increased from 220-500 to 520-800


Credit: Moonton


  • Physical defense of the base was up from 21 to 25
  • HP increase increased from 190 220

Passive Wrath Sanction

  • The effect of Enhanced Basic Attacks will no longer bring back HP equal to 100 + 30 percent Magic Power
  • New Effect: The basic attack damage as well as all damage from skill will now render enemies unconscious and temporarily slow their movement speed , while also reducing the damage they deal by 8percent for 4s
  • It can stack up to 4 times

Skill 1 . Ring of Order

  • Eliminated effect: Dealing harm lowers the time to cool down of Wrath Sanction
  • New Effect New Effect: Healing damage for between 100 and 200 HP (heals at 30% for each subsequent victim)
  • Cooldown was reduced from 7-5s to 6.5-4.5s

Skill 2 – Lightning Bomb

  • The damage decreased between 200 and 350 (+80% power magic), to 150-300 +35 percent magic power

The Ultimate – – Divine Judgment

  • The damage decreased by 300-600 +100% magical power, to 200-500 +80% magical power
  • Removed Effect: Lowers the your target’s Magic Defense by 10-20 while the ultimate is in effect
Mobile Legends


Credit: Moonton

Passive – Rage Incarnate

  • Accumulated Rage will not dissipate
  • As a result, Rage gained from damaging heroes has been somewhat reduced

Skill 1. Despair Stomp

  • A New Effect: The targets that are hit are sent flying a small distance

Skill 2 Motivation Roar

  • Eliminated the Rage gain effect

Ultimate — Minoan Fury

  • The amount of Rage gained reduced between 5 and 3 times
  • Enhanced Ultimate Effect Revamp: The initial two phases don’t hit targets in the air, but they slow them down by 70 percent instead.
  • Slightly added animation time prior to the knock-up on the third strike.
  • This ability is not affected by crowd control effects.


Passive Dew

  • The stats of Flower of Hope have been updated as follows +5 ability to adapt (this bonus can be added in the hero’s Physical Attack or Magic Power in accordance with the value that is higher of the hero’s additional physical attack or magical power)
  • The upgraded Flower of Hope now grants the following stats as of the new update 10 percent physical lifesteal and 10% magical lifesteal
  • The new effect is that Allied characters using Flower of Hope receive an armor every time they’re treated by Floryn’s skill
  • When upgraded the shield will be equipped with an increase in HP, and also slightly boost the speed of movement for hero.


Passive – Fighting Spirit

  • The basic attack damage of enhanced attack reduced between 60 and 200 Physical Attack
  • The condition of the stack changes from every basic attack. It adds 1 stack. gain 1 stack each moment after Aulus has destroyed an enemy
  • Physical attacks from every stack Fighting Spirit decreased from 4-16 to 3-12
  • Bonus on speed for movement of maximum Fighting Spirit decreased from 15 percent to 10

Skills 1 Aulus. Charge!

  • Skills Revamping: This skill becomes effective immediately upon tapping
  • Aulus gets rid of all slow effects , and grants 30-50% additional Movement Speed as well as 20% damage reduction in attackers from behind 3s
  • Cooldown changed from 12-7s to 10s

Skill 2-The Power of Axe

  • Cooldown increased from 8-4s up to 10-5s
  • Attack speed boost has increased from 140% to 200 percent
  • HP Regen adjusted from 30 +60% more physical attack up to 25 to 100 +30% more physical attack
  • Every Basic Attack refreshes the duration of the attack, or any stacks that remain

Ultimate – Unending Fury

  • The new effect slows down the target by 90 percent for 0.5s when cast


Credit: Moonton

Passive Sand Walk

  • A slight decrease in the animation of Khaleed’s improved basic attack and increased blink distance
  • Khaleed is now closer to his target following the attack’s basic plan
  • The lingering sand effect was changed to a 40% slower effect for 1.5s against enemies that are hit with the enhanced attack
  • Damage reduced from 160 percent of total physical assault to 50+140 The percentage of total physical attack

Skill 1. Desert Tornado

  • New Effect: The heroes of enemies and creeps get pushed toward Khaleed within a small distance (does not interfere with the skills)
  • Slightly decreased the amount of time needed to perform this skill’s forewing.
  • Base Damage is adjusted between 170-520 and 180-480


Credit: Moonton

Passive Blood Ancestry

  • A New Effect Creeps can now drop blood-colored orbs
  • Effect Optimizations Blood orbs that are dropped by nearby heroes have been made more easy to view

The Ultimate Blood Ode

  • Mana Cost was reduced between 60-140 and 50-140


Credit: Moonton

Ultimate – Swan Song

  • Instead of making a Dash prior to making an Ultimate, Odette now casts it from her standing position and she can run while casting


