Starfield Guide: Everything We Have So We’ve Come

Starfield Guide

Starfield remains as mysterious as stars of our own world. From the possibility of factions to leaks about gameplay Here’s what we know to date.

Starfield is a standout in the sea of gaming, and it’s not only because it’s Bethesda’s first original IP in over twenty years. However, the studio claims that the game is their “end-all all, be-all science-fiction title.” This isn’t an isolated Fallout that takes place in space, like some critics have claimed.

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However, with the teaser trailer launching in the year 2018 and just a few concrete new details were revealed at E3 2021 people are still pondering. What is Starfield look similar to? How big will the game be? Are there any strange cosmic awe or Death Claw equivalents? There is no way to know for sure.


Starfield Release Date

Fans have speculated on the timeline of release for Starfield incessantly since the reveal trailer of the game. There are many theories about the timeline, but nobody can nail down the timeframe of the game. Recent reports suggested it was almost over.

But, Fallout 76development overtook Starfield’s earlier in the year the year 2016. The game’s development was delayed by this development, with studio resources recommitting them to Starfield in the year 2018.

Jason Schreier, a noted games journalist with many friends within the gaming industry expressed his opinion on the issue. “Bethesda’s plan is to announce an announcement date for Starfield during E3. This date is scheduled for late 2022” stated the writer on Twitter. The E3 2021 announcement of the release date confirmed Schreier’s claim.

Reconfirmed Release Date 11.11.19 2022

What do we know about Starfield?

The Starfield’s location is in the dark, despite various announcements regarding the game. Although there have been a few leaks and trailers, actual details are difficult to come across and verify. The company has said that its set will be in the “not too far off in the future” suggesting a more sombre sci-fi set.

What else do we know about Starfield as of now:

  • It can be played the third or first person
  • Space travel is still somewhat “Wild West” like. Todd Howard himself described space travel in Starfield as akin to ” flight in the 40s…it’s risky.” This was a quote from a discussion with the famous space fan Elon Musk during The Panel at E3 in the Coliseum in the year 2019.
  • Bethesda has described their game as their ” end all, be all game in science fiction“. The leaks, the studio itself, as well as former studio employees all support the assertion.
  • Gameplay will feature the game’s singular-player focus and players will interact using both “hand-crafted” as well as created by a procedural process. This will mean more distinctive NPC interactions and certain generic elements, too.
  • The game will run on Bethesda’s own Creation Engine 2.
  • There’s a group/faction of space-explorers known as Constellation and an organization/group called Cydonia Security
  • It will not appear exclusively on PlayStation consoles. It will be only accessible via Xboxand PCplatforms
  • Leaked concept art for the environment suggests that the alien worlds are highly diverse, with a range of terrains ranging from dense forests to cyberpunk-inspired or art-deco-inspired urban landscapes
  • The game will launch on November 11, 2022.
  • Spacecrafts will be using Helium as fuel

What’s the Starfield’s Setting?

The game is played some a hundred years later than the time of our current day. However, not much is revealed beyond the fact that. Some players have speculated the possibility of an alternate timeline, similar to the one was seen within The Fallout games.

Starfield Technical Requirements, Platforms and Platforms

Each year, games are made to make use of the most advanced technology available. This usually results in stunning graphics and performance , except for some cases, like Cyberpunk 2077. The fans expect Starfield which is a game focusing on exploring interstellar space, will be unique, beautiful and exciting.

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However, Bethesda games aren’t known for their beautiful games. If you have the right modifications and hardware players can have Skyrim appearing more stunning as compared to the Swiss countryside. But what will Starfield make use of the latest technology? Moreover, what platforms will Starfield launch on?

What Engine will Starfield Make Use of?

Bethesda games use their own engine, referred to as Creator Engine. With Starfield being an “next-gen” game that takes place in space, a lot of passionate fans had doubts regarding the capabilities of the old engine.

