Overwatch 2 Kiriko guide How to utilize the most recent support hero

Kiriko is a game changer in Overwatch 2, Kiriko is an undisputed game changer

For Overwatch 2, Kiriko is the final hero to complete the competitive roster for the game’s launch. The third Japanese character to be featured in overwatch, the latest support will provide a huge healing rate and a staggering amount of mortality too.

Kiriko is the first support character introduced in Overwatch over the course of more than three and an half years, which means her arrival is a significant event. Kiriko wasn’t included in overwatch’s Overwatch 2 beta however, which makes her new , especially now she’s been added to the game since Overwatch 2 has been launched. Overwatch 2 heroes are difficult to play as well, and Kiriko is a strong supporter of that aspect. Kiriko is perhaps one of the hardest to master support characters.

Overwatch 2 Kiriko guide How to utilize the most recent support hero

It is also fitting since she shares a lot common with one of the game’s most challenging, but fulfilling DPS characters, Genji. The developers behind the game have revealed that the character was created from the beginning to serve as a support character that Genji players would want to play.

However, how could this help healers? What is the reason she’s difficult to master, and how can she be integrated with the other players in Overwatch? She has an impressive set of equipment that is focused on precise and well-timed execution. She can be extremely hard to handle by novice players, but master her and you will be able to prevent your entire team from going to an unbeatable level with just one skill.

Overwatch 2 Kiriko


There is something dualistic at the core of Kiriko. The young ninja is an apologist for two different philosophies, both derived coming from the matriarchal influences within her own life. Her grandmother taught her about the importance of community and spirituality and her family tradition with Kanezaka Shrine. Kanezaka Shrine. This connection has even brought the fox spirit that accompany her.

On the other hand her mother is a demanding and disciplined ninja who is who is all about actions and standing up to defend what’s right. She also taught Genji and Hanzo as well as Kiriko studied alongside Genji and Hanzo. This means that she is connected her to Shimada brothers.

But, at moment, following the demise of the Shimada clan and the rise of various criminal organizations that are more moral, Kiriko runs with a group of gifted young people known as the Yokai who strive to defend Kanezaka’s streets. Kanezaka.


Kiriko is a different ‘battle support’ character like Baptiste, Moira, and Zenyatta. Similar to those heroes, she’s capable of dealing with a great deal of damage and at times, even beat Kiriko’s DPS counterparts, but it will be at the expense of the team’s health.

In addition to other heroes of support, Kiriko is about precision and timing. Kiriko has a skilled ceiling, with her abilities that are closer to Genji than other members of her class. It is not surprising since Kiriko was a part of the learning with the cyborg Ninja when the younger.

It’s also stated in the update for developers that Kiriko has taken over the Kunai that was Genji’s initial weapon during early testing. Kiriko is quick and ferocious and, at the top of the line she’ll be very strong for players who can master her, and could put Kiriko on high on Overwatch 2. Overwatch 2 levels. But, be prepared for to experience some aches and pains prior to getting there, because she’s not as easily picked up and playable as other support characters.

Primary Fire: Healing OFUDA

It is believed that the Healing Ofuda has a potent healing skill, and is Kiriko’s main supporting aspect. When she uses the skill, Kiriko throws two Ofuda at a time. she has ten of them before she needs to “reload” which means you can unleash five healing bursts in a single turn. However, the reset isn’t too long.

Imagine it as Moira’s healing gas. However, it is able to follow your allies over long distances. The healing gets broken once she needs to recharge, however she does not need to recharge her healing power again like Moira.

TIPS and tricks

  • Kiriko is a great healer that can be used by airborne heroes such as Pharah and Echo because of the Healing Ofuda being able to travel a decent distance. There’s no need to play Mercy to get your Pharah every single time.
  • While they can heal quite but the Ofudas are not a healing projectile and don’t recover instantly and require some time to heal before they can reach their target. Be prepared for any damage that might come your way.


