Razer Basilisk V3 Pro Review

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  • Razer Basilisk V3 Pro | While Razer’s peripherals can be anything less than subtle, its most modern mice are stripped of their features to make way for simple and lightweight designs. They are light and compact, making them an excellent choice for gamers who are serious, particularly those who play shooters in the first person. However, their latest Razer Basilisk v3 Professional isn’t just the same. It has… almost everything that you could want, including Qi wireless charging, RGB lighting, as well as the hilariously large 30K-dPI camera. It’s also made to make use of Razer’s brand-new Qi dock that syncs with the Chroma software, and then displays your mouse on an ultra-modern pedestal. However, all this tech is priced at a high price for the device: an astounding $159 or $199 when you combine it with the pedestal.
  • Even as absurd as it is, for those who desire it all is worth it.

Razer The Basilisk Pro V3 – Style and Features

  • Razer Basilisk V3 Pro Razer Basilisk V3 Pro looks and feels like the earlier versions. It has that similar angular shape that’s often found in gaming mice, with a textured surface with a ribbed scroll wheel as well as a huge three-headed snake design and a thumb rest. It also has a cushion for your thumb and a mid-width design that is comfortable to hold to almost every grip type. Its thumb rest has a lovely broad pad, so although the mouse may feel a bit on thin aspect, my hand has never moved.
  • From a design point of view, it’s not a mouse designed for minimalists. It’s loaded with Chroma, Razer’s lighting system that allows peripherals (like this one) to be compatible with the lighting of any it is you’re using them for. This Basilisk V3 Pro has an illuminated scroll wheel. It also has a light for the palm rest’s logo and an LED that covers the lower part of the mouse, which creates a soft glow on any surface it’s placed on. Even an RGB person like me must admit this is pretty cool looking as does the StreetGlow on the blinged-up Fast & Fast Civics.
  • Razer’s marketing has made a huge promotion of its latest scroll wheel which can be programmed to automatically switch between tactile scrolling mode as well as an unrestricted scroll that utilizes virtual acceleration to navigate lengthy documents, websites, or anything else. It was a bit over the top to me and never was a good idea in any way.
  • The scroll wheel can be pressed either to the left or the right. As with numerous other mouse software, you can alter the way it will accomplish within the Razer Synapse software. I altered the side clicks of the scroll wheel to lower and raise in volume. This is extremely useful.
  • The mouse is able to be connected to the internet via Bluetooth and Razer’s 2.4 dongle, which is able to connect several Razer devices or be kept inside a compartment hidden under the mouse to ensure that you don’t lose it until the time when you’ll require it.
  • The mouse features Razer’s Focus+ sensor, which allows you to alter the sensitivity up to an astounding 30000 points per inch (DPI). While it’s impressive that you’re able to achieve this level of sensitivity programming but it didn’t really help for anything I tried and it was hard to distinguish between 15,000 and 30,000.
  • However, Basilisk’s rate of polling is able to be cycled between 500, 125, 1000 4, 2000, and 4000 Hz updates were extremely effortless and evident.
  • The main difference is its Qi charge puck, which is able to be inserted through the bottom of the mouse. Technically speaking, almost any charger can be used well, however, Razer has its own charger brand name priced at $80, which will do more than just power your laptop. It’s functional as well as visually appealing, with an ultra-fast wireless transceiver that runs at 4K and a USB Type C port on the front, that can be utilized to charge and play simultaneously.

