Starfield release date release date, trailers and gameplay information about the game.

Starfield game

Starfield is the upcoming project by the RPG masters at Bethesda Game Studios. This time it’s not swords or dragons, nor radioactive wastelands (well there’s nothing we’ve heard of) available It’s space. It’s true, Starfield is essentially Skyrim in space. What’s not to like?

Starfield game

There was a lot of secrecy surrounding Starfield for several years following the announcement of the game We’re pleased to share that Bethesda has opened the doors on the forthcoming project. Through the release of new trailers, we’ve got an idea as to what to expect, from gameplay to plot and story specifics.

There’s lots of Starfield information available currently We’re missing some crucial aspects. For instance, the date of release that’s not yet completely revealed. We do know, however, that it’ll be out in the first quarter of 2023. The wait isn’t too long and as we move closer, we’ll have new trailers and reveal videos to look over. Here’s the information you should be aware of about Starfield.

Starfield Cut to the chase

  • What exactly is what is it? A Bethesda RPG set in outer space.
  • What devices can I use it for? PC and Xbox Series X|S
  • When do I get to use it? First half of 2023 (exact date still to be determined)


Starfield is scheduled to launch on Xbox Series XXbox Series S and PC at some point in the first quarter of 2023. It’s this following Bethesda announced that it would be delayed in the release of the game.

For when 2023’s first quarter of when the game is expected to launch, small print found on the top of the Xbox Game Pass subscription plan page has suggested that it may possibly be “early 2023”.

In addition, Kingscast(opens in new tab) host, KingFanMan, has theorized that it could happen in March 2023. According to KingFanMan, Bethesda has only delayed three games in the past and even though “all three of the games were expected to be released in the autumn” similar to Starfield, “all three games were released in March of the following year.” We’ll be waiting for confirmation by Bethesda before we can know for certain.

In the beginning, at E3 in the year 2021 Bethesda revealed that Starfield would launch on the 11th of November 2022. Interview with The Washington Post(opens in new tab), Todd Howard said Bethesda was “confident about the timeframe” however, the reason for the reason for the delay Bethesda has stated it is to make sure that gamers “receive the most polished, best perfect” version of the game.

If Starfield is released, it will be it’ll be an Xbox exclusively for consoles and an E3 2021 trailer clearly confirms this, excluding any PlayStation 5 release. The game won’t be available on Xbox One either Bethesda is moving away from Microsoft’s previous console. With Microsoft now being the owner of the developer Bethesda it could indicate the future of games such as The Elder Scrolls 6 and Fallout 5 moving forward.


the 2022 Xbox as well as Bethesda Showcase, we got the first look into Starfield’s gameplay. Beginning in the realm of customization, players are now playing an all-customized protagonist. With the option of changing skin tone, head shape hair, hair colors eyes, as well as body characteristics, Bethesda’s giving us the standard options in addition to Background and the ‘Traits’.

Backgrounds give you three basic skills per. As an example, selecting “Dueling” will grant you 10% additional melee damage, and “Gastronomy” allows you to create distinct food and beverages, while also researching additional recipes. In addition, traits can affect your character, so when you pick the trait of ‘Extrovert’, for instance, you’ll be able to be more resilient when traveling with others, and less when you’re on your own. It’s not surprising that this cannot be combined with the trait ‘Introvert that is the reverse.

The presentation also provided us with the first glimpse of customization of ships which is modular. It is possible to put entire sections, and swap the main components such as engines, cockpits and so on, and it appears there’s no need to separately create these components. We’re likely to purchase these items from various vendors located in various locations.

Following the event, Bethesda confirmed more on its Twitter(opens in a new tab) account. It was revealed that Starfield utilizes a first-person view for dialogue, the character will not be voiced, which is likely to be an exciting news. For those who aren’t aware the idea of a voiced protagonist was first introduced at the time by Bethesda with Fallout 4, which faced huge critique. It’s not surprising that this modification was (mostly) very well-received.

