The best Halo Infinite controller settings: the button presets, sensitivity and the field of view

Halo Infinite controller settings

Modify the Halo Infinite controller settings for the most optimal gaming experience.

If you have the correct Halo Infinite controller settings, you’ll be unstoppable.

The multiplayer mode of the game isnot, in general, the easiest to get grasp. This is particularly true when you’re not using the correct settings for your controller. These defaults are your only solution to making you experience your Halo Infinite experience that much more challenging, thanks to the game’s greater ‘time-to-kill ratio – compared to games like Call of Duty or Battlefield 2042, every shot counts. With the vast array of guns to get familiar with it’s important to smooth out your learning curve by making sure your settings don’t hold you from dealing with these firearms.

You can overcome this issue by going into Halo Infinite’s powerful control settings to figure out an appropriate control scheme that is suitable for your needs and gives you an excellent starting point. Personal preferences dictate that there is no absolute ‘best setting’ obviously, but some experimentation can boost your chances.

If you’re loading into the game your first time there are a few basic tweaks to your control that you can do, and several useful presets that can simplify the process. We’ve provided some suggestions on the best Halo Infinite controller settings you need to consider. using them, you could see yourself moving up the ranking system quicker than you’ve ever.

How do you adjust to your Halo Infinite controller settings


To modify the Halo Infinite controller settings, go into the menu, and just hit the Menu or Start button on your controller to launch your Control Panel.

On this page, the first option is ‘Settings in which you’ll be able alter the settings of your controller based on our suggestions, as well as to suit your personal preferences. You can alter the layout of both controllers and keyboard settings, such as selecting from various settings, altering the sensitivity of your analog stick as well as individual button input settings.

Audio, video along with UI settings can be changed here. an array of accessibility options makes Halo Infinite more accommodating for users with hearing or vision limitations.


Halo Infinite has a suite of button presets that are suitable for controller users and Southpaw alternatives for those who play lefthanded. The majority of the button presets included within the Settings menu may offer benefits over the default system depending on how you prefer to play.

For instance for example, for instance, the Button Puncher preset switches the crouch and melee buttons, which is useful if you’re at risk of accidentally hitting the right stick that would otherwise cause you to be locked into your melee motion. In addition the Recon preset allows reloading of the left shoulder by default. This is a great option if you wish to ensure that your thumb is not occupied by the camera while activating the Reload.

The preset we’ve had most success with (not to not forget the one we’ve had most enjoyment with) It’s Bumper Jumper. The preset does exactly what it states on the tin. Jumping is now linked on the left shoulder rather than the “A” button and grenades can now be released by using that left trigger.

The most important aspect that is essential to Halo Infinite is movement, and the ability in keeping your opponents in suspense. By shifting the input onto the shoulder buttons on left means that you don’t need to take the right hand off of the stick to leap, which allows you to retain the precision that you would have lost pressing “A” in the default control system.

There is an “A” button is used to sprint, whereas using the left shoulder lets you execute melee attacks. Additionally, zooming can be enabled by pressing on the left stick similar to like it was in several of the earlier Halo games. It will take some time to get familiar with if you’re comfortable to Halo Infinite’s default controls and once it’s activated it, you may find yourself winning key 1 vs. 1 matches that you would have otherwise missed.

If the controls techniques that you’ve seen in Battlefield 2042 or Call of Duty instilled into your memory it is possible to alter your Halo Infinite controller settings to more closely align with these two games If that’s what you’d like to do.


One controversial change in the Bumper Jumper control system is that reloading happens at the “B” button. This may seem odd to those who’ve played many shooters, where the reload button is normally located in that “X” button to the left. The default Bumper Jumper settings place the equipment use in “X.” This applies to other auxiliary items such as activating Overshields or the Grappleshot.

If you’re playing Bumper and Jumper as well as another entirely you’ll be able to easily set the individual buttons to your preferences. Scroll towards the bottom of the Controller submenu to see the buttons available for each option in the game, whether on the ground or in one of Halo Infinite’s numerous vehicles.

This is where you can swiftly and effortlessly switch inputs by selecting the preferred input (e.g. zoom, reload or throw grenade and so on.) and then clicking the appropriate button that you would like to activate the input. This will let you move certain commands, such as loading, back to the more familiar buttons when you want to.


It’s possible that you’ll find Halo Infinite’s default sensitivity to look somewhat too slow. This isn’t ideal, since anyone who has their eyes on their opponent first will have an immediate advantage in many battles. The default settings for the look sensitivity is 2, which is somewhat too slow for us. We found that 3 was the perfect middle ground between quick camera movements and being able to focus.

There’s a tradeoff you need to be considered but. A higher sensitivity can let you react faster and turn than a lower sensitivity however, you’ll be hampered during long-range events where tiny changes to the analog stick are needed.

A lower sensitivity makes it easier to track your target, but it makes you vulnerable to attacks from behind. There is no correct or incorrect level of sensitivity, so try out different ones to see what is the best for you. It’s advisable to gradually increase or decrease the sensitivity of your body as time passes rather than making large abrupt adjustments.

The sensitivity for each zoom level can also be altered by setting. This controls the speed that the camera is moving as you aim down your sights. The options are 1.4x, 2.5x, 3.0x, 5.0x, 6.0x, and 10.0x each of which are available on all kinds of guns that permit zooming in or aiming down.

To get the highest zoom levels, you may prefer a setting of sensitivity that is to be a little on the slow side. This is a great option when playing on the bigger Big Team Battle maps if you prefer to play as an shooter. A steady, slower sensitivity can assist you with the headshots from a distance much better.

The players can also alter the sensitivity of deadzones and make smaller tweaks that could make a huge difference in the way Halo Infinite feels to play. But, most players will benefit from choosing a level of sensitivity they feel comfortable with and the correct button layout.


This isn’t an actual Halo Infinite controller setting, however, it’s an additional tip that can assist you in boosting your game. Expanding your game’s area of vision (or FOV, for short) could make a difference in a heated Halo Infinite multiplayer matches. To increase it, go to the Video submenu under Settings.

Its default angle is 78 degrees which is the character’s field of view. The view that defaults to you is rather narrow you’ll be able to see more of the action that’s on your screen by adjusting the slider for field of vision just a little.

You can increase your field of view anything between 90 to 100 degrees, which is the most popular setting. This can push the foreground further away which will allow for a larger and more expansive viewing area from your viewpoint.

There are a few things to be aware of however. A higher FOV can result in a sporadic performance decrease (though this shouldn’t occur on each Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S). The worst part is that the greater FOVs aren’t suitable if you’re suffering from motion sickness. Wide viewing angles could cause a distortion or fishbowl-like effect on the screen, which isn’t very real or attractive.

A narrower field of view will help with these issues, but it can mean that less than your vision’s peripheral apparent. A wider FOV can enable you to see enemies earlier, and in general increase your awareness of the surrounding. Try out a few different angles to see the best solution for you.

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If you’re looking for the most customized options available then it’s worth purchasing a professional controller, such as that of the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2. With locks for hair triggers, the possibility of adjusting the stick’s tension, and the back buttons that you will never have to actually use the face buttons, and you can also use your weapon faster.

Its Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 is just one of the alternatives available which can give you a an advantage over your rivals and can help solve some of the issues gamers face with regard to remapping buttons. However, its cost means that it’ll be a costly purchase for the majority of people.