Modern Warfare 2: Changes to Come Post Beta Infinity Ward lists the changes that will take place after Beta.

Modern Warfare 2

Modern Warfare 2

Infinity Ward’s Beta For Modern Warfare 2 has just finished and the players loved it. This Beta was the largest for the franchise, with the most players joining and playing for a huge number of hours. Activision has ended the free-to play period. Infinity Ward is now preparing for the final title release, which is scheduled for October 28, 2022.

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Infinity Ward has just published a blog post that outlines all the changes to the game’s final version. The developers thanked players who participated in beta testing over the past two weeks, providing constructive feedback and finding bugs and other issues, and helping to make the game better. Below are all the updates for Modern Warfare 2 that were made after the Beta.

Footstep Audio

  • The developers first introduced footstep audio. They realized that players had a better experience using it in the beta. They took volume feedback into account and will continue to balance friendly/enemy footstep audio before launch.

Enemy Visibility

  • This feature was also very popular during Beta. They were able improve it and received more positive comments in the second week. They will continue to improve it to give better visibility to the players and track their progress.

Disbanding Lobbies

  • They addressed this issue during Beta. The developers will continue to look for possible solutions for launch.


  • This topic is a favorite of all and the core of the game. All the modifications to weapon tuning that they made in beta are well received by the developers. They plan to make further improvements to weapon performance when the launch is complete.

Third Person Playlist

  • The feedback received from the camera shoulder swapping has been taken into account by the developers and they will continue to refine the mode for launch.

Game Modes

  • The developers were able fix bugs in Ground War, Invasion and they also made improvements to the AI navigation for Invasion thanks to the support of the fans

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