Secretlab Skins let you customize your gaming chair by 2022

Secretlab’s method of keeping your gaming chair tidy or changing aesthetics is so intelligent it’s absurd

Secretlabs is finally giving you a way to wash your gaming chair and swap aestheticsImage: Secretlabs

Secretlabs is a company that’s been a household name for Gaming chairs is offering a better method to keep your chair clean. Secretlab skins are available to buy today directly from Secretlabs and will allow you to clean off sweat marks on your gaming chair after a dirty try-hard.

Essentially, slipcovers that are designed for Secretlabs’ Titan Evo 2022 gaming chair, Secretlab Skins give you an easy and quick solution to keep your chair tidy but also to change its design. The fabric used for the skins is identical SoftWeave fabric that it uses on its gaming chairs The Skins can be washed in the washing machine and come in seven colors at the time of launch, along with several designs with branded names as well. The solid colors of Secretlab Skins cost $169. More elaborate brand-name designs cost $199 and will be available after launch.

In the Titan Evo 2022, Secretlabs presented some new and interesting methods to make it easy to alter the feel and appearance that your game chair has. These include its interchangeable armsrests with magnetic screwsheadrests and Lumbar pillows which allow you to provide your chair with a new appearance.

Apart from their customizable design One of the most exciting aspects of Secretlabs chairs is their variety of branding tie-ins they’ve been able to acquire, which grants them the rights to make chairs that resemble the style associated with DC characters, Game of ThronesThe Witcher series and even the DOTA series and League of Legends characters.Secretlabs has plans for a handful of DC-themed Skins at launch.The plans are to include more designs that are wild on Secretlabs Skins. Secretlabs Skins lineup.Image: Secretlabs

Secretlab Skins let you customize your gaming chair

The Secretlab Skins are able to be fitted to any of the Secretlab’s Titan Evo 2022 gaming chairs and are available in regular, small and XL sizes. The Skins are delivered in two bags that are sealed and are a lot simpler to swap than a normal fitted sheet. The back portion is positioned over the backrest and zips shut. The seat part slides onto the bottom of your chair and is held by a pair of elastic buckles. The whole process takes about five minutes and is extremely easy.

As someone who has to spend an inordinate amount of time eating in their office and has three pets My gaming chair collects more than it’s fair amount of hair, crumbs and other debris and an accessory such as Secretlabs Skins will surely help.

Update November 2nd 6:04 PM ET The earlier report stated incorrectly that each Secretlabs Skin is priced at $169. The solid colors that are available in Secretlabs Skins are priced at $169, whereas the more elaborate, branded designs are priced at $199.


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