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In this regard, Todd Howard assured the public that the engine will undergo significant modifications and overhauls to meet the technical requirements of the new game. As a reference point the most recent time the engine was overhauled occurred for The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion title between 2002 and 2006.

The most recent trailer of the game has shared footage from ” Creation Engine 2“. The fans can only guess it’s the redesigned and the second version of the exclusive Bethesda engine. Bethesda confirmed via twitter they will use this version. Starfield would be the very first title to use this engine.

Starfield on Xbox against. Starfield on Steam

Bethesda has enjoyed a long-standing connection with both console and PC platforms. As soon as the technology became accessible, the studio jumped at the chance to offer their games across all platforms. This is also true with regard to Fallout 76 coming to mobile and also despite the snarky comments from fans who have been loyal to the franchise for a long time.

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The announcement of Microsoft’s acquisition of ZeniMax Media (Bethesda’s parent company) Starfield’s inclusion in Xbox Game Pass was almost certain. E3 2021 confirmed this with the announcement that Starfield will be available accessible on PC as well as Xbox platforms. For online platforms like Steam and Epic Games Store, Epic Games Store, that is still to be determined.

Will Starfield be on PlayStation Consoles?

At first, Starfield had been under discussions to become an Sony as well as a PlayStation exclusivity. Following Microsoft’s acquisition of Bethesda along with their sibling studios MachineGames and Arkane fans were worried that Starfield was not going to be an available on the PlayStation console. Bethesda verified this speculation at E3 2021..

Will Starfield have Mods?

One of the great aspects of Bethesda game is the fact that they are easily moddable they can be modified. Modders have created stunning mods that range from Creatures and Monsters of the Commonwealth to Randy “Macho Man” Savage dragons in Skyrim. However, players don’t know what the future holds for Skyrim. Starfield will carry on this great tradition.

Yet, Todd Howard has mentioned many times how he believes that the use of both AI along with the Cloud being utilized to enhance the performance of games. Like DLSS for capable Nvidia devices, AI can definitely be utilized to dramatically improve graphics capabilities. The fans hope to achieve the same degree of flexibility, no matter the type of technology employed.

Starfield Story

The idea of creating something that could be described as an “epic science fiction” video game is the 2nd thing on the list of games that Todd Howard wanted to play that he came up with in 2004. To fulfill that desire, it has been reported that the idea for Starfield has been in discussions for more than 10 years.

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There isn’t much information about the storyline that the game follows at this time however Bethesda confirmed that it’s an RPG for one player. The trailer for the release date showed the single captain of a starship that was belonging to the Constellation group that was known as the ” last of the space explorations.” Beyond that, the fans remain to research.

The 10th Planet

Bethesda created an battle game for space that was dubbed the 10th Planet back in 1997. The blurry image paying tribute to the game above is found inside the E3 2021 announcement trailer.

In its day, The 10th Planet was highly ambitious and had a variety of features that are difficult to create in today’s games for example:

  • Massive alien vessels inspired by The film Independence Day
  • Space battles of a grand scale with “sci-fi forces” and even ships
  • Cinematic swoons
  • Star Wars Tie Fighter-style dogfights in space
  • A general story about defending our star’s system against invaders from the alien realm.

Even though the game was ultimately forced to be discarded, Starfield could pull inspiration from the original concept. This, along with the information we have concerning the Constellation group as one of the “last bunch of space explorationists” could be a sign of intergalactic war.

Could Starfield be like Skyrim?

Todd Howard et al have stated that Todd Howard and co. have described Starfield being “having the same DNA” of a classic Bethesda game. That is to declare it will offer the same type of immersive, visceral environment that is alive. In this regard the game will be like the worlds in Elder Scrolls: Skyrim and Fallout 4.

Following E3 2021’s Xbox and Bethesda Showcase, Todd Howard said in an interview with The Telegraph that there were certain similarities. “It’s kind of like Skyrim in regards to its structure. you’ll take on the person you’d like to be There are diverse factions are available to join and then make your own way.”