In a prior Reddit AMA(opens in new tab), Todd Howard said that he was “Really thrilled with what the team has achieved in terms of character development” and said that it includes “choosing background, talents and more. You can also pick your pronoun (he is, she is, they) as well as we’ve recorded every relevant dialog to help you make that decision.”

Gunplay and exploration

In this demo we visited the moon’s rocky surface of Kreet in the course of an early mission and Kreet is one of Starfield’s many explorable places. Also, this demo showed us that we can play Starfild as a third-person player and in first-person in gameplay, demonstrating the two modes during the demonstration.

In this episode we were able to review of the local wildwilfe, mining resources and most importantly, fighting. After finding an abandoned research facility and then we discover that it’s now owned by a pirate organization known by the name of Crimson Fleet, and it’s our job to take the area.

This is a short look and we didn’t get to learn much, but it did reveal a few facts regarding firearms. The gun offers a variety of pistols, sub-machine guns and shotguns, the section concludes with a jetpack-powered leap over a chasm while the hero clears the remaining enemies.


In a different Bethesda blog article(opens in a new tab) the blog also provided a detailed explanation on how to build outputs, something is possible on new planets. The publisher isn’t sharing details at this point, even though we’re sure we can do our own investigations using already collected materials. These materials can be used to upgrade the gear of our characters, and most notably altering weapons.

The length and structure of the mission
In the wake of an IGN(opens in a new tab) interview with Todd Howard shortly afterwards, we were able to learn a lot more. In regards to the length of Starfield, Howard explains it’ll be 20% longer than the previous Bethesda games including The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Fallout 4. The estimate is 30-40 hours to play the story Howard recommended: “This one’s ending up more than the previous games] but we could tweak it a bit but. There are more quests, which means it could be 20% longer than the previous games”.

He also clarifies that, despite the vast-scale possibility of exploration Starfield provides a clear path to follow, for those looking to follow the story. In telling IGN there’s more original content than Bethesda ever produced for Starfield, Howard confirmed:

“I must also mention that we’ve created more craft in this game in terms of content in comparison to any other game we’ve ever made. We’re at 200 000 lines of dialogue which means we’re still doing quite a bit of handcrafting. And If people are just looking to play the way they’re used to doing in our games and complete an overall quest, and follow the questlines, you’ll find what you’d want from us. There’s a different aspect”Well, I’m just going to be wandering around the world and give me some fun, and randomly-generated content and these sorts of stuff.”

At the event, Howard confirmed there’s 1000 fully explored planets spread across the 100 stars. In this interview, Howard states that you aren’t able to seamlessly move from space to an earth. “People have askedus “Can you take the spaceship all the way towards the Earth? It’s not possible. We decided in the beginning of the process that on-surface is one reality, but when you’re in space, it’s a different reality.” In terms of the reasons we’re later told that this feature “really simply not important for the user” for the purpose of justifying the effort required.


The same interview also addressed Starfield’s influence. The interviewer described it as a unique take on space combat Howard said that the approach was partially in the spirit of FTL as well as MechWarrior:

“Your ship has a range of power systems. There’s a little piece of FTL that’s the amount of power you put into three weapons systems, and then your engines and shields, and finally the grav drive allows you leap, and kind of escape from certain circumstances that you must make power available to.

“One game that I enjoy that we examine for speed is MechWarrior It’s true, it’s not. This is probably a little slower however, in terms of technology and power, as well as being in a position to align things it’s quicker than the other games, but you’ll know what I’m referring to instead of an unresponsive dogfighter. However, it’s not just about dogfighting. You have the ability to dock other ship, disable them, and once you’ve got the dock, and then take it on. There are some missions that require that. You could steal the ship, there’s conversation in space, there are Star stations to go to, there’s trafficking. All the things we’d want.”

He concludes by promising that we’ll learn more about this particular aspect of fighting at a later time.


Starfield promises a thrilling space-based adventure through the vast universe and is set 300 years in the future. After a couple of initial missions, our protagonist is called to become part of Constellation the final group of space explorationists. They’ll be meeting at the United Colonies capital, New Atlantis, tasked with scouring for artifacts throughout The Settled Systems.

