The 13 most dangerous types of Video Game Zombie, List of 2023

Video Game Zombie | You shouldn’t be around any kind of zombies, but those are especially dangerous.

When you’ve been playing video games for longer than a couple of minutes, you’ve likely have encountered any sort or zombie. A feature in the genre, zombies pop in every genre from horror to fantasy and come in a variety of kinds. Slow, fast, intelligent or dumb — it doesn’t matter what you’re searching at, the video game come with zombies just waiting to devour you, or even shoot you at times.

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What is the most dangerous kind of zombie? What types of undead are most difficult to kill, the most difficult for survival, as well as the best in spreading their virus of their choice?

Last updated February 21st, 2022. by Ben Jessey. It’s safe to declare that zombies are among of the most frequently encountered enemies in the history of video games. They’re often associated with movies of horror However, they’ve also appeared in RPGs and shooters. But there are many undead hordes, and not all are alike.

The days of zombies were thought to be inscrutable, slow-moving creatures that had the desire for brains. They now are available in all forms and sizes with distinct characteristics. In the initial versions of this guide we offered the ten most dangerous varieties of zombies you’ve ever encountered within video games. We’ve updated the list to include some additional terrifying versions.

Zekes World War Z

Video Game Zombie

The Zekes of World War Z are a obvious example of something that is greater than its components. As a stand-alone thing an individual Zeke is a fairly easy target to defeat. However, when they’re grouped together they’re extremely dangerous. And it’s just so that the fast and dangerous zombies are rarely seen alone. In reality, they typically strike in large number.

In the course of the course of the game, there are numerous groups trying to get their targets. If you aren’t able to eliminate their numbers prior to them getting to you, there’s a chance you’ll be in trouble.

Freaks – State Of Decay Series

In the State Of Decay, anytime someone dies and buried, they’re gone forever. Thus, every venture outside of your base is a risk. The risk increases when Freaks are roaming about. This is the name that’s given to the game’s kinds of zombies.

Then there are SWAT Zombies, Army Zombies Screamers, Juggernauts Bloaters, SWAT Zombies, and Ferals. They are all more dangerous than any other person in the zombie hoard. Additionally, some have special abilities to make them more dangerous.

Blighters – ZombiU (AKA, Zombi)

ZombiU’s Blighters that are common to the genre fall in the more conventional zombie category. They move around in search of meat, but they’re not particularly clever. However, they’re much more dangerous than they sound, as these animals could kill you in a flash.

It only takes one bite to join the undead group of undead. Thus, every interaction with them is quite frightening. This isn’t just the standard kinds – there are specific blighters which are more a hassle.

Wasp Zombies – Dead Rising

The primary antagonist within the Capcom’s Dead Rising series the Wasp Zombies are the classic horde monsters. Infected with modified insects, wasp zombies are slow and unintelligent and are more fragile than the human, for the most part.

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At the night, zombies receive an extra boost, becoming extremely strong and combative. Even in the daytime their wounds will not heal or clot until you’re immune. It’s the death of thousands of cuts, which is a bad news considering there are thousands. The disease destroyed Willamette town, which is home to more than 50,000 people, in less than 72 hours. They’re certainly dangers, but they also encounter the best of the most effective zombie game survivors of all time. This means that their rate of success in the killing of their targets isn’t as high as it could be.

Ganados – Resident Evil 4

Although the more recent Resident Evil games tend to focus more on mutants and monsters, Ganados prove that you are still able to have your parasite cake that is undead and get eaten as well. As victims from the Plaga parasite and the Ganados are much less infected than other types of zombies because they don’t transmit the virus via the bites or particles. However, when compared with their T-Virus cousins undead are just regular Einsteins.

Ganados can make use of crossbows, tools, as well as heavy guns and frequently show the ability to talk. They’re also highly adaptablehit them with a shot with a head shot and you’ll be met with the dreadful, tentacle-shaped surprise that will be chasing you for causing trouble. Thus, despite their low popularity and general squishiness the Ganados can still make you reconsider the thought of a Spanish holiday.

T-Virus Zombies – Resident Evil

The original videogame zombie T-Virus zombies first appeared in the year 1996’s Resident Evil and have been infuriating players for years. In general, they’re slow and ineffective however the threat lies within their resilience and their infectiousness. One bite or scratch from a T-Zombie could be enough to end your life and spread the disease like wildfire. Take a look at Raccoon City.

While they’re not exactly fast targets T-Zombies are able to endure a beating. They’re able to take a beating from the most powerful weapons in the game as well as take several headshots. If you don’t put the fire to them when you’re done with them, they’ll come back for a second time, as fast-moving nightmares dubbed Crimson Heads. They may perhaps not have the highest-risk of deadly undead however, T-Virus zombies remain one of the most dangerous zombies that exist after running around for over 25 years.

