Neon White Heaven can be a competition to prove worth Review

Neon White

  • Neon White Heaven | A flashy blend of lightning-fast platforming, quick and intense combat, and an unusual resource system based on cards. Neon White is a sleek and unique speedrunning FPS which is easy to grasp but difficult to get into. Think of Doom Eternal’s platforming segments but replace the dark landscapes with the floating structure of an abstract world and you’re already half route to. Incorporate a touch more Trials HD trying to ride the ideal path through Mirror’s Edge’s corpse and you’ll get even closer. With its refined and precise controls, and its nimble ability to make the most average shooter feel light and deadly, it’s very easy to be attracted by Neon White’s enigma even if the plot connecting it all goes overboard with its.
  • Neon White’s bizarre premise which involves sinners being rescued from purgatory and used as parkour pest exterminators, clearing out demons in Heaven as part a contest that is held annually where the winner will remain there for eternity – is certainly intriguing on paper. In reality it creates a significant part of Neon White a young adult visual novel in which a group of vibrantly-colored, deceased youths reflect on their former lives and argue. I appreciate the effort taken to slow down and give some context in the 12 chapters, 97 chapters that developer Angel Matrix has built here instead of just pumping the stories directly into our veins for hours however, overall Neon White’s over-the-top blend with pop punk Christianity and off-brand animation did not entice me. It’s possible to can move through it quickly however, it’s there.

God Squad

  • This creates an abundance of conversations to sift through in addition to the otherwise excellent puzzle platformingthat is provided by a bunch of gym bros, goths and cloud-riding capsules that are just as annoying as they are cute. There’s the main character, White Man, a spindly-legged guy wearing three belts, none of which are to be connected to his pants – and who prefers to sit with his shoulders tucked back, and his crotch pushed towards the front. There’s also Violet the pixie with a knife with a childish voice, who’s open the garage door of a remote and appears to be someone who’d put a dot on her ransom notes with heart-shaped love letters. There’s also a cat who eats cigars as well as the BDSM redhead wearing the form of a collar, and also an spiky-haired meathead. It’s akin to the first page of an Deviantart search on this page.
    It’s like the very first page of an Deviantart search in this site.
  • If this is exactly what you’re after, you’re in luck. For me, I honestly can’t tell whether the dialogue is deliberately bad or accidentally bad – but I guess it’s probably immaterial, because there’s no real difference in the end result.

Repent, Repent, Repeat, Repeat

  • Although there are huge chunks of this visually novel interspersed through Neon White, it’s a testimony to the excellence of the game itself that it’s worthy of your time. Within the levels Neon White adopts an entirely distinct identity and the gimmicks are put aside to give you sharp FPS action.In the levels Neon White has an entirely distinct identity and the naivety is put aside to give you sharp FPS action.
  • The objective? Kill all enemies and reach the exit as quickly as possible. The catch? Each level is a parkour puzzle, and reaching the end within the allotted time limits requires judicious juggling of the finite weapon and ability cards. Why are they cards? Other than allowing White to briefly look like an edgy street magician in the intro movie, I don’t know – but it works. Each card grants White the limited use of a weapon, alongside the use of a one-time secondary ability. The pistol turns into a double-jump, the rifle a high-speed air-dash, and the machine gun a destructive grenade that doubles as a vertical boost. Shotguns turn White into a sailing fireball, rocket launchers become grappling hooks, and SMGs become devastating ground pounds.
  • The ability to open the gap, break through an obstacle or even destroy an opponent, the player burns the card that gave it , but it’s not over. The appeal of Neon White is that the exact set of cards required to master a level is always in the game but it’s up to you to find and place them at the right places. It ended up being much less daunting than I had feared, as there’s an extremely well-thought-out visual language in Neon White. With simple and sharp illustrations and an extremely conscious use of color, Neon White usually makes clear the direction you must travel and the obstacles you could break and the gaps that you’ll have to cross. It’s extremely intuitive, leaking into my mind before I even realized it. There were certainly instances when I’d be thrown into a gap during the first attempt at an area and die with no idea of where I was supposed be going however these were not the only instances.Neon White is not just an incredible sense of speed and speed, but also an amazing capability to impress you.
  • As a result, Neon White boasts not only a marvellous sense of momentum, but also a fantastic ability to flatter you. There were certainly many occasions during Neon White where I felt like the greatest dead parkour assassin in the universe; breathless moments where I’d reached the end of a level and picked up my trophy by bounding and blasting by the seat of my pants, and playing the footage back felt like watching someone else playing . Someone much better than me. For an entirely unexceptional shooter player, Neon White’s capacity to make you feel like you look good playing it is a real credit.
  • The speedier you progress the more it will encourage you to continue getting better – first by giving you a Ghost to pursue, and then by providing new techniques to you. Once I was able to master the technique, I began to look for more hidden jumps, and bits of geometry in the level which could be scaled or utilized. The game entices you into the loop of just one more time. The levels can last anywhere from 10-20 seconds and can last for just a few minutes, however the ideal time seems to be around a minute or less. The more difficult levels and boss fights towards Neon White’s conclusion do bring an extremely powerful new card as well as several new traversal methods However, I found them quite tiresome due to their lengthy lengths. Without mid-level checkpoints in design (and severely restricted health) the more difficult levels are boring and not fun.


Neon White Heaven
  • Neon White can be described as a fast and addictive first-person platformer that’s actually quite easy to comprehend and play, but it has an intense speedrunning challenge at its heart. Connecting your combat options to the traversal mechanics you use, Neon White makes every encounter a dangerous parkour puzzle that you can replay repeatedly to find the best speed and fastest time. The dialogue between the game’s lovable team of angry, anime-inspired assassins could be a clumsy mistake, but its sturdily constructed level design and a dazzling sense of motion ensure that the game’s gameplay is worth celebrating.