Talking to The IGN(opens in a new tab) in an interview in June 2022, Todd Howard revealed New Atlantis will be Bethesda’s largest city to date. “It includes all the amenities you’d expect, and it is possible to work on your vessel there. There are factions that touch each other in that. However, it’s also the headquarters of Constellation that’s the group you join. It’s the final group of space-explorers sort of like this NASA-meets-Indiana Jones-meets The League of Extraordinary Gentleman [group.”

There are two rival groups that have different goals, such as that of Crimson Fleet, who it seems that we’ll frequently be at war with. The previous video clips from Bethesda have also proved the existence of the violent Spacers, Ecliptic mercenaries, as well as extreme religious zealots in House Va’Ruun.

It is spread over a vast expanse of fully explored planets that lie between 100 star systems and four cities of major importance. This includes New Atlantis, we currently know of three. After a war in the past against United Colonies United Colonies, the Freestar Collective is the third major faction in The Settled Systems, and they both have a difficult peace.

Three star systems control the system. Freestar utilizes walls in Akila City to be its capital city, which is home to “alien predators which are the result of crossing the velociraptor and a wolf.” We also have Neon the pleasure city developed in the Xenofresh Corporation. After introducing a novel psychotropic drug called Aurora has become an extremely popular tourist destination.


Gameplay Reveal
We finally had our first glimpse at Starfield’s gaming in the 2022 Xbox as well as Bethesda Showcase. You can view in entirety below:

The Sound of Adventure
Bethesda has unveiled a video from April, which delves into the Starfield’s music and audio design. In the clip, Starfield’s music director Mark Lampert, and composer Inon Zur discuss music and its significance in the overall game experience.

Zur defines music in terms of music is the “fourth dimension. It’s the emotional aspect” and Lampert declares that “the principal theme is the one that sets the tone for all the other things we do.” In the video, it features innovative concept art that gives an understanding of the visual inspirations to the musical composition.

Meet the first Starfield companion: Vasco
Bethesda has revealed Starfield’s initial friend in a new video. The name is Vasco the companion is Constellation’s robot for expeditions which has been upgraded through the Space Exploration company “to fulfill the specifications” that it has to fulfill.

As per Lead Artist Istvan Pely, Lead Artist, Vasco is an “utilitarian heavy industrial machine , well-suited to the demands in space-based travel.” Vasco’s primary function is, presumably, “peaceful” as, even though he’s got defense capabilities, he’s particularly adept at traveling over rough terrain, and is loaded with equipment that is beneficial for “extended trips across the country.” Check him out for yourself in the video below:

Made for Wanderers
The second installment of”Into the Starfield” season 2 “Into The Starfield” series in which participants from Bethesda’s development team discuss Bethesda Development team talk about ways they’re hoping to make players feel part of an authentic game world. They cover a wide range of subjects, ranging including NPC and the interaction with companions, to the game’s various factions and the options that players will be able to make regarding these factions.

The Endless Pursuit
In this behind-the-scenes video, Game Director Todd Howard, Studio Director Angela Browder and Art Director Matt Carofano discuss Bethesda’s vision of the future together with Starfield.

Howard talks about “step-out instances” within”step-out” moments in Fallout games, in which characters emerge into the world that’s been permanently changed by nuclear war and in a cryptic way, says that Starfield will feature “two momentous moments of exit”. Carofano is meanwhile revealing that Starfield will come with an “realistic science-based foundation” and claims that it’s an “more grounded game and a more grounded setting” in comparison to Skyrim.

The story behind it
In the fall of 2021 Bethesda made a public video providing an overview of the overall setting, referred to as “The Settled Systems’.

In the video, narrated by Bethesda Game Studios Design Director Emil Pagliarulo, the video describes how Starfield will take users to Settled Systems in the year 2330. It explains that the Settled Systems are located in “a very small portion in the Milky Way, in an region that extends from the Solar System for approximately 50 light-years.”

