Overwatch 2’s tiers which includes the top heroes available right now

Check out our Overwatch 2 tier list.

  • If you’re in search of tips for a successful game, this Overwatch 2 level list compiled following several hours of playing with all 33 heroes is ready to answer your demand. Available as a no-cost experience, these suggestions have been tested and tested.At first glance, it may appear that the most significant change in Overwatch is the team size.
  • For Overwatch 2. the teams have been reduced to 5v5 instead of 6v6. This may seem like a tiny difference but the change has brought huge knock-on impacts. It will be necessary to field less Tanks than you did before, which means that you’ll have one less person to look after your team and you. This change will mean that some players in Overwatch are thriving while others are struggling.
  • To help you get a jump start of what the game’s meta evolved in Overwatch 2, we’ve played hundreds of hours of games featuring every one of the heroes from Overwatch 2 to determine how they perform in the new kill field. Naturally, a talented player can turn any character into a star however, if you’re looking for some direction on the players who are doing very well in the moment check out our current rankings for each player.
  • With the game fully available Here are the top ways to advance like every character is Overwatch 2.

Overwatch 2 tier list


The S-Tier is reserved for the very best of the most elite. The heroes who are the absolute best alternatives for players in Overwatch 2 right now. If you’re looking to beat the competition, you’ll likely enjoy the greatest success using these heroes.

Best DPS (damage per second)

  • Soldier 76

Best Support:

  • Lucio
  • Moira


Overwatch 2
  • Clearly, the most powerful players of Overwatch 2 are the ones that are the toughest to defeat, especially in the event that they recover and play as a solo. That’s why Lucio is unique because he uses his speed boost and wallride to escape (and into) dangerous situations swiftly and by with his passive heal and speed Boost and Sound Barrier most importantly, he can boost and help his team.
  • Lucio is tough to kill, but he’s got power, is able to take on combat, and aid his team. Lucio can handle everything right now.


  • Solider 76 is hands down the most damaging per second character on the market in Overwatch 2 right now. His gear hasn’t changed from the first Overwatch however, with one less enemy tank on the field , the majority of the players he’ll meet can be eliminated in just a couple of shots. The threat is even greater in the light of the fact that Blizzard has cut down on in terms of the damage that each player’s barrier takes. Now , Soldier 76 is able to remove enemies from the safety of a distance.
  • In addition to the increase in Soldier 76’s damage He also is able to heal himself, so that he’s able to go on broad flanks and still sustain injuries. He’s an absolute threat and is a great option if you’re looking to rack up a few kills.


  • I’m sure people will be furious at me for that, but it’s not just because is Moira the top of the line, “DPS Moira” is top of the line.
  • “DPS Moira “DPS Moira” is a Moira who’ll quit her team and rather than healing herself, head off and get kills using her deadly orbs. With just one player on the field, killings are more significant than they were in the first version of Overwatch killing game, which makes kills more effective than smothering your team. Her orbs add Moira among the top duelists in the game. anyone she comes across one-on-one is bound for a battle.
  • It doesn’t mean you need to abandon your role as a healer. Moira has a lot of potential as healer. Don’t be afraid of moving into more of a slashing style when the situation demands it.


A-Tier heroes can be great choices. If you’re planning on using any of them while you play Overwatch 2, you can enjoy a fantastic time. Nothing is wrong with playing an A-Tier hero. They’re not as strong as the S-Tier heroes of the modern meta..

Top Tanks

  • D.VA
  • Zarya

Best DPS (damage per second):

  • Genji
  • Tracer
  • Sombra

Best assistance:

  • Ana


  • D.VA’s an excellent option, and her Defense Matrix, which blocks any projectiles coming in is now lasting for three seconds instead of just two which means she’s able to absorb many ax. She is able to protect her support units or be aggressive and grab space, either directly in front of her, or from behind. Her versatility and the ability to move closer are working exceptionally well for her.


  • Genji could easily have placed himself on the lower end of this list. He’s had a significant role in the meta at all in a few years. For instance, during Overwatch 2 he received no modifications, and now with an all-encompassing nerf to Ultimates the most important part of his arsenal and Genji’s Dragon Blade comes out less. This all led to problems for the Ninja…
  • We were so wrong. 5v5 is not only fewer players playing each game, but less abilities fired by players, resulting in an ideal playing field for Genji to maneuver around. Couple it with more vulnerable supporting characters and Genji’s more dangerous than ever before.