Kiriko is certainly capable of doing lots of healing, but she also has a tremendous lethality that can kill enemies when you are able to hit heads. The ability to kill is due to the second fire she has, her Kunai.

The Kunai is a great weapon for an experienced player however it could also be a bit disappointing if you don’t have the ability to use it mechanically to maximize it. It can be used to cause greater critical damage which means that if you’re accurate, you may be able to compete with other DPS heroes in terms of kills. If you’re not able to hit heads, this ability does only a little body shot damage which means it’s possible you’re better in healing.

TIPS and tricks

  • Similar to Baptiste as well as Moira, Kiriko is a balance act in making decisions about which heal time and when to take on the fight. Be aggressive however, do not abandon your Tank without your massive healing power.
  • Make sure you support your DPS players who kill tanks. Tanks usually have bigger heads, which means they are less difficult to cause damage to.

Ability 1. SWIFT STEP

Swift Step works like a blink, and is an exclusive feature in Overwatch. When Kiriko activates this ability she can transfer into another gamer. While some might compare it to Symmetra’s Teleport however, it appears to be more as an actual Sombra beacon… only in the case of another player.

Incredibly, this ability permits Kiriko to see through surfaces and walls. Even if it’s impossible to see the tank that is hurt or enemy, you’ll be able to locate them in a matter of seconds. The distance between blinks is huge also, which means that Kiriko could be among the best mobile characters of the game. She can immediately appear on the battlefield with a quick blink.

TIPS and tricks

  • Simply because you are able to blink at a wounded ally isn’t a guarantee that you can. In a impossible situation is likely to result in your death. Take your time and only join fights that you are able to beat.
  • Another method Kiriko can aid airborne heroes since she can look up at them and then strike the field while she falls.


It is said that the Protection Suzu is an exceptionally powerful power, and when it is executed correctly, can alter the battles’ tide within a matter of seconds. This can make Kiriko and her companions within an area of medium size invincible, and invulnerable to damage for about one second.

Baptiste’s immortality has been controversial since its release, and the ability doesn’t help with the damage or mitigate damage in any manner. The downside is the fact that Protection Suzu lasts for a very short period of time, and also has a fairly long cooldown, which means you must choose the perfect moment to save you and your teammates.

TIPS and tricks

  • This is a remarkable ability to deal with instant damage. It will completely block Junkrat’s Tire the swipe from an Genji blade or Rein charge the Soldier Helix Rocket, or any other thing which could end up killing either you or a player. Make sure to time it correctly since the attacker is able to hold for the opportunity to use it without issue.
  • It also eliminates any negatives, such as anti-healing, from your friends and allies.


Kiriko has gained knowledge from her experience in training alongside Hanzo as well as Genji. Making time for the Shimada brothers is the reason she has adapted to their passive ability, which is to climb walls.

This is exactly how you’d expect, since it’s already available inside the game. Kiriko can climb vertical surfaces for a few seconds, allowing new areas to explore, as well as new strategies that other heroes can’t do.

It’s also a beautiful tale of her relationship with Genji as well as Hanzo.

TIPS and tricks

  • Sharing this passive and passive skill with Genji and Hanzo is a fantastic partner for either. Both you as well as your DPS teammate can ascend to higher ground and function as a team to form a crossfire with the other members of your team.


Kitsune Rush is a very powerful ultimate that can boost your team in a variety of ways. It’s like a variety of support ultimates rolled into one… so long as your team is able to remain within a limited area.

When Kiriko performs an Kitsune Rush, a metaphysical road is visible before her in straight lines (that can be able to go both up and down). It’s identified by Torii arches, as well as her own spiritual fox that runs through the. If you and your team are traveling this route everyone gains from speed of movement and attack speed, as well as the speed of reloading, as well as cooldown reduction.

There are a lot of buffs. It’s an extremely beneficial ability… under the right situation. It is only possible to travel in straight lines, and you’re mostly restricted to the area of the ultimate and it’s only useful in the right terrain.

TIPS and tricks

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