Project Zomboid: 13 Tips and Tricks to Keep You Well

Project Zomboid

Project Zomboid is one of the most well-known survival horror games available on Steam This guide and tricks can help you survive the end of the world!

Project Zomboid is an ever-evolving survival horror game that lets you try to survive the longest time possible before you die in the middle of the zombie-infested, post-apocalyptic environment. This is an open-world game that has plenty of things to do and so some players who initially enter the game might feel intimidated. the current players may be seeking out something else to get into.

These tips will aid! From determining the best base for farming, to getting essential supplies and tools, these tips will get you on the path to success — or at the very least, surviving more time.

Updated February 6 , 2022 from Jerrad Wyche. Wyche not only had Project Zomboid release a new version of the game called Build 41 in the latter half of 2021, but they also published on their blog that they have plans for the isometric survival game to be released in 2022. With a new update scheduled to launch in the coming weeks of the game and it’s obvious that the creators from The Indie Stone want to bring the chaotic zombie apocalypse experience that they want Project Zomboid to become.

Store Water Nearby

Hoarding is a dreadful possibility with regard to any kind of apocalypse and you need to be sure you’re in the right place to avoid it. Water is an essential requirement for survival of humans and you should store any water you are able to. It doesn’t matter if it’s in a container, bottle or mug, you should be able to collect every drop of water you can find. You won’t be able to get an endless amount however, the most important thing you should be worried about is whether you’re able to get water the next day.

Watch Some TV

Television watching may seem as if it’s a waste of time in the zombie apocalypse however, when it comes to Project Zomboid, it happens to be mandatory. According to the program that you are watching you will be able to develop specific abilities during the game.

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This option is only available for the first nine days and once that’s over, you’ll need to rely on reading books. To survive it, you should incorporate TV watching as part of your routine to function efficiently.

Crouching Is Vital

There’s nothing that you can find in Project Zomboid you should develop which is more important than crouching everywhere you travel. You can accomplish it by holding the key C and walking to any angle. The zombies can detect noises made from movement. By crouching and walking, you can greatly minimize the noise you make. It can feel uncomfortable initially however, you’ll soon become confident in the security and security it offers.

Where’s the Most Effective Base?

Everybody has their own favorite spots to visit within Project Zomboid, but sometimes it’s difficult to determine a solid base of operations. Three suggestions for those who aren’t sure how to get around during the zombie Apocalypse.

Twiggy’s is a tried-and-true. It’s located right next to a gun shop along with a mart and trees You’ll never be short of items for as long as you’re there. If you’re looking for a safe environment The farmhouse at the eastern side of Muldraugh is a fantastic location. If you’re playing in groups or groups, any of the large churches scattered throughout the map are a good choice. Be careful that you don’t put them in a fenced-in area in the first place can be difficult!Farming is a lot harder Than It Seems

Every open-world survival game includes a farming component as well, which is why Project Zomboid is no different. The thing that isn’t often clear is how quickly your crops will be affected by Zombies’ influence. If a zombie has died close to your crops, the blood could get into your plants and make them sick. They can also walk on your crops, which could harm the plants.

To ensure that zombies do not ruin all your plants make sure you practice space management. Small groups of plants at least two or three spaces away is a great method to ensure that if a group becomes sick, all the other groups will not be affected.

The Most Important Thing in the Game

It could be thought of as an instrument, or bandages or food items. It’s actually nails! They’re a tool for crafting that is utilized in almost all carpentry recipes. They are typically used to build barricades which are vital to make sure that zombies don’t get into your foundation.

Nails can also be utilized to improve the performance of weapons. If you own a plank, or a baseball bat in the bag and you want to combine the two to cause more damage to the creepy zombies. Make sure you remove all nails you spot. There’s no way to know when you could get caught during an attack!

The OTHER Most Important Information

Nails aren’t just the most essential object. They are also used to accomplish another vital task hang sheets. Sheets are important because of their flexibility. While they’re not as effective many things as nails however, sheets are able tobe used to be used to cover windows. Although this isn’t a major issue to zombies, it can ensure that they don’t see you.

This is particularly important when you’re asleep, since zombies are able to walk past at any moment and keep eyes on your vulnerable body! Sheets can also be used to create bandsages, which are crucial if you’ve suffered injury from a zombie assault.

Don’t pick up everything

While it’s important to have sheets and nails however, what’s more crucial is to ensure that you don’t snag every single little item. Similar to any survival game you’re limited in your supply of items, but this one is determined by the weight. The backpack and bags are companions in this game, however you won’t find some useful bags when playing.

Being on top of managing inventory is vital to survival. The idea of grabbing all the cool weapons may appear to be an excellent idea in the moment however, when you’re in desperate need of medical supplies, or even bandages could regret the decision.

The Best Places to Forage

Locating places to hunt for food on the large map can be difficult to locate, particularly when you’re chased by the hordes of zombies. The fact that these areas are small, so you could walk around for hours without seeing hair or hide of food.

Do not be worried! The map below created by a determined Project Zomboid player highlights all of the areas for hunting on the map of the game in red. It is scaled 1:1, which means it is in perfect alignment with the coordinates of the map of the game. Have fun hunting!

Getting A Second Base

Didn’t we speak about getting an individual base before? This base is crucial however, what’s equally important is making sure that you have a backup. Survival requires planning Plan Bs as well as Plan Cs which is also true in the case of Project Zomboid.

While you may be stuck in your base, zombies could chase you out from town at any point. The most undesirable thing to do is be stuck in the in the middle of nowhere without a refuge. A second base can ensure that you have somewhere to go in the event that the first base you have is flooded.

Loot As Many As You Can

Although it may appear to be a simple matter that you should not be able to take all the zombies could quickly become overwhelming when you are confronted by a large number of. The process of looting can be difficult and moving on may be easier when you have to get out of a situation fast.

It’s nevertheless essential to go through all the bodies that you are able to because you don’t know what you could come across! The supplies can be difficult to find and, as we mentioned in the past, sheets and nails are essential. Bodies are the places you can get those essential items, especially if you’re in a tight location!

Get Ready to Read

What if this isn’t something that’s a zombie game? In Project Zomboid, books are ways to increase your proficiency in a particular ability, such as Carpentry and Foraging. Each book on skill has different levels out of five.

It’s not as widely known that studying a particular book on a particular skill will earn you a multiplier for the actions performed using the particular ability. If you’ve read a Beginner’s book on Carpentry and then saw wood, you’d receive three times the normal number of points! Intermediate earns you five times the amount of XP. Advanced eight times Expert 12 times mastery will earn you 16 times. Go out and read!

Embrace Death

The most important thing you can learn from Project Zomboid is learning to accept the inevitable. While the game focuses on the death of characters, it’s still an issue to be dealt with at the beginning or after having invested lots of time. The idea of dying after you’ve put efforts into building a base or even the mere survival of your character can be a bit frustrating.

That’s the great challenge that is Project Zomboid: knowing that you’ll be able to take the pieces and begin an entirely new adventure. Every time you start again you’ll get more adept at surviving and longer. Have fun and keep your energy up!

Project Zomboid