  • Tracer has been subjected to a minor decrease in her damage output. However, as is often the case throughout Overwatch the past, she’s robust. Tracer is particularly benefitting from support with less protection from tanks and running rings around heroes. She’s not as effective or has the ranged damage of Solider Genji or Genji However, she’s deadly.


  • Ana is a formidable player. She’s able to produce a lot of healing power and even take out other players in distance. The Nano-Boost will save players who are about to die, or make them ready to unleash devastating attacks. If you’re able to get your shots to the target, this is an excellent alternative.
  • But, she’s also somewhat difficult. Although she’s able to heal from the safety of her home, without a second tank to protect her however, she’s prone to being attacked by mobile heroes such as Winston, Genji, or Tracer. There’s a “get-out-of-jail” card within the form of a Sleep Dart, but that isn’t always an easy skill to get, particularly when your life hangs on it.


  • Sombra’s a bit tricky to include on this list of tiers since her transformation has altered her function in the field. Sombra is no longer considered a disabled player and has become more of an opportunity-seeker. She’s a complete threat to support players, particularly Zenyatta and will make anyone who is alone constantly watching their backs, because she is a master at killing heroes who are lonely.
  • There’s been a loss of some value in team-based games, since the hack she uses and her EMP is more difficult than Overwatch 2 for coordinated assaults. However, the majority of teams don’t have a coordinated structure and that makes it far more suited to be a solo player.

For more details about how you can play her, read our comprehensive guide to Overwatch 2. Sombra tutorial.


  • Zarya’s in great shape in Overwatch 2. With just one player The more damage a team is able to do and the faster it can surpass the opposition. Zarya’s damage output alone is huge if she has full power of her gun. She is also able to save her teammates and herself who are on the verge of death by using her Bubbles. In addition she has one of the top most powerful players on Graviton Surge.
  • If you control your cooldowns, you can overwhelm your opponent. But when you’re caught without a bubble to protect you, Zarya won’t offer much protection to her and her team.


B-tier heroes are excellent choices. Particularly if you’re an expert with these characters, you could likely move them to the A-Tier however, they have flaws that make them hard to recommend.

Top Tanks

  • Doomfist
  • Reinhardt
  • Winston

Best DPS (damage per second):

  • Mei
  • Cassidy
  • Reaper
  • Sojourn
  • Widowmaker
  • Ashe

Best assistance:

  • Mercy
  • Baptiste
  • Brigitte


  • Doomfist is a fascinating tank character. The transition from DPS to the role of a tank is an interesting change, and his agility makes him a fascinating choice similar to Winston as well as Wrecking Ball. If he’s in the mood, it can become a thorny issue and skilled players could throw him from one side of the field from one side to the next in the flash of an eye.
  • There is a bit of a hiccup in the moment, however, as the Doomfist’s Power Block, which is crucial to his tanking abilities and offensive power, is easily ruined by Sombra hacks, and Ana rests… and just not firing at the player. The guy is excellent, but he’s quite unpopular at the moment.


  • Reinhardt is an amazing selection currently. The ability to throw two fire strikes is fantastic and his improved ability to maneuver makes him a powerful opponent when on the battleground. He’s similar to the state he’s in now in the first version of Overwatch but he’s stepped up to a higher level or as. If you play in a rush-style game, he’s capable of take on opponents.
  • But, he’s hurting slightly from his loss of an off-tank. Zarya and D.VA both supported Reinhardt in different ways, each that helped keep Reinhardt in good health. If Reinhardt is out in the open without a shield, he’s likely to be in trouble.


  • This could be speculation However, Winston is an untapped hero with a lot of potential. Some believe he’s weak due to the fact that in the first Overwatch it’s a hyper-dependent player of an untank. But his agility and ability to dive can make him a serious threat, particularly against weaker support. In addition there’s also an innovative ranged attack that can allow him to cause damage without having to commit to jumping.
  • It will require some experience and good judgment to remain alive however, if you manage to understand him it appears that there’s lots of potential.


  • Mei seems to be an unlucky pick at the moment However, she is known to be a serious threat when she’s selected in Versus. Mei no longer freezes enemies with her weapon however her blast is now slower and is more damaging. If two teams are playing together, she could cause with a great deal of damage to several targets simultaneously. Don’t sleep on Mei. Mei is able to (frost)burn teams extremely quickly.