It also offers some specifics regarding the game’s two major factions which are The United Colonies and the Freestar Collective. Both were involved in the so-called “bloody battle between colonists” before the game began but have since come to an unsteady peace.

Teasers for location teasers
Then, in August of 2021 Bethesda released three short videos that give an overview of the cities which will be included in Starfield. The three cities are distinct, including the capital city of the metropolitan area of the United Colonies, New Atlantis and the capital city that is a freedom-driven part of the Freestar Collective, Akila; and the vice-drenched city of pleasure, Neon.

The videos (all below) includes a description of the area and also a glimpse sketches. It gives an idea of the general atmosphere that you can expect.

Teaser trailer
The first real Starfield trailer was unveiled at E3 2021. It showcased Bethesda’s realistic approach to science fiction than Outer Worlds or No Man’s Sky:

We’re shown a NASA-like spaceman exploring the rough lunar-like terrain that is surrounded by an blue-sky sky, getting ready for the take-off. We see drones, an awesome mech-like robotic, as well as the possibility of locating the “key to unlock all things.”

Into the Starfield
E3 2021 also included an additional behind-the-scenes video for Starfield known as Into the Starfield. In this video, which is less than two minutes long, Bethesda gives an overview of Starfield and what it hopes to accomplish with the game.

Announcement teaser
Apart from that we also had our first glimpse of the game at E3 2018, where we saw just a title along with a scene and an image of an unnamed world, an unnamed floating satellite (or space station) and some kind or… glowy wormhole?


Ship modification

In a recent interview with Xbox Games Showcase Extended, Bethesda’s Pete Hines touched a bit more about Starfield’s customization of ships feature.

“Every ship can be modified up to Nth degree, and not just superficially,” Hines explained. “It goes far beyond the basic shields you’ve got as well as the type of weapons you own, what type of vessel you’re building and what you would like to excel at, what compromises do you want to accept or not. Another aspect of the equation is to determine how you will achieve this? Where can I find the materials to build this?’, and ‘what type of abilities do I need for me to advance my craft beyond what I could achieve without those abilities There are lots of options. It’s up to you to choose that…all of those are part of deciding the extent to which you’d like to be involved with this and how you plan to interact with it.”

Pete Hines addresses delays

In the Xbox Games Extended showcase, Bethesda’s Pete Hines addressed the delays for the two games Starfield and Redfall and said that the delays were designed to let the teams “fully fully” the potential of the games.

“With the amount of time involved in a game it’s not wise to hurry it to the finish line when it’s not ready, Hines said. “I think we’ve constantly re-examined the way we approach games and ensuring that they’ll be able to meet the needs of players. Naturally, the past few years have tested us from a development perspective as we now work predominantly remotely and a lot of our employees aren’t at work and that’s had an impact. We’ve also been thinking about issues like releases and when we distribute them and how can we make sure that we send one out that is actually met and won’t need to alter at a later date.

“So it’s not something we take without a lot of thought, but in the final analysis, what customers expect is a top-quality game, and we’ll make every effort to give our teams opportunity to fully experience the potential of the games.”.

In search of authenticity and complete immersion
In a behind-the-scenes featurette for Starfield members of the development team of the game spoke on the ways they would like to create an immersive, realistic gaming experience. The process begins at the upper stage of the game’s RPG gameplay and ends with Todd Howard touching on “the background, the traits that define your character, the stats, and everything else.”

This also applies to NPCs and their companions who the player will engage throughout the course of play. Lead artist, Istvan Pely, said that even though Bethesda have “always let players make really unique, interesting characters” This time, they’ve “definitely significantly improved their game. The technology is based on the scanning of real-world models, which is similar to the photogrammetry that we use in our natural landscapes. We’re applying the same concept to our humans as well.”

