Leak suggests that the Nvidia the RTX 4080 is powerful, but insufficient to compete with the RTX 4090

Nvidia RTX 4080 / RTX 4090

The Nvidia bad luck is over , if the new RTX 4080 leaks are true

nvidia has been through an incredibly turbulent last few months however, it appears that the coming GeForce RX 4080 graphics card may see the hype going again. This is due to a recent leak that suggests the GPU may be as much as 15 percent more efficient that it’s predecessor, the GTX3090T that was the most powerful graphics card from Team Green’s prior model, the RTX 3000.

The leak, as discovered via Wccftech(opens in a new tab) It contains what appear to be a variety of benchmark tests from the RTX 4080, which – should be accurate, provide a glimpse about the performance that the new GPU can provide.

Of course, the benchmarks aren’t the sole indicator of performance, and we aren’t able to confirm these numbers. In addition, if these benchmarks are actually real they could mean that RTX 4080 may be using older drivers which can affect performance.

Nvidia RTX 4080 / RTX 4090

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Test results

For the benchmark CUDA Geekbench 5 benchmark, the RTX 4080 was reported to have had 300.7k points, which is about fifteen percent more efficient than 3090 Ti RTX, and up to 45 percent more efficient than the 3080 that, like the name implies is the card that the 4080 is meant to replace.

The gap between the 4080 and premium the RTX4090 above it is massive and the 4080 being reported to be 30 percent slower than the highest-end card.

The OpenCL benchmarks show the same pattern that the 4080 is 9percent faster than the 3090 Ti of RTX and 37.5 percent more efficient than the 3080 RTX. It is the RTX 4090, however, is 36% more efficient than the 4080 results.

In the leaked final Geekbench 5 test, which examines how GPUs perform when using Vulkan API workloads, the RTX 4080 once again outperforms the powerful RTX 3090 TI however, just by 5.5 percent this time. It’s also 20 percent faster than the RTX 3080 and 45% faster that the RTX4090.

Analysis What does this mean?

Although benchmark scores, particularly those that are not confirmed from an inaccessible GPU will only provide only a little however, they can provide us with an idea of where we should establish our expectations.

If you examine how performance differs between RTX 3080 and RTX 4080, it seems to be a significant leap in generation which means that owners of the 3080 may be enticed to purchase the 4080. The 4080 is expected to be available for sale at $1,199 (around 1,050 PS / $1,790 AUD) that’s much higher than the price of $699 (PS649 about $950) which the 3080 originally scheduled to be launched at.

Of course the RTX 3080 is usually sold for higher than that because of shortages in stock, and while prices have slowed however, they’re still quite affordable. RTX 4080 will still be appealing to buy if accessible for sale at face value.

It is also interesting that the RTX4080 appears to be more efficient than the RTX3090 Ti is also very thrilling, particularly considering that the 3090 Ti was an extremely powerful card that was went for an incredible $1,999 (around PS1,600 or $2700 AUD).

This means that this make the RTX 4080 look like impressive value, even though it’s still costly by itself. However, those who splashed out for the RTX 3090 Ti are likely true enthusiasts that want the best. And the tiny performance boost that the 4080 provides is unlikely to attract them, despite its cheaper cost. Instead they’ll be thinking about the way more powerful the 4090 is and they’ll choose that.

If you can’t pay for the 4090, however the 4080 can be an excellent alternative that is superior to any of the top 3000 series GPUs.

We’ll find out more when we receive an RTX 4080 to review and then run our complete set of tests for benchmarks. Is the 4080 good enough to make it into our top graphic cards list? With the launch scheduled on November 16 We won’t need to wait too long to discover the answer.

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