Pokemon Go: Mega Aggron Raid Guide

Don’t omit the risk to acquire this powerful Mega Aggron in Pokemon Go.

Mega Raids are extremely valuable in Pokemon Go, no longer most effective presenting you an come across with a effective Pokemon, however additionally supplying you with Mega Energy, the aid needed to achieve those Mega Evolutions yourself. Because of this, this tier of Raid is extremely popular many of the community, as Mega Evolutions tend to be some of the most powerful Pokemon in the game.

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Mega Aggron is one of the newer Mega Evolutions currently available in Pokemon Go, like others, simplest to be had via the a success final touch of its specific Mega Raid. Mega Aggron will best be in Raids for a restrained time, and it’s miles uncertain while it’s going to make its go back, so we’ve put together a manual including the entirety you need to realize to take advantage of this.

Recommended Group Size

Pokemon Go: Mega Aggron Raid Guide

This Steel-type Mega Evolution isn’t always one which you will be capable of defeat in your own, as Mega Aggron is a fairly strong and cumbersome opponent. On top of that, defeating Mega Aggron will provide you with Aggron Mega Energy, an incredibly rare and treasured resource used to perform this Mega Evolution; so that is an encounter that you want to avoid failing.

With all of this in thoughts, it’s recommended which you try this Mega Raid with as a minimum 3 to 5 gamers to make certain your fulfillment. This organization length should make certain that your Raid group offers enough damage to Mega Aggron, permitting you to steady your self Mega Energy to carry out this Mega Evolution afterwards.

Mega Aggron: Strengths And Weaknesses

Mega Aggron is a natural Steel-type Pokemon, that means that it possesses numerous resistances and few weaknesses. This huge quantity of strengths forces you to keep away from the usage of Pokemon of several differing types, specially Normal, Flying, Rock, Bug, Steel, Grass, Psychic, Ice, Dragon, Fairy, and Poison types.

Mega Aggron has a double-resistance to Poison-type assaults in battle, so that you will genuinely want to avoid the use of Pokemon of this type. Attacks which can be this kind will do even less damage than those of the alternative sorts that this Pokemon is proof against.

Making this a good more tough Raid come upon, Mega Aggron is only vulnerable to a few different types in conflict. Due to the energy of this Mega Evolution, you will need to ensure that you’re the usage of Pokemon with assaults that are both of these 3 kinds, Fighting, Ground, or Fire, to maximise your damage output.

To in addition increase the harm that you deal to this Raid Pokemon, take benefit of Same Type Attack Bonus, or STAB, via the use of assaults that in shape the type of its person. This will be extraordinarily beneficial on this hard Raid battle.

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Mega Aggron: Best Counter Picks

As cited formerly, you may want to take gain of the 3 kinds that Mega Aggron is at risk of: Fighting, Ground, and Fire-kind assaults. To assist you gather your Raid team, we have put together the top-tier counter choices of these three kinds, the high-quality selections in terms of defeating Mega Aggron in this Raid.

Again, the Pokemon found below are the pleasant of the fine on the subject of countering Mega Aggron in this Raid. That being said, it’s miles truely viable to correctly entire this encounter with other Pokemon, so long as they may be both Fighting, Ground, or Fire kinds.

Fighting-Type Counter Picks
PokemonRecommended Moves
TerrakionFast Attack: Double Kick
Charged Attack: Sacred Sword
Shadow MachampFast Attack: Karate Chop
Charged Attack: Dynamic Punch
LucarioFast Attack: Counter
Charged Attack: Aura Sphere
Shadow HariyamaFast Attack: Counter
Charged Attack: Dynamic Punch
ConkeldurrFast Attack: Counter
Charged Attack: Dynamic Punch
Mega LopunnyFast Attack: Double Kick
Charged Attack: Focus Blast
Ground-Type Counter Picks
PokemonRecommended Moves
Shadow MamoswineFast Attack: Mud-Slap
Charged Attack: High Horsepower
Mega SwampertFast Attack: Mud Shot
Charged Attack: Earthquake
Shadow UrsalunaFast Attack: Rock Smash
Charged Attack: High Horsepower
Shadow GolurkFast Attack: Mud-Slap
Charged Attack: Earth Power
ExcadrillFast Attack: Mud-Slap
Charged Attack: Earthquake
Therian Forme LandorusFast Attack: Mud Shot
Charged Attack: Earthquake
Fire-Type Counter Picks
PokemonRecommended Moves
Mega BlazikenFast Attack: Counter
Charged Attack: Blast Burn
Mega CharizardFast Attack: Fire Spin
Charged Attack: Blast Burn
ReshiramFast Attack: Fire Fang
Charged Attack: Overheat
Mega HoundoomFast Attack: Fire Fang
Charged Attack: Flamethrower
Shadow EnteiFast Attack: Fire Fang
Charged Attack: Flamethrower
EmboarFast Attack: Low Kick
Charged Attack: Blast Burn

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