The 3 best heroes to counter Gusion in Mobile Legends

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Since his debut just four years ago Gusion remains popular among the mains of assassins for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. He’s fast, has high burst damage and is fun to play once you master the intricate and rewarding combinations.

A seasoned Gusion player is extremely difficult to defeat during the match. It’s almost always a no-cost kill when he strikes your opponent by using Sword Spike, no matter which side you’re on at the moment on the map. The speedy sprints and teleports can create a mess to handle, particularly when the team has weak to no skills in crowd-control.

The 3 best heroes to counter Gusion in Mobile Legends

There are two methods to defeat Gusion. You either break his combo or you have the ability to become immune for a limited time when fighting with a team. There are three heroes who will be able to defeat against Holy Blade in the Land of Dawn.

3 Counters for Gusion are available in Mobile Legends


Ruby is the nightmare of every Gusion mains. She can ruin all his moves by using her second weapon Don’t run Wolf King! that has a cooldown of seven seconds which makes it nearly impossible to blow her up during team fights.

Her passive lets her run after every ability, and can be used to protect herself from getting struck by Sword Spike. It’s crucial to go to Athena’s Shield to limit the damage caused by Gusion during the initial game. Oracle or Immortality are excellent item alternatives if Holy Blade is far ahead in the game.


If there’s an assassin who’s faster than Gusion and Gusion, it’s Hayabusa. The thing that makes him a great counter is his second ability, Ninjutsu: Quad Shadow that lets him blink several times over the entire area for several minutes.

Hitting Sword Spike when Ninjutsu: Quad Shadow is in play is hard. If Hayabusa succeeds in hitting this skill successfully, then he could trigger Ougi Shadow Kill to become invulnerable and also deal damage simultaneously.

In the end, it’s suggested that you try Hayabusa first in the classic version to get a clearer understanding of the way to play Ninjutsu: Quad Shadow. Once you’ve got this done playing assassin heroes in the battle against Holy Blade will be a easy task.


Minsitthar may not be a well-known fighter for a long time in the present, but Minsitthar’s skills are ideal against heroes that have lots of blinks and flashes. The ultimate of his is King’s Calling. It is a massive area that surrounds Minsitthar that blocks the ability to blink in a directional manner.

This alone can keep Gusion from making use of Sword Spike or his ultimate, Incandescence, rendering him ineffective in team fights, in the event that he is not removed from the area of impact.

It’s crucial to remain close to the mage or marksman during team fights to prevent from the Holy Blade from bursting them down. When a mage is using Sword Spike and dashes toward you or your partner use King’s Calling in order to stop his attack. Then follow it up by using Shield Assault to stun him in his place, as your teammates deliver the death blow.

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