Does Starfield To Be A Single Player?

Bethesda’s latest works include multiplayer games like Fallout the 76 as well as Elder Scrolls Online. The studio’s greatest success comes in creating single-player RPG-style and exploration-driven worlds.

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In that sense, Starfield is planned to be a single-player only experience. As of now there aren’t any plans to integrate multiplayer to the game.

Starfield Gameplay

The gameplay footage of Starfield has yet surfaced. In spite of the absence of game-play knowledge we can draw certain aspects about the game’s mechanics such as tone, combat and the systems.

For instance the leak of the spaceship as well as the survey about construction of the spaceship suggests that the customization of spacecraft is a possibility in Starfield.

What is the type of game that you play? Starfield?

Starfield willobviously be a space-based game. space However, Bethesda has more plans in the course of the event than the usual space-based game. As of now, here’s what players expect Starfield to be like and what it will offer:

  • Single-player open-world sci-fi RPG
  • It runs on the recently upgraded Creation Engine 2
  • Uses systems from previous Bethesda games, such as Fallout 4, but it will “push the systems more”
  • It offers a balanced mix of “Hand-crafted” as opposed to. computer generated material
  • Upgrade and maintenance of ships
  • Gravity mechanics

Reddit user Adridactelo sketched out what components could be customized on a spacesuit worn by a player (above). As of now, fans are left to wonder what’s the main focus of Starfield’s games.

How Much Will Starfield Be?

It is not known how large Starfield could have to. As an open-world space exploration game with an ethereal feel The game is bound to be huge in dimensions. With Bethesda’s prior work, it is logical that the game will be massive with plenty of deep corners that have unique tales and images.

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Starfield Spaceships & Gear

This picture of the Starfield spaceship was first released prior to it was revealed in the E3 2021 trailer. The image that fans saw was not like the image, which was released. But, the fans are still looking for such spaceships as seen in Starfield conceptual art, as well as other forms of media.

From The E3 2021 trailer’s reveal the image shows an spaceship on a rough surface of the planet has fans spinning. Are these damaged ships? Is it in mid-take-off? What do you think of air or gravity on the planet’s surface? What is the station-like design behind the ship?

Although there are valid concerns, the trailer did provide concrete answers to any of these questions. Some people have suggested that there could be a lunar base on the moon of Earth which is a real possibility. However, it does appear to be a wind current around the planet, which could suggest that there is an atmosphere rather than.

The trailer also offered viewers an in-depth look at the spaceship’s exterior. It appears to have an unidentified serial number of some sort on it that reads ” NG1350“. However, the text on the reverse reads ” Frontier” that suggests the great science fiction tradition of space being “the ultimate frontier”.

It is also possible to make an uni-pedal or mobile platform or something similar on the right side of the screen.

The trailer then gives viewers a more detailed look at what appears to be a portable platform that resembles a robot or a robot of some sort. It comes with four appendages, two of them being legs, and the remaining two being arms with an armed weapon attached to the arms. It is not clear what the function for the structure.

Fans can also take a closer glimpse of the structure in the background of the ship that could be the base of some sort.

Lessons from Fallout 76 & Elder Scrolls: Online

As with the other Space exploration title that experienced an unrelenting beginning, Starfield could encounter numerous issues if it chooses to go the multiplayer path. Despite the poor response from fans towards Fallout in 76 Bethesda is able to maintain its support for ESO and the most recent expansion Blackwood.

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Even if the studio doesn’t introduces multiplayer to Starfield the game, they could extrapolate information from the popularity in ESO and the fallout in Fallout 76. Because Skyrim along with Fallout 4 being older games and their platforms are old-fashioned in comparison. ESO as well as Fallout 76 both tell Bethesda how to improve their unique RPG experience from a single player perspective.

Starfield Trailers

Original trailer from the year 2018:

Starfield E3 Presentation 2021

The full E3 2020 Xbox & Bethesda Showcase in 4K:

E3 2021, Official Starfield Teaser Breakdown & Trailer

A lot of fans have been on Reddit to think up theories and breakdown every video frame. A filmmaking process was posted by The Washington Post featuring concepts as well as other details about the development.