Credit: Moonton

Skill 1 Void Blast

  • Base damage increased from 170-320 and 70% power of magic, to 200-400 plus 80 percent magic power

Ultimate Real World Manipulation

  • Starfield area was reduced from 55 to 77 (the dimensions of the blocks is the same)
  • New Effect Casting is not interrupted anymore by crowd control (excluding suppression)
  • Immobilized Time was increased to 0.3s to 0.8s
  • Cooldown slowed down from 65-55s to 50-40s
  • Damage from taps increased by 360-490 and 110% power of magic to 340-540 and 120 Magic power increased by a percentage of 120


Skill 1. Nightmaric Spawn

  • Cooldown decreased from 16-13s down to 11-8s
  • Cooldowns cannot be refundable after Nightmaric Spawn is killed

Skill 3 Hive Clones

  • The time for casting was reduced to 0.4s to 0.2s
  • Spread was increased to 5 Nightmeric Clones on one row up to 6 Nightmeric Clones in 2 rows
  • Magic Power Bonus decreased from 50 percent to 35 percent
  • Multi Bullet Decay Ratio is adjusted from 100%/85%/70%/50%/20% for all subsequent bullets up to 100%/80%/60%/40%/20% on all subsequent bullets


Skills 1 Shadow Stampede

  • Cooldown reduced between 18 and 15s.

Skills 2 Ghost Bursters

  • The initial damage increased to 300-450 plus 108 percent Magic Power to 330-480 +144 percent Magic Power

Ultimate Cult Altar

  • A New Effect is Teammates no longer enjoy the buffs they received when they quit the Nether Realm area.


Skill 2 Jungle Warrior

  • Cooldown was lowered by 12-7s, to 10-8.5s

Ultimate – Bravest Fighter

  • Defense buff was increased by 10-40% to 30,60%

Luo Yi

Ultimate Diversion

  • Max Range was increased by 20-30% to 28-36%.


Ultimate Eternal Guard

  • Cooldown was reduced from 60s at all levels, to 60-46s

CD 60s at all levels> 60-46s


Skill 2 Space Escape Space Escape

  • Cooldown reduced from 10-7s down to 8.5-6.5s
  • When returning, Harley will no longer be able to retain the bonus speed of movement that was accrued from the initial cast


Passive Dagger Specialist

  • Target’s HP loss on each stack decreased from 4 to 3 %

Skill 2 Shadowblade Slaughter

  • Damage to the first attack decreased from 110-210 +50% total Magic Power to 100 to 200 +40% Magic power. power


Skill1 – Skill 1 –

  • The cooldown was has increased to 8.5-7s to 10.5-7s

Skill 2 Your Eyes On You

  • Cooldown was increased from 6-7s to 9-7s


Passive – Fryd Breath

  • Magic and physical defense buffs were reduced between 20-45 and 11-25



The base HP was went up from 918 points to 998.

The HP base of Armor was increased by 1,102 to 1,198


Ultimate My Turn

  • Increase in defense while on the field, ranging between 20-60 and 50-80


Skill 2 Unbreakable

  • Base dash distance increased
  • The charge time was reduced to achieve the maximum dash distance (total charge time remains unaffected)



  • The damage to minions increased by 150% to 180 percentage

Ultimate Primal Wrath

  • Magic power conversion rate of Extra Defense increased from 2.5 to 3.2


Passive Baxia Mark

Target Shield and HP Regen reductions increased from 30% to 50 percent

Skill 2 Shield of Spirit

  • Cooldown decreased from 10-7s down to 10-5s


Skill 2 Nature’s Strike

  • Mana cost was reduced between 90 and 150 to 60-110


Skill 1. Rhapsody

  • Additional Damage to Creeps was increased to 90-120

Mobile Legends patch 1.7.32 equipment changes

Queen’s Wings

  • Now gives 5 spell vamp rather than 15 physical attacks
  • HP increased from 900 to 1,000
  • Components were changed to Ares Belt + Iron Hunting Bow to Ares Belt + Hero’s Ring

Advanced Boots

  • The proportion of the initial price that was returned after selling increased from 20% to 30 percent.

Battlefield adjustments

Mythic Battlefield

  • The gold lane was fixed to the outside turret’s player damage mitigation in spite of how the energy shield for the turret vanished
  • The Gold Lane Outside Turrets Damage Reduction for heroes was increased from 25% to 30 percent

Medal Points

  • We have tweaked the algorithm used to calculate of Medal Points. We have also redistributed weight of each factor , so that tanks and support teams are more likely to being awarded MVP