PSVR 2 is finally getting pricing and a release date, and is more expensive than the PS5


Sony has finally revealed the price and date of release for its PSVR 2 headset, and it’s much larger than had hoped it would be.

PSVR 2. news has slowed in the last few months. However, there is a definite release date for the PlayStation 5 VR headset has finally got an expected time frame of release on February 22nd, 2023as announced via the official PlayStation blog(opens in a new tab).


The price? An eye-watering $549.99 / PS529.99 / AU$879.95. It’s even higher that even the PS5 console. The standard PSVR 2 bundle comes with the headset, the PSVR 2 controllers called Sense and two stereo headphones. A bundle that includes Horizon: Call of the Mountain is also available. Naturally, it’ll be a bit more costly at $599.99 or PS569.99 or AU$959.95. You are able to sign up for the PSVR 2 preorder right now however, only certain regions are eligible to preorder the game at the moment of writing.

Does the price reflect what you are paying for?

It’s no secret that the PSVR 2 is undeniably packing incredible technology under the under the hood. Sony might have gone a bit overboard with the cost however with specs such as 4K resolution (2,000 2400 x 2,040 pixels per eye) 120Hz support, HDR and a 110-degree field of view, it aims to address the first PSVR‘s messy display and beats several VR headsets for PC.

Sony certainly hasn’t spared any expense in creating the best gaming console VR headset in this respect. However, it’s somewhat odd that a peripheral could be more expensive as the main console. This is even after PS5’s price increase.

The PSVR 2 costs $150 or $330 more expensive over it’s predecessor, the Oculus Quest However, it’s still considerably less expensive than Meta Quest Pro. It’s in line with the cost of the first PSVR which was cheaper than rival headsets, such as the HTC Vive. HTC Vive.

Even if its cost is in line with modern PC headsets, the decision-making price for the PSVR 2 might be shocking to many who are planning to purchase an item for the first time. It could be a bit off-key in the midst of the global price of living crisis. Perhaps, but it’s the DualSense Edge premium wireless controller is also priced at an enticing amount of $199.99 or PS209.99 or $339 AUD.

So what happens if you’re unfamiliar with the PS5 ecosystem and would like to have the best experience? You can get a brand new PS5, PSVR 2 headset as well as the DualSense Edge controller will set prices of around $1200 / PS1,200 or AU$2,000.

We can’t deny that the average consumer will struggle to acquire one. In the end it reinforces the notion that gaming is a luxury, PlayStation and its peripherals are definitely the top choice.

Here’s an overview of pretty much each known PSVR 2 title announced so far.