The realism of the game is a an integral part of the experience, with Pely explaining, “it’s not just the appearance of your character and the rest is important, but we want your personal interactions with the game’s NPCs and other characters in the game to be as powerful as they can be. For that, you need believe that these are real people, that you’re an actual person and you’re interfacing with actual people.”

NASA-Punk aesthetic
Bethesda has a specific style that is in her your mind when it comes to Starfield and the look can be described as “NASA-Punk”.

According to the game’s creator, Istvan Pely, in an new Xbox newswire article(opens in a new tab) NASA-Punk is a term that was coined by the development team of Starfield “to describe a sci-fi world which is more grounded and approachable”. Pely states that the team “wanted an extremely realistic approach,” adding, “You can draw a line between modern-day technology and extend it from there to the future to make it seem plausible and understandable.”

The game’s animator in chief, Rick Vicens, explains that the concept proved extremely useful in making a visually uniform world. “What’s most interesting is how many of us have embraced that idea,” Vicens says.

“When you spoke of NASA-Punk the Art team was able to immediately take these two words and put them to work. It was the perfect word to describe our artistic direction, and keeping everyone on the same place and in a uniform style. For me, it simply clicked. From the beginning of our project, I feel this was a crucial aspect for us.”

Some environment concept art

Starfield Twitter account Starfield Twitter page has been providing regular drips of teasers for the game. The account was active in December of 2021. shared two brand new works of art that provide hints at the diverse scenarios players can encounter in the game.

The art piece illustrates a lush forest setting and a tweet that promises that “During your travels , you’ll be able to discover numerous unique settings, others lush and full of life.”

The second tweet depicts an image that is not “abundant in life” rather, the dark, deep cave in which, according to the tweet, there’s plenty to explore.

Full Mod Support

Bethesda Game Studios boss Todd Howard confirmed in an earlier Reddit AMA that despite Starfield changing to a completely new engine that was previously used in previous games and features the same support for mods that previous titles by the studio.

“Our goal is to provide all mod support as we did in the previous titles. Our mod community has been around for over 20 years. We are awestruck by the work they do and would love that they will develop careers out of it.” Howard said. Howard.

Better without PS5

Executive producer at Bethesda Todd Howard has said that the company is able to create more enjoyable games now that it’s making exclusive games to be played on Xbox as well as PC.

In an interview with The Telegraph, Howard said: “You don’t ever want to be able to exclude people isn’t it? But at the end the day, it’s your ability to concentrate and declare”This is the game I’d like to create that’s why this is the platform I would like to build it on, and being able concentrate on these platforms will result in an improved product. When you focus on these platforms, you will be able to focus on how you can make your game the best it can be on the systems you choose to use”.

Third person and first-person perspectives are available in Starfield

If you enjoy gazing at your gun’s barrel or looking at your character’s amazing new space threads, Starfield can provide the first and third person perspectives to players to play with. “First person is for us the most popular way to play. This means you are able to see the world around you and feel everything,” Todd Howard revealed in an interview to the Telegraph(opens new tab). a new tab).

Starfield will feature several planets and alien races to explore

It could be more serious method of space exploration than games like No Man’s Sky or Mass Effect however, rest assured that it will have aliens that you can engage with. What exactly they’ll be doing, Bethesda isn’t yet revealing. However, with the announcement about the possibility that the game would include Skyrim like cities and settlements across several worlds, we’re hoping we’ll see a of alien environments, too.

A game engine overhaul
Bethesda(opens in a new tab)’s Todd Howard has revealed that his partnership together with Microsoft will “led to our biggest engine upgrade since Oblivion with the latest technologies powering our first brand new IP in more than 25 years. Starfield and The Elder Scrolls 6.”

At the Develop: Brighton conference(opens in new tab), Howard gave more details about the revamped Creation Engine in a statement that it’s “a major change,” adding that “It’s been longer than we’d have preferred but it’s going drive everything we’re doing in conjunction with Starfield as well as Elder Scrolls 6. If people experience the outcomes, they’ll be as content as we are over the results on screen, and how we will make your games.”

Starfield release date release date, trailers and gameplay information about the game.