New Tales From the Borderlands Review

New Tales from the Borderlands has excellent voice acting that assists with a generally good script, but it stumbles in its pacing.

  • A brand-new Tales from the Borderlands is a raucous adventure through space with explosive characters, terrifying experiments, and mysterious alien forces all in the distinctive Borderlands fashion either for good or worse. Thankfully, in this case it’s better.
  • While the story is told through fashions of sci-fi, the heart story of new Tales from The Borderlands story revolves around relationships of three seemingly unchangeable fakes, each with their own distinct taste of awkward. Players take on the three principal characters in distinct scenes through the entire game. Anu is a generous and determined scientist who is unable to manage to hold a dialogue without humiliating herself or her colleagues. Octavio is her brother, and her antagonist in a variety of ways, views himself as charming, smart businessman. However, none of those descriptions actually pertain to the man. Also, Fran is an artist of frozen yogurt with a hoverchair packed with gadgets and a risky rage issue.
  • The game starts with Anu beginning to establish herself as a fervent animal rights activist and releasing her Jabbers (monkey-like animals) that her company Atlas utilizes for its experiments. The players soon discover her genuine plan to build a world that isn’t killing the animals. Anyone who has played in a Borderlands game will know how unlikely it is in the real world. The focus shifts to Octavio who’s on the way to assist a robot friend to commit a casual, sanctioned murder. In the end, the characters are introduced to Fran who is serving frozen yogurt in the same way as she has been at her recently bombed out restaurant.
  • In the opening chapter the game takes its time and the reader has a great understanding of the protagonists of The New Tales from the Borderlands. However, the pace going forward is a bit off, with a sense of rushing in certain instances, and dragging by way of a snarky banter in other. There’s a little inconsistency in the narrative: a absence of real moments of character development that the characters need is further exacerbated by the occasional long-lasting indulgence in a silly or a funny conversations. There are some players who must not click through a couple of conversations in which goofs outstay their time and no value is given.

New Tales From the Borderlands

  • However, the sloppy timing and funny blunders aren’t a problem for the excellent writing. The game, in general, moves away from the snarky attitude that the mainline looter and shooter entries are known for and instead, it offers swift, smart humorous jokes that will bring genuine laughter from the players. The new Tales from the Borderlands adds a few pop-culture references that don’t offer much however, and the game can sometimes revert to humor about farts, but by most of the time, the group’s humorous humor and sharp, back-and-forth exchanges is a joy to watch.
  • The main group includes a variety of characters who are more than able to stand on the spotlight, with each contributing something unique and funny. They were able make these characters beyond their obvious humor that they carried, and find methods to keep them relevant and hilarious throughout the narrative. Psycho (the Borderlands‘ name for a group of violent, unstable killers) who is determined to stop being psychos and the robot”L0U13″ (or Louie) who’s on an adventure to realize who she is are two memorable characters.
  • The colorful and imaginative characters and the great dialogue wouldn’t be capable of reaching those heights with the amazing voice acting that is on display. The voice actors in New Tales from the Borderlandsis an integral component of the humor and story work. The villains, heroes, and secondary characters are all played with an empathetic and enthusiastic approach that give them the life. You will be filled by laughter to the end of time, never tired of hearing the characters’ voices.
  • Motion capture provides a new dimension of authenticity and character. Anu’s awkwardness, while effective in her vocals, won’t be as successful without the constrained, uncomfortable motion capture was able to capture. Also, Octavio’s unearned swagger and frenzied gestures add an enthralling character.
  • For gameplay aspects, even though in terms of gameplay, even thoughnew Tales from the Borderlands isn’t an official Telltale project but it does have the same core features. The action is played out using fast-paced events that are virtually impossible to miss unless the players wish to. Furthermore, the choices made in dialogue are the majority of the player choice. In both scenarios the things that players say, say, or do, will affect the narrative, and can impact the future dialogue or scene. They can even affect the outcomes at the end in the course of play.
  • The five chapters of the game are tiny mini-games, but they do not add any value and don’t provide a satisfying experience to play. It’s a good thing they can be taken out of the game, but it’s disappointing the amount of effort and interaction are required even in an area that’s defined by its lack of gameplay. Mini-games generally consist of pressing one button and then repeat. The players may also have the opportunity of playing a collectible miniscule game known as Vaultlanders and, like Vaultlanders typically, consists of pressing a button, but additionally, players must dodge enemy attacks using the use of a direction-based input. For the kind of gameplay games such as The New Tales from the Borderlands provide, a deep and engaging game play isn’t expected or wanted; it’s all about the characters and story. The mini-games, however, are so dull that it might leave viewers thinking about why they’re there in the first place.

After each chapter the players will be presented with a the results screen, which explains the way in which the bonds between the three principal characters are getting stronger, as well as an overall score for team cohesion. The screen also lets players know the key decisions they made, as well as the percentage of players who have made the same decision. It’s not always evident what made players reach the bond level they have at the time they reach the end of the stage or what a stronger bond could allow players to accomplish in the near future.

Despite some unsatisfactory pace, boring mini-games and some attempts at old-fashioned comedy, New Tales from the Borderlands is humorous and occasionally humorous tale with charming characters. A game that features such a high-quality performance is not often seen and the possibility of replayability in a game that is based on choices like this is worth a look.

A brand new HTML0 game called Tales from the Borderlands is now available across PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S. Game Rant was given a PC code to review this game.