Volatiles Dying Light

The zombie’s spawn and a parkour expert there’s no escape from Dying Light’s Volatiles. These guys are quick and agile, and are adept at climbing barriers and climb over obstacles like no other. They’re also able to absorb the damage like no one else and are almost protected from falling from high places. You think you’re secure at a distance? Beware. Volatiles can release deadly acid when they don’t get to you.

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However, Volatiles have one huge flaw: they’re extremely vulnerable to ultraviolet radiation. As soon as the sun goes out, they’ll avoid any prey they encounter until they’ve moved to the shade, and an appropriate flashlight can be enough to cause them to flee. They Volatiles can be a nightmare that’s made real and only for 12 hours every day.

The Infected 4 Dead Series 4 Dead Series

A major problem for co-op gamers all over the world, Left 4 Dead’s infected suffer from the ravaging rabies-like virus known as Green Flu. The highly infectious disease is an apocalypse-level occurrence which means that there are more the same as those in Dead Rising or Resident Evil counterparts, and they are swift..

The Infected can be seen running in groups at full speed, though the majority of them aren’t able to hold up to continuous shooting, even if there’s no headshot. But, all the special variations can increase their danger level. From nigh-insurmountable tanks to explosion-prone Boomers, The Infected have many ways to make your day miserable. The majority of them may not be particularly tough or clever, but unless you have lots in ammunition may be better off to just sit down and hope for the possibility of a helicopter.

The Undead Plants Vs Zombies

Zombies are usually seen in the form of dystopian hellscapes, nightmare scenes and horrific horror. However, that’s not the case for The Undead from Plants against Zombies. But, they’re just as deadly as they get despite being animated in technicolor. These animated rascals can be clever.

They are able to plan for themselves, defend themselves and even employ complex tools. In their search for human brains, they’ll try pole-vaulting digging mines, or even train dolphins to obtain what they require. A few of them are huge beasts, while others even wear mech suits of gigantic size. In addition, since they’re reanimated corpses instead of living infected people There are millions of them in graveyards waiting to increase their numbers. They could be even more effective without a certain vulnerability to weaponsized seeds and corn cobs.

Cordyceps Zombies the Last of Us

Victims of a fatal fungal illness known as Cordyceps Brain Infection. These monsters of the mushroom come in many varieties with each one more terrifying than the one before. These include the spore-spewing Shamblers and highly armored Bloaters, as well as the terrifyingly frightening Clickers. They’re extremely fast and aggressive The longer they’re active, more durable and bulletproof they become.

Many Cordyceps Zombie use echolocation to locate their prey, and in particular Clickers which means that even if they can’t be able to see them, they will be able to see them. CBI is extremely transmissible and is spread throughout the air via spores which means they’re to their advantage in a significant way. Their biggest flaw can be found in fire. However, it’s a challenge to get one working in the event that fifty of them are pounding down on you in a dark room. Fungal, definitely, but fun? Absolutely nothing else.

Reaper Soldiers – Mass Effect Series

In Bioware’s Mass Effectseries, these horrific robo-zombies appear to be the result of dead bodies being transformed into cybernetic undead through Reaper nanotechnology. Every alien species has different varieties that range from the fast-paced Human Husks to armored , regenerating Cannibals and the supernaturally-powered Asari Banshees. Every single one of them is not good news.

In the first days of an Reaper attack, you can expect to see thousands of Husks and more are to come. They are able to shoot from afar, climb across the walls to enter your house, or just rip your head off by using their minds, based on the fate you’re in. They are all psychically linked with the Reaper masters, which allows them to use sophisticated tactics for attack. Their flexibility and ability to plan make them among the most dangerous zombies on the planet.

Necromorphs – Dead Space

A distinct meaty taste of the space zombie. Necromorphs were terrorizing gamers since their debut in the 2008 game Dead Space. The Necromorphs are spread through pathogens and transform their dead hosts more quickly than the majority of. The result is that their numbers grow rapidly, as shown in Dead Space 2 when they take over a city in just a single night.

A single Necromorph isn’t anything to laugh at, neither. They sport claws and teeth that slice through flesh and armor like butter, in addition to incredible mobility. It takes more than a single shot to kill these mutants and completely dismember them is the only choice. If that wasn’t enough, they could create massive fleshy masses that are nearly invulnerable to conventional weapons. It’s not much more than Necromorphs.

The Flood Halo Series Halo Series

The zombies were so deadly that other creatures required the development of weapons to kill galaxy to stop them from spreading. Halo’s Flood is an infectious superorganism that infects and conquers whole planets at once changing people into soldiers while taking in their abilities.

The highly infectious Flood parasite can infect the entire space station in just hours Its zombies keep the muscle memory required to utilize advanced weapons. Flood zombies are extremely mobile, extremely strong, and have the ability to utilize the defenses and armor they had in their previous lives. In other words, they’re an absolute challenge to defeat. There’s no cure to the Flood disease and the natural immunity is at the price of a deadly nerve disorder. The majority of zombies pose an affliction to entire planets or galaxies, but The Flood are a threat to all the universe.