The trailer and other materials show the appearance of a Star system that has planets that are not like those found in our own galaxy. This is in line with theories of fans about the possibility that the game is set in a galaxy other than that of the Milky Way. A lot of fans also compared this trailer to the critically-acclaimed book The Expanse and streaming TV series The Expanse due to its brutal sci-fi themes.

Leaked Starfield Environments

Concept artwork for Starfield released alongside an E3 2021 news and the trailer unveil. The images appeared in Reddit (among others sites) and thrilled the fans. Many compared them with the concept art that Cyberpunk 2077 promised, and others were most interested by the nature biome.

The worlds seem to be somewhere between Cyberpunk, BioShock as well as Mass Effect: Andromeda. Maybe Bethesda could have learned from BioWare’s mistakes (including Anthem) in creating alien-themed environments.

Starfield Trailer Leaks Spaceship Controls and Story Information?

Reddit User liteRave has shared their ideas about things the Starfield spaceship’s cockpit controls could entail. The cockpit definitely feels difficult sci-fi, with its realistic-looking screen and button layouts. However, other participants suggested that the customization of spaceships is a crucial aspect in the gameplay.

While the initial text at the top might be related to the upgrade of a spaceship The bottom text is to be a bit more informal in its the sense that it is a colloquial. The entire text reads:

  • BEST SESSIONS: ENG = 3 2 3, SHD = 6 1, ? GGV = 4, 2 2, 2.
  • What is the UPGRADE REACTOR?
  • ASK QUESTIONS: Cydonia Security does not have an ounce for comedy…
  • Vasco, you’re now out Tranquilitea. Do NOT get decaf!

The flavor text offers hints about certain settings and upgrades to spaceships but also introduces the fans to the first real faction: Cydonia Security. It also introduces an individual character called “Vasco” which could appear in the narrative.

Many fans believe that “Vasco” may be the name given to the mobile platform on the film. This could be an Easter egg reference to the famous exploration of Vasco de Gama.

Starfield’s Pipboy equivalent?

In the left-hand side of the above image on the left, we see the logo of Starfield’s Constellation group within Starfield. However, some have speculated that the monitor on the right might represent the games Pipboy analog.

It’s believed to be”the ” Chronomark” with “chrono” being an abbreviation that refers to time. The top of the label reads “Est. 2186” which indicates the manufacture’s birth year. It also has “Atmos-Ames” found at the bottom left. What the actual measurement could be the only thing you can do is speculate for the moment.

Starfield Rumors

With only a handful of details accessible, Starfield fans scoured the web for anything to provide a reason for Starfield. The range of information is vast. From artists’ inspiration boards to Pinterest and what could possibly be an explanation for the term “constellation” within the teaser trailer Fans are desperate to know more information.

The trailer’s teaser also led to two other speculations, one of them involving the appearance of a tiny person walking on the exterior from the space station or telescope. The second one is related to the nature of any cosmic incident that occurs within the teaser trailer. It could be a vent Horizon or a wormhole or timing jump or some other thing entirely.

A Story Suggested by the Books in Starfield Trailer?

A few users who are on Reddit has pointed out two books on the shelf two titles located on this shelf in the trailer as clues about the game’s storyline. Two of the books include Omega The Final Days of the World and Sailing Alone Around the World.

Connecting the two themes to what we have learned about Starfield is an easy decision. “Sailing on your own around the globe” is a reference to it being an RPG for one player in space. However, the concept of “last moments of this world” is a little more difficult. This is akin to our experience in the first film of 2018 and this cosmic event.

For the small black box, and also the headgear nobody knows for sure. “Constellation Spacefarer’s Guide “Constellation Spacefarer’s Handbook” may be an reference towards the iconic Douglas Adams series Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. This is a speculation at present.

