Soulstone Survivors: 6 Beginner Tips

Soulstone Survivors

Soulstone Survivors concentrates on letting you battle many enemies in order to win. As it is a game that has some difficulties it is recommended to learn some important strategies.

Soulstone Survivors is a different approach as an Roguelike by requiring you to combat waves with an action-RPG-style. There are various maps to explore and fight off many enemies and eliminate five bosses in each region. As you gain different abilities during each fight you’ll need be prepared for what you’ll receive.

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Although the game appears easy since you don’t need to use your abilities however, it’s a lot more complicated, even in the initial level. You’ll need to learn to play the game, learn how to survive and progress to higher levels to increase your resource.

The game is being developed in Early Access. It is possible for certain parts to be updated or changed as the game moves towards the release date.

Stay On The Move and Mark The Map

Incessantly, enemies move towards your position and attempt to take you down. If you don’t wish to be caught in the crossfire, you must remain moving to stay safe from damage. If you move around your enemies will follow you, and especially the weaker grunts, who are able to only strike you within melee distance.

It is recommended to follow constant paths so that you can gain experiences. If you don’t, you might take out enemies in certain areas but forget about them, which makes your overall defense weaker. Circling will allow you to search for places to gather more resources. You’ll need to gather the most of them feasible to boost your characters, and make future run easier.

If you’re constantly moving the enemies aren’t able to strike you with normal attacks. Only attacks that create red area in effect (AOE) circles may harm you. Continue to move, and you’ll not take unnecessary hits while running.

Speed of Movement is the Most important Statue

Soulstone Survivors: 6 Beginner Tips

When it comes to moving across your map moving speed is the single most crucial stat you can improve. When you explore areas and gain experience you’ll have the option of choosing your passive bonuses among active skill options. Always select the move option when it’s available. If you’ve got the initial speed of running, you’ll be finding it difficult to take on opponents later on in the course.

Because stats stack in this way, you can greatly boost your speed to the point that opponents are unable to keep you from getting. When you’ve reached the speed you feel comfortable with you can focus on other buffs that are passive that can help you increase the AOE dimension or the damage you can deal. In general, you’ll want to be able to enjoy 150 percent speed boost prior to focusing on any other aspect. Although the speed boost may not show up every single time, you should be on the lookout for it to ensure you aren’t missing it.

One of the passive benefits can increase the amount of attack you can take by 20 percent, while also reducing the speed of your move by 10. Don’t take this offer because it makes it harder to avoid which means you’ll have to fight to make it through.

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Develop Your Skills

When you test out characters and test the abilities they acquire it is important to synergize your characters as efficiently as is possible. Certain characters are adept at melee weapons, like the Barbarian. However the mages perform well with ranged attacks, which is why you’ll need to maximize the damage, and keep far from your adversaries.

It is also recommended to look for an “get rid of me” tool while looking at spells. For instance, Flame Wave shoots a circle around you, which knocks enemies off. Although this spell is a close-range spell but it’s best when it’s an extended range. So, if any enemies become to close in, you could utilize the spell to knock them off and continue hitting them with various spells. But the knock away move is not appropriate in a melee-based build because it can knock opponents away from the other attacks you’ve planned to use.

Synergy can also be applied to passive abilities you’ll gain. For example, if have a build that is full of poison, it’s best to increase the damage you take from poison whenever it is revealed. Similar to other status-related ailments, such as burn or doom. There are even passives that offer every move the opportunity to deal with poison, burn or any other disadvantages. Be aware of these and see the challenges that the game can throw to you and then think about how it will affect your configuration.

It is possible to substitute active skills after you’ve got the fully-equipped set. Don’t be scared to try something different in your build , and change it later in case it doesn’t match. This will allow you to find the best build for every persona.

Make Use of Your Dodges Carefully

Although your dodge is equipped with the lowest time limit, you’ll need to make use of it only very sparingly. If you utilize it often it will leave you in a position to dodge an attack that is powerful to avoid rolling as much as you can. You should use it only for repositioning and avoiding AOE assaults. If you’re looking for an overall rule of thumb that you should wait until you’re overwhelmed by enemies, then move out of the way to let yourself have some space. This can help you stay clear of melee attacks, ensuring that you don’t suffer any harm when you are out of the corner.

AOE moves can be difficult to avoid. For instance circles that expand onto the ground are simple however, the lines follow you until the attacks break out. If you spot circles, roll out of the center to avoid getting damaged. It takes about a second to get the move out, and you must immediately respond. When you are facing lines, stay away from them and then keep avoiding until the red zone fills up. By doing this, you will increase the chance of avoiding attacks.

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Check Your Stats After A Run

After you’ve completed the run, you’ll know the way that everything went down with your statistics. This will include information on your abilities that caused the most damage during the course. When you look through these stats, you’ll be able to determine which spells helped you the most during the time the game. For instance, if, for example, you find spells that strike close to you perform best for your style of play and you are able to stay to the spells that work best for you. Others might prefer summoning pets as it works best for them.

It’s important to test different characters to discover which ones allow you to deal with the most harm and last. Remember that abilities that are designed to be able to survive will not cause as much damage however you’ll still need to use them for practical purposes. In contrast, if you notice certain spells that cause damage don’t really do much damage to you, then you might prefer to stay clear of that power in the near future and reserve your slot to use something that is more powerful.

Make Progress on The Section In The Green Section of the Skill Tree

There are three areas on the skill tree of the game which are blue, red and green. Red boosts your offensive to aid you in slaying enemies, blue boosts the defense of your character to increase your chances of survival while Green increases the amount of resources you can gain and your utility. Since resources aid you in winning fights and have a higher chances of winning, it is important to enhance them right away.

For instance for instance, for example, the Green section boosts the speed of your movements, increases the amount of experience gained, grants your minor soulstones and many more benefits. As they serve to help you move, grind, and fighting less difficult You’ll want to prioritize these. You might want to take advantage of the extra dodge in that red tree However, the green is the best choice overall.

There are challenges to overcome while playing Soulstone’s Survivors. However, you’ll find it easier by working on your characters and play. Try to increase your speed while shooting at the enemies to achieve more effective outcomes. When you’re working hard, persevere by following the suggestions and you’ll be able to conquer all levels, and eventually work progress through the more difficult sections to unlock all the levels.

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