Realism Angry Birds: List of their characters in real Life.

Realism Angry Birds:

Realism Angry Birds

We’ve all heard of playing the Angry Birds Game and we also love playing it on mobile and desktop computers. Do you think that Angry Birds Game base on actual Angry Birds? In the end, it’s an extremely entertaining game that can be enjoyed by everyone and is enjoyed by all ages. The greatest thing about the game is you are able to play the game with your 7-year old child and your 57-year-old uncle! This game was created by Rovio Entertainment which is an Finnish company. The entire game is focused on birds with multiple colors such by the names of Red, Chuck, Bomb, Matilda, The Blues, Hal, Stella, and many more.

It’s the Real Angry Birds:

It is the Angry Birds game is based on the birds that try to keep their eggs safe from the green pigs that want to eat and steal their eggs. It is easy to judge the success of the game as well as its popularity from the fact that it’s the most downloaded and freemium series ever.

Have you ever considered when playing the game that the birds might be real? What real birds are the birds that Angry Birds base on? If you are also faced with inquiries like this is this game based on a real live bird or is it just an idea or a figment of imagination? If you’re interested in knowing all the details and their actual names continue reading.

In this blog we’re going to inform you the true names of the birds in the game called angry birds. We’ll also tell you the traits they have as personalities?. Scroll down to take a look at the list below:

Angry Bird NameThe Real
1. Red Bird – The Red Bird Red Bird RedNorthern Cardinal
2. “The Green Bird – HalEmerald Toucanet
3. It’s the Yellow Bird – ChuckAmerican Goldfinch
4. It’s the Orange Bird – BubblesJamaican Oriole
5. “The White Bird – MatildaChicken
6. The Blues The Blues Jay, Jake, and JimMountain Bluebirds
7. It’s the Black Bird – BombGreater Antillean Bullfinch or Myna Bird
8. The Mighty EagleNorthern Bald Eagle

For more details on these birds, look at the list below. In this list, we’ll not only provide their behavior and traits but also specific locations where real birds reside.

1. Red: Northern Cardinal

A red-colored Angry bird has become among the most well-known bird out of all other species. He’s an outcast due to his sarcastic outlook and shrewd manner of thinking, he stands out from other birds. He is also confident, outspoken and has a short-tempered. Apart from that, he’s an exemplary leader of a gang which includes Jay, Jake & Jim, Chuck, Bomb, Matilda and Terence.

The bird is real? Yes, the bird does appears to be a resemblance to it’s cousin, the Northern Cardinal, which is popularly referred to as the Redbird. This bird is located in the eastern part of the United States, southeastern Canada. The red bird has identical features as Cardinal.

2. The HAL is Emerald Toucanet

You can think of Hal as a sociable and friendly bird. He might be loud, but he’s also a good listener. When playing the game he’s depicted as an old and experienced bird. He is also calm and friendly, however he is at times a bit silly and funny.

Hal the Boomerang or Hal was inspired from the Emerald toucanet, also known as the Northern Emerald toucanet bird. It is possible to see this green bird in mountains that are located in Mexico as well as Central America.

3. CHUCK American Goldfinch

What could we do to miss Chuck in the checklist? He is a playful and wild animal who is a fan of operating with no rules and routines. The yellow bird is extremely active and constantly fueled by energy. Because of his high-energy behavior it is not uncommon for him to cause difficulties with other bird species, and especially for Matilda.

It is a yellow Angry Bird is an American Goldfinch. This bird is part of the finch family that is located in the region from mid-Alberta up to North Carolina during the breeding season. During winter it is seen from the south of the Canada-United US border all the way to Mexico.

4. BRUBBLES: Jamaican Oriole

Bubbles are sometimes referred to by the name of Global Bird or Balloon Bird in the game of angry birds. He is quiet, however, he is an affectionate bird and always eager to lend a hand and assist others. He also has a strong physique However, he can be overwhelmed with anything negative.

Bubbles resemble a lot to their counterparts, the Jamaican Oriole. The bird of orange is located within Jamaica, the Colombian island San Andres and in Jamaica.

5. MATTILDA”Chicken

Matilda is”the hippie” of the flock. She is the head of the class for anger management located on Bird Island. Even though she’s an angry bird, she is extremely kind and loving, much as a mother.

I’m of the opinion that matilda, also known as the white chubby bird is a unique version of your typical chicken. It is often referred to as”the Egg Dropping bird because it drops eggs and is a bird with the shape of an egg on its body.

6. The Blues: Mountain Bluebirds

They are the roost of three adorable angry birds, known by the names of Jay, Jake, and Jim. When you tap the screen and the single blue bird transforms into these three adorable fowls. They’re all fast and imaginative. Blues are extremely playful birds , and they often end up into trouble for making fun of other birds.

They’re small and blue. They remind you to the Indigo Bunting, but they’re the Mountain Bluebird. They have light underbellies as well as dark eyes that are black. Its habitat is gorgeous bluebird spans all the way from the western part of North America to Alaska.

7. BOMB Greater Antillean Bullfinch or Myna Bird

Fun and social This is the ideal character of the persona of the bomb. He is a fan of being the center of attention from people around him and amuses everyone with his jokes. The way he looks might be scary however his character is honest and kind.

Is this bird look like the myna bird or do you think it looks similar toGreater Bullfinch of Antillea ? In terms of color and general appearance, they are pretty like each other I’m sure you’re thinking so. The good thing is that real bullfinch don’t explode like that of the Bomb in the game of angry birds.

8. The MIGHTY Eagle: Northern Bald Eagle

The last item in our top 10 list of characters is The Mighty Eagle. The game is so intense that you don’t really see it in all its glory however enough clues are given that there’s an Bald Eagle. This famous bird is very intelligent and powerful in the face of other birds that are aggressive. Bald Eagles are proficient in hunting, so keep an eye out during the game.

This image depicts an Northern bald eagle that generally is found throughout Canada and Alaska regions and in all northern and central United States, and northern Mexico. It looks a lot like real Phoenix Bird the mythical bird.

Which one is your Favorite Real Angry Bird?

These are eight hilarious, funny and powerful angry birds. You now are aware of which character from the angry birds is the one that plays with which bird, and which are the actual angered birds. Are you in agreement with them all which one is your personal favorite? It’s a tough one to pick one, since each one has its own uniqueness and strength.

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