Ten Pro Tips for Playing Wreckfest.


Bugbear Entertainment is a master at racing games and Wreckfest proves it. It’s a mix of demolition derby and race around the track. There are many fun game modes that players can enjoy.

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Many players tried the game because the Winter Fest Tournament and Wreckfest were both available on Xbox Game Pass, February 18, 2021. It is a challenging racing game with a lot of depth. There are still ways to get a competitive edge, provided players know what they should do.

Updated August 3, 2022, by Borealis Kapps: Wreckfest is finally coming to Nintendo Switch. Many new players are enjoying the chaos and fun of the game on the go. It seemed sensible to update this article as many players are taking on the challenges of the game.

Smart Special Events


Because they offer very little experience, it can be easy to overlook Special Events. They are a great way to unlock unique vehicles. It’s too good to pass up the chance to ride on a school bus and crash into online players. Some events unlock new models of regular cars but they also save money over the long-term.

Learn to Play Aggressively

It’s not possible to win races if you aren’t careful about your opponents taking corners. It’s better for them to hit their tail ends and then send them flying as they make tight turns. If drivers try to be too careful, they are more likely not to make the big plays that are necessary to win.

It’s harder for players to hit players if they move faster, so get on the gas!

Smash and Crash Wisely

Although it can be tempting to speed into a head on collision with another driver, drivers who do this will have a difficult time. It is important to choose the best engagements for any given situation. T-boning cars is a good way to go, as it does not cause too much damage to the car.

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You might also consider driving in reverse only at the start of matches. It is much more difficult to drive backwards at the end of a game if a car has been severely damaged. This is why it is best to do so with many other cars in the competition. It is important to have the car’s front end intact well into matches.

Always Reach the Podium

You’re not first This silly advice from Talladega Nights also applies to Wreckfest. Each time a player is in the top three, they get various bonuses. These include new engine parts and visual upgrades.

Although it is impossible to win every match, it should be a priority because it is one of the fastest ways to improve vehicles.

Efficiently Tuned Difficulty

Many players don’t realize the importance of difficulty in determining how much experience they get. Although it can be tempting to turn ABS and traction control on, learning how to drive without them will help players go further.

If it’s too hard, players won’t win. It’s therefore important to adjust these settings to maximize rewards.

Deathmatch Vs Last Man Standing

It is usually better to pick a Deathmatch event over a Last Man Standing one when looking at events. Deathmatches are point-based and reward constant destruction, which is much easier to achieve. Last Man Standing events require a much more cautious approach and effort in order to reach the podium.

Custom Races

Sometimes, people get tired of grinding in the games and want to have enough money and experience to quickly purchase the items they need. Some custom races are able to accomplish this feat with incredible speed.

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Races can be set up where players are in their cars, but opponents are riding their motorcycles. It’s easy for them to crash if they make the difficulty Novice. To get the full race win, players can remove stability control and traction controls.

Tune Cars For Events

Although it is obvious, many players don’t know how to tune their cars for specific events. If players are being hit by a school bus, all speed won’t help!

It is important to remember that soft suspensions work better on dirt tracks, while stiff suspensions require stiff suspensions. Customized cars win

Upgrade Appropriately

A race in which speed is paramount is not the same as putting on tons of armor. Players need to ensure that their cars are properly maintained for each event, just like tuning-ups. It will make a huge difference on the track if you spend some time in the shop.

Complete the Bonus Challenges

Players can quickly earn experience by completing all bonus challenges. Players will have more fun at the track if they can reduce the time it takes to unlock parts and cars.

These could be anything, from driving for a set number of laps or making other cars spin out. These challenges can be made easier by customizing your car.


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