Need for Speed Unbound will be available in December.

Need for Speed Unbound

Need for Speed Unbound 2022 1 / 4

With the night drawing to a close and the smell of Pumpkin Spice lingering unbidden in the air, we’ll forgive ourselves for thinking we wouldn’t be able to receive that long-awaited Need For Speed game this year. It’s a surprise, Need for Speed Unbound is coming , and it’s due out on December 2nd, 2022 at the latest. There’s plenty of time to go back and watch the initial four Fast and Furious movies in preparation, however.

Need for Speed Unbound

One of the first things you’ll notice in these images is the distinctive artwork that is incorporated into the action. Inspired by comic books and street art Tyre smoke appears as if it was drawn by hand, while a car that is thrown into the air could suddenly sprout wings with a quick sketch. This is sure to split the crowd as a hot samurai sword through butter, but to be honest we’re all for it. The only issue we’re not convinced of is the comparatively basic characters that appear to have were rescued from an Aeroplane safety videos that tell you to take your high heels off before jumping onto the slide that is inflatable.

The thing we’re without a doubt, looking forward to is the monster Frankenstein that is the Mercedes 190E, driven by hip-hop artist A$AP Rocky in the game. The customization options have been redesigned to fit the scale of the car and we’re excited to spending hours deciding on the best smiley face aerial.

The action is set in a brand new city, called Lakeshore that seems to be a fictionalized version of Chicago and is believed to kick off following the theft of a valuable car in a local auto repair shop. The heat system that was featured in Need for Speed Heat, where you gambled through gaining fame with police officers, makes an appearance in the game and you’ll have to win a street race championship known as The Grand. The name is likely to refer to the total prize money which would be insufficient to pay for our aerial topper expenses for the entire year.


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