  • Cassidy is a great option. Similar to Ashe or Solider, he has the advantage of the lower shields as well as being capable of hammering enemies at mid-range. The self-heal feature isn’t as strong of Solider however and has noticed a change in his gear which affects his current equipment.
  • A collision with Cassidy’s Flash Bang in the original Overwatch was, in essence, the death penalty, but it was among the few items that could stop an Reinhardt charge, as well. Due to a nerf when you are flashed in Overwatch 2 you now have an excellent chance of surviving. Cassidy is feeling the loss of the stun.


  • Reaper is able to do a lot of damage. The amount of it is damage. Overwatch 2 is a lot more damaging than the first Overwatch. Reaper is incredibly adept in killing heroes fast and especially tanks. When played properly, Reaper can make teams fall apart.
  • The main challenge is reducing the distance between you and your adversaries. If Reaper is up against an excellent long or mid range hero, you’re going to be in danger.


  • Sojourn was a hot commodity and it’s obvious that she has a lot of potential. She’s able to construct her Railgun to a higher level from a distance and take out opponents in one go. Her flexibility makes her a formidable choice.
  • But, when you consider Solider 76 filling the exact job, and doing it more effectively, Sojourn feels a little dispersed in the crowd. A great choice if you’d like to make use of her, however, you may prefer Soldier.

For the best advice for mastering this new hero, read the Overwatch 2: Sojourn guide.


  • Widowmaker’s had a glass gun which is also true for Overwatch 2. With the decreased shields, if you’re sufficient, everyone on the opposing team is in danger. It’s much easier to press heads and take kills while a shooter.
  • On the other hand with one tank less in the field, she’s less protection from heroes who flank her. She’s more vulnerable than before even with a 25 HP buff. Nobody else adheres to the rule of “get killed or be killed greater than the Widow. It’s a choice of confidence, and if you’re able to stand capable of completing the task and are successful, you will be awarded. If you don’t, you’ll slide quickly.


  • Baptiste has a lot to gain from the lower number of tanks, since he’s able the ability to heal faster and shoot with less obstacles in his way, however he is the same as the first Overwatch.
  • The main problem is that the Immortality Field is not as efficient. In the first game, Baptiste would place the generator, and the other players would defend it, the field would shield them , and they would defend the field. With smaller tanks and less shields it’s not as many players safeguarding the Immortality Field Generator, and it’s much more easy for enemies to take it down it before Baptiste’s allies enjoy the benefits.


  • Brigitte having to lose her stun might be a disaster for her, as it’s likely to be the most powerful element of her gear, but the loss is offset by the greater range of the Shield Bash, giving her the ability to move more easily. Her healing is incredibly powerful as well, and her Ultimate is solid.
  • In the absence of the possibility of a second shield tank, Brigitte’s the only one who can get an additional shield in the playing field. This is a great way to protect herself, which is something that many supporters have to fight with today.


  • Mercy is always a difficult hero , requiring a lot of skills to be able to play her effectively as it is for Overwatch 2. The secret to Mercy is to stay in the safe zone and remain evasive as she provides healing and encouraging players with the right moment.
  • Additionally, Resurrections have become significantly more crucial because there’s a fewer person playing on the field. They are very difficult to execute with less protection and with invisible Sombras waiting to disrupt you.


  • Ashe is able to benefit from having fewer shields in the field, as well as her ability to take on with damage over long distances.
  • But, while she’s capable of operating at a higher distance as Soldier 76, she’s not able to cause the harm of an sniper like Widowmaker for example, and to score kills from that distance, you’ll need the goal of landing several shots at a subject. Still, she can be a great choice in the event that you’re proficient with her but there are more suitable to choose from.


C-Tier heroes are excellent (even fantastic) choices if you’re proficient with C-Tier heroes if you are skilled with. But when you’re selecting these heroes on the fly, you may be struggling.

The Best Tanks

  • Orisa
  • Sigma

Best DPS (damage per second):

  • Bastion
  • Echo
  • Hanzo
  • Pharah
  • Symmetra
  • Torbjorn

Top Support

  • Zenyatta


  • The rework of Orisa is amazing and has transformed her into one of the most enjoyable Tanks to play in Overwatch 2.
  • It’s a struggle to find a spot in the game because, although she’s able to easily be in the way of tanks of enemies and other static heros, the more agile and close-ranged heroes can take her down from an insurmountable distance. Because of her Fortify ability, she’s able to mitigate some damage however it doesn’t seem as a powerful combatant.