Razer Basilisk V3 Pro Gaming

  • First of all, The ergonomics of this mouse are excellent. It’s similar to any other Basilisk and comes with a comfortable handrest that is a bit bulbous, an elongated mid-width chassis
  • Personally, I find the weight of the mouse that I’m playing games for first-person shooting with isn’t an issue However, this Basilisk V3 Pro is fairly heavy. It weighs 112 grams. That’s prior to adding the Qi puck which adds more pounds. It’s likely to be an unsuitable choice for professionals who require the lightest mouse however for me, it was not prohibitive even a bit and I loved the sensation of the five PFTE feet on the bottom that made it easy to slide on my wooden desk.
  • The layout of the buttons is a standard 10+1 layout that will be familiar to a lot of gamers. The scroll wheel is there with two buttons below it, two buttons that are elongated on the left-hand side of the chassis, and a trigger with multiple functions button that is in the front and is low on the left-hand side.
  • The multi-function button functions as a sensitivity control that, when pressed, will drastically reduce your level of sensitivity. It was easy to incorporate into my gaming experience and has had a significant impact on my playing sniping. If FPSs aren’t really your style then this button (and all the other buttons) can be turned on to virtually any other option. This includes the feature Razer refers to as Hypershift” an option that turns it into a button that can be held down for a period of time, and could change the other buttons activated.
  • You can, for instance, press to hold down the Hypershift button, and then right-click to control-click or stop your music, or do something completely different. Although I’m not sure I could grasp the possibilities of the games I was playing, yet it seems to me that the Hypershift button is slightly difficult to reach for it to be a staple for fast-paced or twitch-based games.
  • I discovered the scroll wheel to be a bit uninspiring to use for gaming. I kept it in the pedal-like mode (which can be described as what it is in the regular mode) in contrast to Free Spin, which continues scrolling until you stop it by using your fingers. There’s also an acceleration mode that is virtual, which increases the scroll speed with the speed you turn the wheel, however, I couldn’t get it to work as I was hoping it would. There’s also a mode known as Smart-Reel that automatically starts free-spin scrolling when you swiftly spin the scroll wheel, it then switches back to touch-sensitive scrolling when you do have not any scrolling motion. Overall, I did not like this feature, since you can hear the scroll wheel rubbing and even feel a slight vibration within the controller once it switches. In general, I didn’t really like the way it felt, and I don’t like giving up control of my scrolls.
  • The battery’s lifespan is 90 hours, however, the settings for your DPI and Chroma will have an effect on this. In many instances when I’m testing an item it is never dead however it did die on the Basilisk Pro – twice. It’s because of my own routines since I didn’t take the mouse off the pedestal (or did not have a USB cable to supply power when my PC was turned off). It led to having a pedestal seem more like a necessity than an extra feature.
Razer Basilisk V3 Pro

Razer Basilisk V3 Professional Software

  • Razer Basilisk V3 Pro Razer Basilisk V3 Pro syncs to Razer’s exclusive Synapse program and provides various utilities, ranging that allow you to adjust the rate at which the controller polls to the button’s configuration along with its color scheme. In most situations, I’ve found Synapse to be more than adequate.
  • For example, changing the settings for scroll speed or button functions is as simple as pressing Mouse > Customize and moving between the various options. Also, you can save or import or create duplicate profiles. This is ideal for users who would like their mouse to function in one direction in Valorant as opposed to another way when using it with Microsoft Word. As has been the norm for some time it is not necessary to keep Synapse always running. If your profile settings are linked to your mouse and your device is able to remember the setting you chose.
  • Adjusting the lighting is where Synapse begins to feel a bit longer inside the teeth. I’ve used it a few times before but it’s not to be as simple as I’d like. The change of color is simple to do in principle, however, the mouse would often be out of sync with the baseline, meaning that they were alternating between various colors, which can be extremely distracting. Resetting the profile gave me temporary relief, however, using the Chroma Visualizer application generally shut down the lights completely. In the end, I decided to give up on the app and moved to one of the fast effects, such as Audio Meter which is a color-changing effect that pulses to the sound of your games or music.

Guide to Buying

Razer Basilisk V3 Pro is available for purchase. Razer Basilisk V3 Pro will be available on AmazonBest Buy, and Razer on sale for $159.99.


The Razer Basilisk V3 Pro is an extremely well-equipped mouse that is actually quite enjoyable to use. Although the weight might hinder some hardcore FPS gamers, it was never a problem for me. Actually, the sensitivity clutch actually made me play better. Although Razer’s Synapse software is beginning to look old-fashioned in regards to customizing the color of the Basilisk’s flashy lighting, however, everything else feels top-of-the-line. Starting with the comfy, RGB-filled design to the handy Qi charger the Basilisk appears to be a top-quality device. However, whether a mouse is worthy of an estimated $150-200 is something you’ll need to decide by yourself. To me, it’s worth the price.

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