Sonic Frontiers M-037 Puzzle Solution

Sonic Frontiers M-037 Puzzle | Every single location of Starfall Islands is a challenge. Starfall Islands is filled to the top with puzzles that are challenging within Sonic Frontiers, but one of the toughest is M-037.

  • The majority of the vast realm that is Sonic Frontiers is filled with various problems for players to solve. From Cylooping puzzles to movement puzzles such as M-024 located on Kronos Island, Sonic will need to be fast to complete these tasks and earn Rings, Purple Coins seeds, and various other valuable items. On the second and final island of the game, which is called Ares Island, players will encounter fans-favorite Knuckles the Echidna and a collection of more difficult tile puzzles. One of the more difficult tile-walking challenges is the number M-037, which is quite further to the north in the desert area.

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The Tile’s Location Puzzle M-037 from Sonic Frontiers

  • As mentioned above as mentioned above, this tile puzzle is situated further north than many of the puzzles in the Ares puzzles. It’s located on the northernmost of the Ares section of the Starfell Islands in Sonic Frontiers. The players must traverse many rails, springs and bumpers in order in order to reach the location to avoid falling over into ocean.

When you get there, Sonic will find that there’s a new tile-stepping puzzle waiting to catch him up.

How to solve Puzzles in Sonic Frontiers? Puzzles within Sonic Frontiers | Sonic Frontiers M-037 Puzzle

  • To solve M-037 and other similar puzzles players must walk across each lit-up square only once. They are not able to step over the same tile twice. Sonic will not be able to leap or get off the platform. The square that is the starting point will glow yellow when Sonic is able to step onto it. players must start with the square. These kinds of puzzles can be scattered across the map in Sonic Frontiers‘ Starfall Islands.

Solving M-037 Sonic Frontiers | Sonic Frontiers M-037 Puzzle

Start by stepping onto the square for M-037 from Sonic Frontiers and take these actions to move across the board.

  • One tile is towards the left.
  • Take one tile up.
  • One tile left.
  • One tile is enough.
  • One more tile left.
  • Two tiles down.
  • The tile that was left is the one you have to leave.
  • One more.
  • There was one more.
  • Move your head to the upper right-hand side of the board.
  • Turn one’s head to the right.
  • You can go down one square.
  • Right side of one tile.
  • One more.
  • Make a right turn until you reach the highest tile to the right of the board.
  • Go down one tile until the end of the tile.
Sonic Frontiers M-037 Puzzle
  • This will grant Sonic the ability to upgrade his seed that he can give to Hermit Koco and the Elder Koco or Hermit Koco to exchange for upgrading. This will also open the northernmost region of the Ares Island map, giving players a wide overview of the huge desert island, as well as all its key locations.