Sonic Frontiers M-049 Puzzle Solution

Within the Ares desert there’s a different numbers-based game for Sonic to solve as well as players could be stuck in trying to beat the clock.

Sonic Frontiers M-049 Puzzle | Sonic Frontiers is primarily an open-world adventure, but there are plenty of difficult puzzles that offer huge rewards. The players will need to travel from one end to the Starfall Islands as Sonic seeking and solving all possible puzzles This guarantees that Sonic is armed with lots of rings, collectibles Chaos Emeralds, the ability gems needed to win even the most difficult of challenges. The second island, known as Ares Island, is where Sonic is trying to assist Knuckles as he tries to help Knuckles. This island houses a extremely difficult puzzle. This is puzzle number M-049.

The location of M-049’s M-049 in Sonic Frontiers

The M-049 puzzle is on the island of second in Sonic Frontiers. In this desert-like area gamers will locate this puzzle close to an area called the Giant Satellite Dish in the northern region of the island’s map. It is located below the dish.

Find the white diamond-shaped symbol that marks an area for a puzzle, and then the teal-colored hourglass in front of it.

How to solve Sonic Frontiers’ M-049 | Sonic Frontiers M-049 Puzzle

To begin, you must activate the puzzle by engaging using the timer. The hourglass will flip and grant the player the chance to play for a short period of time. On Normal , Sonic is given 60 minutes to complete the puzzle. When the hourglass flips and the blue portals will pop up in front of Sonic and lead to an enormous pile of rubble. After Sonic has passed through the portals and is on the ground, he’ll have to apply his Cyloop power on the pile of rubble, similar to what he did use them in the M-024 puzzle from Sonic Frontiers. The Cyloop button is:

  • Triangle in PS5.
  • The Y app on Xbox.
  • Right mouse click on your PC.
  • X Switch. Switch.

Draw circles on the ground around the rubble pile until Sonic’s initial skill on Frontiers known as Cyloop changes between pink and blue. After that, press the Cyloop button and the rubble pile transforms into the shape of a tower.

Wall runs up the tower by using the bumper buttons, and then go towards the highest point of the mountain. Find the next series of blue squares that you can run through. The last square is situated in this line of portals. the final portal has a slight fuzzy texture than the other squares. It is likely that players will have ample time to finish the puzzle once they have figured it out, since the total space that must be covered is quite tiny, and Sonic’s journey in Sonic Frontiers must be quick.

Sonic Frontiers M-049 Puzzle

Sonic Frontiers is available on PS4, PS5, PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, as well as Nintendo Switch.