The 14 Best Meta Video Games, Rated

Meta Video Games

Meta video games can be a thrilling, mind-bending, and fun experience that break the fourth barrier. Here are a few of the most popular titles within this genre.

The games are known to be awe-inspiring for players by going meta. To make it easier for the novice gamers “going meta” implies acknowledging the nature of their game as video games. The examples for “going meta” may include breaking through the fourth wall by discussing their own game mechanics, as well as acknowledging their roles as characters in the story. While they sound like normal initially games that manage to go meta become wildly entertaining experiences.

As is the case with other media games, games with “full meta” will not be a shock to the majority of players. For games that undergo a meta-level, few will give players a thrilling experience. People looking for a game that alters the way they play will find a few titles that fall into very distinct genres.

The last update was on March 21, 2022 from Rhenn Taguiam: Typically, video games are made to tell a specific self-contained narrative, allowing players to be immersed in their world that is separate from the real world. But, there are some instances where video games take a step beyond their normal game play to become meta , either directly communicating with the player, or divulging that they’re, in fact playing an actual video game. Apart from some contemporary gems being deemed to be meta because they are an escapist gimmick, some fourth-wall-breaking games that are older consoles, like the NES have been pondering the idea of being “meta” too.

14/14 StarTropics (Nintendo Entertainment System)

Meta Video Games

As one of the overlooked gems of the Nintendo Entertainment System, StarTropicstells the story of Mike Jones, a high school student from Seattle who visits his archeologist father the Dr. Steven Jones on the fictional C-Island. However, the trouble begins when Mike finds out the fact that his uncle is not gone however, he’s also being abducted by aliens. It’s the responsibility of Mike and his trusted yo-yo his uncle, all while fighting monsters and a variety of strange allies like dolphins and parrots that talk.

The place where things become a bit more meta is in the packaging. StarTropicscomes packed with a note that provides the plot’s happenings. But, it’s important to not discard the letter because it’s relevant to the story. In the course of the narrative, the game prompts participants to immerse the letter in water and reveal the secret code. The later releases will have the code contained in the manual.

13/14 The Mother Series (Various)

The best approach for an game to break through the fourth wall , is for it to be totally philosophical. And this could be the most important aspect to be found in this game series. motherseries. The story is told through a trilogy of game titles, this motherseries provides an odd story set in the present day. The games feature a range of protagonists in various towns as they attempt to deal with supernatural issues using a combination of modern-day weapons and psychic abilities.

The series appears as if players play an RPG however, each of the finales set players for a shock. In the second game that boss’s dying animation appears similar to a TV screen shutting off after showing static – as if it’s only the player’s external influence that will beat the evil. In the third game it’s stated that actions taken by a supreme entity will determine the fate of the universe and the conclusion implying that it’s the person who is the ultimate being.

12-14 Spec Operation: The Line (PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Linux, MacOS)

In its simplest form, Spec Ops Line Lineseems similar to every other shooter for military and the main character beginning as a patriotic American soldier who is tasked to protect his country from various dangers. The game, however, starts becoming more complex as the story unfolds. The Line the Linedepicts the tale of the way in which Delta Force, an Elite Delta Force was tasked to enter a war-torn Dubai following an incredibly destructive storm.

Apart from the many options for endings, the makers of the game Spec Opswanted players to witness some of the most terrifying situations that could occur in actual wartime events. In the end, some of the scenes in the game are like they are staged, repetitive and very violent. This is apparent when the loading screens state the type of player or even the player is “enjoying” the experience.

11/14 Pony island (PC, MacOS, Linux)

It’s not unusual that video games be played as games within games for instance, Pony Islandis one of those experiences. Players play the part as an arcade player in the game “Pony Island.” As time passes, however they’ll be able to see cracks in the code , which allow players to manipulate the game itself, then realize that it was all happening within the mechanisms in the game. In the next moment, a devil-like creature is also arousing the player to play the game which has a variety of consequences that follow.

At some moment, Pony Islandwill trigger some “files” within the player’s system to play around with the system. Certain instances of the game may even interfere with the player through their Steam Interface, making it appear as if characters from the game were trying to contact players directly. The only method to stop this nonsense is to defeat the game. It’s more difficult to achieve than it is.

10/14 Doki Doki Literary Club! (PC, Linux, OS X)

Spoiler Alert! Anyone who’s ever looked for a novel that you can visually play has probably heard of the famous Doki Doki Literature Club! It’s true that this game has an engaging and appealing design that’s typical of a relationship simulator. The game, however, is slowly discovers its true character which is that it’s a psychological horror with its own unique method of frightening players.

Additionally, the meta-aspect in Doki Doki Literature Club! occurs throughout its story. The players will soon discover that each character can take down the fourth wall. Particularly one character could interfere with the game’s files.

9/14 Bravely Second: The End of the Layer (Nintendo 3DS)

Spoiler Alert! Following the success of Bravely Default, Bravely Second requires players to manage an assortment of new characters as they travel through Luxendarc. As an RPG developed by the makers of Final Fantasy, Bravely Second has an extensive Job System and a unique version of the medieval fantasy genre.

Perhaps, things will go insane by the time players have reached the conclusion in the adventure. The main antagonist is actually trying to erase the Save File of the player! With the help of a different character, the player gains enough power to take on The Big Boss and achieve a satisfactory conclusion.

