The best gamers for Xbox Series X and S 2022: The best shooting games

Xbox Series X and S 2022

Xbox Series X and S

The Xbox Series X and S continue to follow in that tradition with a broad selection of top-quality shooters, some are next-gen compatible, but also offer a massive selection of backward-compatible older games that you can play. These are the top choices.

Which are the top shooting options that you can play on Xbox Series X and S?

Halo Infinite

The most recent Halo game takes the series into the present with a more fluid design and an open-world map to explore at your own speed as you progress through the game’s campaign. It’s returning to the basics of the series in a positive way.


With the multiplayer part of the game accessible to play for free, it’s definitely the best game the series has been able to provide for quite a while it’s definitely worth a try with Xbox Series X or S owners.

Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil may be a horror-themed franchise however, it has historically had a good amount of shooting action and the same is true for Village. While you’ll spend the majority of your time running from terrifying monsters of all types, you’ll often be capable of shooting back.

There are certain scenes in the game that will be remembered for an extremely long time, which is an indication of how insane it is in some locations. The action is characterized by the form of peaks and troughs and we’re convinced that it’s an excellent new chapter in the series.

Hitman 3

The revived Hitman series has been a real treat in the past couple of years, culminating in the excellent third installment. It features more challenging levels that you can explore in order to eliminate your targets as quickly and as secretly as you can.

With some truly terrifying ways to explore and places that are stunning at times, it’s a place that encourages creativity and innovative ideas. A great choice for anyone who is looking for a more cerebral shooter.

Sniper Elite 5

If you’re looking for a bit more shooting to enhance your stealthy, Sniper Elite 5 is a perfect companion for Hitman 3, with similarly intricate levels that are revealed as you move through them while completing a series of shady objectives. The main point of the game is sniping. And it’s back in full force with long-range kill shots and the most powerful X-ray camera to date for players who enjoy a bit of gore when they play.

It’s not necessarily the most glamorous game on the list but Sniper Elite 5 is a testament to the way a series can change over time if an organization takes care to gradually improve it through iteration.


A shooter that will provide more than guns at its time, Control is a brilliant adrenaline-filled adventure that lets you explore the ethereal government building that is under the sway of an eerie emergency.

The weapon will transform into a shape to defend yourself against the encroaching adversaries but the true star of the show is the abilities you’ll gain in time, starting with telekinesis and eventually flight.

Doom Eternal

When Bethesda revived Doom in the year 2016 we weren’t aware of the magnitude of success it could have been. The sequel to the reboot points to the series’ status in the top tier of top shooter choices available today.

It’s brutally fast and slashing It builds on the fantastic foundation laid by the first game, but with various new options for combat and enemy types that can be extremely challenging if you do not change your tactics to match their strengths and weaknesses.

Rainbow Six Siege

If you’re looking for a multiplayer shooter, where each decision you make can make a difference in the success or the failure of your group, Siege might be the ideal option for you. It’s a great team shooting game.

You’ll be fighting well-equipped adversaries to free hostages, destroy bombs, and much more. You can choose from a variety of players who have unique skills. The level of skill is extremely high and getting started is difficult, but it’s worth the effort.

Metal: Hellsinger

A shooter with a twist, Metal: Hellinger has you struggling to keep your beat while shooting to a pulsing rocking soundtrack featuring metal music. It’s an absolute blast and perfect for leaderboards.

Additionally, it’s different from everything other on this list due to its emphasis on rhythm and timing and a feeling that’s new. It’s not easy to follow however, you’re not doing it to be a narrator anyway. The best part is that it’s available on Game Pass!

Metro Exodus

Third Metro Game is a thought-provoking and interesting addition to the series. It lets players loose in more expansive areas than ever before in order to allow you to explore the game according to your own style to a certain extent. There are a variety of sights to see also, as you take a train ride of a game.

The shooting remains tense and tense The sound design is still tight, making it an intense experience and one that shooters will likely experience plenty of fun with.

Gears 5

Gears 5 – Standard Edition – Xbox One Gears is a classic Xbox franchise. While the game’s last version was released a while prior to when it was released when the Series X and Series S were released, it’s now beautifully enhanced to work with the new hardware. This means that you’ll be able to benefit from higher resolutions and 120Hz gaming if your display supports it.

If you’re looking for a game that has an exciting multiplayer experience it’s an excellent choice that fans will appreciate as well as the fact that the game’s main campaigns and additional DLCs also provide an absolute blast to play. Again, they allow you to play in more open spaces, showing that fashion trends are going to be around for a while.

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