Starfield: A Different Timeline?

The theories of some fans about the possibility of “constellation” could be an ode to a cancelled NASA project. As of 2009 NASA launched a space-based mission known as Constellation which involved moon and Martian exploration. In Bethesda’s alternate timeline of Fallout, fans suggest that they are merely re-inventing the timeline. Fallout series, some fans believe that they’re similar to the canceled NASA project.

What would have happened if Project Constellation had continued and the humans returned to the moon?

Possible Starfield Factions

Fans have been busy trying to figure out every possible easter egg and specific. A few have found what they believe are their factions that make up what they believe will be the Starfield Universe.

  • TEC — one of the manufacturers
  • Axion Energy is an energy-related company supplier, seller, and provider
  • BlackFleet is the name given to the spaceship after leaks
  • Creet World Base – the station for 2018/2020 is a result of leaks
  • Space Nation Alliance (SNA) – an important player in the game
  • Cydonia Security – mentioned in the flavor text in the E3 2021 release trailer

What’s the deal with Tom Cruise In Starfield?

It’s not difficult to see that video games attract big Hollywood stars to increase their fame and commercial appeal. Star Citizen’s Squadron42 is brimming with celebrities as well, which means that Bethesda hiring Tom Cruise isn’t terribly farfetched.

However, this rumor coming from a absurd tweet is a sign that it’s unlikely to come true.

Starfield Mobile

Many fans believe that Bethesda may unveil an app for mobile devices or a game companion for Starfield before the official game’s release. Since some of the career profiles for the studio have also included mobile developers, the notion is not completely untrue.

Others tin-foil-hat theorists think they are right that Starfield could delay or be held back because of the launch of the portable remake or remake of an alternative Bethesda game.

Are They Hinting at the Locations?

The E3 2021 trailer contained the hand-drawn drawings which have set the Internet theories bubbling. The illustration above is an example, and appears to suggest a new technology that humans aren’t able to comprehend. The text says:

  • Multiple? ?
  • Rings that rotate
  • Two rings
  • Three rings
  • So far, we have been in a position to discern what is happening at the center.

The second diagram in the trailer appears to be more like maps or coordinates of some sort. The inset drawings are accompanied by labels that include “Rho”, “Delta”, “Epsilon”, and other. These may all be pointing to star systems or places.

The text on the lower right corner says “Debate about constellations continues to debate the meaning pattern. Circular design appears to be intentional however, the disconnected elements hint at different interpretations.”

What the Microsoft Purchase Will Mean For Starfield

Microsoft announced the acquisition of Bethesda’s parent corporation ZeniMax Media in September 2020. The deal was not completed until the month of March 2021. With Bethesda currently under Microsoft’s umbrella, maybe the huge corporation is hoping to tap into the many resources available to Starfield.

The merger places Bethesda together with two historical and more recently successful game studios. The studios include 343 (Halo franchise), Ninja Theory (Hellblade Senua’s Sacrifice), Rare (Banjo Kazooie, Perfect Dark, Sea Of Thieves), Obsidian Entertainment (Fallout: New Vegas, The Outer Worlds) And many other titles.

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With such a wide array of talent available that includes their sister studios Arkane and MachineGames, Starfield could definitely receive more focus from Microsoft’s management.

Bethesda A32021 Announcement

Bethesda was rumored to have the possibility of a major announcement to be made on June 13th 2021 at E3 2021. It turned out to not just a trailer for Starfield but also a release date also.

The teaser trailer provided more information about the overall scenario for the title. A person in an spacesuit arrives on a ship, complete packed with narrative-related peripherals located throughout the ship. A voiceover along with other images suggests that the person in question belongs to”Constellation” “Constellation” programme.

This supports fan theories regarding the possible connection to the abandoned NASA program. However, nothing more can be inferred on whether it is an alternative timeline scenario like that of Fallout. The date of release in Starfield is exactly 11 years later than Skyrim’s day of release. Coincidence? Probably. Unless…?

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