8/14 OneShot (PC, MacOS, Linux)

Indie fans will remember fondly OneShot for its captivating version of its metafictional aspects. In the simplest sense, the game transports the player and character Niko to a place without sunshine. They must work together to take on the task of replacing the sun, which is a light bulb, which is on the top of a tower.

In contrast to other meta-games OneShotnaturally integrates the meta-game into its game mechanics. Players must overcome the game’s challenges typically by playing around with the OS in the background of the game. In addition, many game elements recognize the presence of the player and separate of Niko as an individual.

7/14 The Magic Circle (PC, OS X, Linux, PS4, Xbox One)

What better example of the concept of a meta-game, than one that is built on the concept of being meta? The Magic Circle the game The Magic Circle, players assume the role of a quality assurance tester who must help the development team finish the game and then bring it back from the void. While doing so, a malicious AI will instruct players on everything they need to know about manipulating the game to favor their side.

Apart from being meta at initial play, the gameplay is mostly a an sandbox. Game elements can be manipulated by players to alter them, or even assume their roles. They can be handed over to other elements to complete many tasks. In contrast to other games, these tiny elements are a major factor in the final outcome of the game – an aspect that could encourage players to play the whole game in its entirety.

6/14 Undertale (PC, OS X, Linux, PS4, PS Vita, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch)

Warning! Spoiler alert! Gamers who played Undertale already know about the acclaim it received from critics. But, those who love the game will always remember the meta-game mechanic that involved save files itself. In the end, Undertale lets players store and load their files on their preferences. However, the characters in the game also have the ability to keep track of the time when players saved or reloaded files.

In reality the save mechanic could alter the way players take on NPCs and bosses. Additionally, certain characters may make use of save files in various ways, including the final boss who can make use of save slots to defeat the player.

5/14 Disgaea (Various Platforms)

The most exciting aspect of the game’s premise and gameplay Disgaea is its actively breaking through the fourth wall. The thing is unlike other games, Disgaea does not necessarily provide “going” meta unique it’s more of a feature that is incorporated in its world. It takes place in the Underworld every disgaea game will have the protagonist going toe-to toe with a massive supernatural threat.

Fortunately it is possible for players to get over the top in terms of character development. In the end, the game allows players to play hundreds of levels, endless “regrowth” by using Reincarnation as well as the dungeons of objects. Furthermore, even the characters themselves recognize their place in video games. The characters frequently reference their role, their roles, as well as the reality that games’ stories are both humorous and serious.

4/14 Deadpool (PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

Of course the list of video games that went meta wouldn’t suffice without The Merc That Has The Mouth himself. Comics fans are aware Deadpoolas possibly the most funny Marvel Comics characters because of his capacity to break through the fourth wall. Fans who have played the video game soon realize his amazing ability to humbly interact with readers was also evident.

The Deadpoolgame is about Deadpool and his dream to create an online game that he can own. This desire will eventually result in Deadpool fighting toe-to toe with different mercenaries and challenging the creators who run High Moon Studios – as in, the creators of the game himself. As it’s an Deadpoolgame and it’s full of other references too. The Deadpool voices interact with each other as well as the player, and humorous self-referenced quips that come from different areas in the gameplay.

3-14 The Stanley Parable (PC, OS X, Linux)

Anyone who has played the Stanley Parable might be a bit confused by the game when they first try it. It is true that It’s the Stanley Parable is less an exploration game, and more of an interactive strolling simulator. But, the suspense and excitement of its incredibly simple premise is more than enough to make players think about the game throughout the course of the game.

In the end players have to direct Stanley when a baffling incident occurs within his workplace. With the help of Narrator, players are able to guide Stanley to accomplish various tasks. There’s also the possibility for not to follow Narrator , much to the displeasure of the players. The choice of following or not following the Narrator’s instructions can significantly alter the narrative. The narrative consequences of these choices have earned applause from many players.

2-14 The Beginner’s Guide (PC, OS X, Linux)

The fans who love the Stanley Parablemay want to give The Beginner’s Guidea try. The game, by the same author Davey Wreden, is an interactive story-telling title that has an ambiguous plot. Its core concept is that The Beginner’s Handbooke is an “collection” of games that are not complete that players must play in first player. Wreden invites players to investigate the games in order to comprehend their creator, who is named Coda.

Contrary to other titles the Beginner’s Guide does not include player deaths or “wrong” options. Instead, Wreden attempts to guide the players through narration and encourages them discover the game in their own ways. As such, even its ending remains ambiguous. However, plenty of critics and gamers have expressed their opinions about their various opinions about The Beginner’s Guide.

1/14 Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem (GameCube)

Despite its mediocre commercial performance, Eternal Darkness Sanity’s Requiem is certainly an extremely captivating game of psychological terror to hit the market. Apart from that, Eternal Darkness connects its storyline perfectly to the terrifyingly incomprehensible creatures that are able to be. The game flits between four different locations and timelines, its main goal is to stop an entity that wants to take over humanity.The game will certainly involve players experiencing hallucinations. But, the game puts players in danger that they have created. The game may “pretend” to alter the save files, muffle without motive, or display fake blue screens of death.