  • Sigma has been consistently top-of-the-line since the time he joined Overwatch 1. Sigma is a tank who can handle everything, and with the ability to move his shield that eats incoming projectiles and is a formidable ultimate. However, his mobility issues and his preference for an ‘off-tank’ job make him an odd match for a solo tank for Overwatch 2. The game seems at the moment too wide and too rapid for Sigma to be able to keep pace with.
  • There’s a feeling that he’s got plenty of potential that isn’t fully realized and his best playstyle hasn’t yet been figured out at this point, however for the moment it’s like he’s confused.


  • Bastion’s new look is intriguing and makes him a more complicated hero. Bastion now has some mobility during Turret Form however, it’s timed, which means games that aren’t ranked low won’t be destroyed by Bastion Bastion who is merely standing in one spot and taking down teams that aren’t coordinated.
  • The problem is that his new ultimate isn’t the best and his primary weapon is a bit weak. He definitely has some power and has the ability to shock opponents, but it’s as if other heroes are doing exactly what he does, but better.


  • Echo still has the potential to cause a lot of damage but the ranged heroes are very strong in the moment, making it tough to make it through the air. Also, she was nerfed that allows her to use her Ultimate to duplicate heroes up to 300HP which is significantly. If she does become a Tank currently, she’s severely limited in terms of what she can do due to the lower health pool.


  • Hanzo is certainly able to sense his traction and, having less shields in the area and can take advantage of the random headshots that which he is so adept at. But, he is really good in destroying shields, which there’s less and if he doesn’t take a headshot that isn’t his and is prone to being chased by.


  • Pharah remains mostly unchanged however she’s a difficult to pick at the moment. It’s due to her most effective friend, Mercy, being less popular and her ranged heroes being the best. However, she’s still Pharah and low-level players are always struggling to shoot her.


  • Symmetra is always an occasional choice for a sleeper, usually with the top winning rates in all games. When it comes to Overwatch 2, the annoying overpowering turrets she has and Ultimate are still present, but the absence in a tank as well as less shields means it’s more difficult to make her beam fully charged.


  • Torbjorn’s best performance is when he is able to master an attack using his own turret which he still does. However, his turret much less secure today and it is more difficult to access. There is still the possibility of him being dangerous if he manages to keep his turret running however, that when combined with the loss of two checkpoint maps, where he can be more defensive makes him less effective.


  • Zenyatta’s strengths can make him a hero of the S-tier. His discord orb is a weapon that can destroy opponents when combined with an DPS who is able to capitalize, like Sombra.
  • But, he’s probably the most vulnerable hero in Overwatch at the moment. Also Sombra is an extremely difficult to beat and has next to nothing to protect him (besides being able to use his new move which wards off enemies) or escaping danger if a flanker appears to his back. If he’s protected, he’ll be able to accomplish incredible things, but that is the result of a coordinated group effort.


D-Tier heroes have had a tough time of it during the beta. They’re not impossible to play and, with the right players they can be able to gain some level of production. If the beta is an indication it’s clear that they’re not good choices and could be in need of some help to put them into a better position.

Top Tanks

  • Wrecking Ball
  • Roadhog

Best DPS (damage per second):

  • Junkrat


  • Wrecking Ball isn’t in the best position. He’s really struggling with no anchor Tank companion like Sigma and his only option to defend his team is blocking the enemy’s position His teammates are likely to end up in the out in the open.


  • Junkrat is… Junkrat is sort of bad. The ultimate goal is great however you must be more careful and have less protection around. Junkrat was always a winner in maps with tough chokes similar to those that are found in Assualt maps, but these are not in the game. Junkrat can cause damage in close proximity to weak players, but you’ll have a tough time getting close enough to deal given the range of damage that’s flying around.


  • Roadhog is a mystery in the tank lineup currently. He was always a great flanking tank that could make one-time kills using his hook. When playing Overwatch 2, if your only tank is flanking you’re probably not receiving a lot of protection.
  • He’s able to take some punishments, however aside from having some frontline kills it’s not clear how he’ll fit into Overwatch 2. He’s ready to be redesigned.