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The BROKEN MOON | Hello Hello, I’m Randolph Stayer, Principal Level Designer for Broken Moon, the fifth map of Apex Legends(tm).


Broken Moon is a terraforming project that was commissioned through the Cleo Recovery Council, as in the aftermath of the devastating meteor strike that took place in 2708. With the help of Boreas Science Division, the moon was a living environment in 2715. To further finance colonization The government signed an agreement together with Syndicate in order to introduce the Apex Olympics to moon. Broken Moon is similar in dimensions as World’s Edge and features a diverse terrain that is that is, both alien and borderline-like. Locations vary from gorgeous gardens, to a massive earth-forming machine, or an unclean wharf. Let’s take a look at the place breakdown.


An efficient, consistent method of moving from one place to the next and efficiently outrun the Ring These rails are set in predetermined pathways to speedily transfer from one location in one direction to another. It is possible for players to complete challenging turns and be within the boundaries of some of the more prominent landmarks. When you ride the rails, you’ll have the same features that you can enjoy as zip lines, but with more speed and speed.


The moon is filled with big POIs that provide safe landing areas for several squads, which allows plenty of time to shop before firing the initial shots. Zip Rails also offer an effective way to close the gap fast or getting out of an unwise scenario.


The structure was designed to keep Moon’s dying to prevent the moon from dying, to prevent the moon from dying, Terraformer is a huge symmetrical structure, which is located off the center on the maps. It’s an “king-of-the-hill” drop zone that has loot all over it, and can accommodate up to four teams, with comfortable landing areas. The central location of power could be utilized to protect effectively from within the walls, however there are methods to penetrate and take the team out of force.


A space that is completely symmetrical, that has a honeypot in the center for loot and treasure, the Stasis Net Array area provides numerous options to escape or surround the main structure, or to retreat and fight. The particle beam that emanates from this area is what keeps moon debris from falling into Boreas and also Moon itself.


In the course of time over time, it has become apparent that the Atmostations are creating a cool environment on Cleo. The research buildings on the left and right provide places for players to loot as well as take on the tower’s structure. Go through the narrow bridge or ride your Zip Rails up to the summit. The nearby water silos could be a better option in the event of excessive heat elsewhere.


As the sole source for power on the moon this vast region is the perfect place for big combats as well as multiple landings. The Core is the main source of power however, it could very easily get attacked. The turbine’s uplift below, as well as the adjacent Zip Rails could provide unique escape methods.


A densely packed collection of circular structures that have playable roofs There are numerous opportunities to play vertical flanking with hidden healing spots in Bionomics. The original purpose of the facility was to study the strange fauna Some regrowth experiments is found in the abandoned areas.


The Divide is a place of houses on the vertical side that is packed with treasure, separated from each other by bridges and linked to each other by Zip Rails. It was among the first towns to be discovered on Cleo however it was later split due to the constant instability at the Moon. It’s a fast-paced and high-energy area where a good grasp of Zip Rails can lead to an immediate victory.


The first moon landing. Alpha Base’s moon-filled lunar structures are within a massive moon-crater. Walls on the exterior keep the fights at bay, while the cramped inner spaces demand a huge commitment.


A vast , open area which serves as a memorial of the tragic incident in Boreas, Eternal Gardens is the home of a vast field of flowers as well as trenches. It is home to a central tower which houses the sole Jump Tower on the moon. The idea behind it is to use it as a way of celebration, it’s also a clever method to move around to fight or move into a different zone.


A symmetrical space designed to combat mid-range and linked with bridges as well as a Zip Rail, the parallel structures of Breaker Wharf is packed with many layers of verticality as well as the capability to move between them. With Zip Rails added to the mix It’s also a simple method to move to a different POI.


Production Yard is a different large place on the map that has a bullseye landing pad and two landings adjacent to the entire length of this T-shaped structure. There’s plenty of loot hidden in the corridors and a central honeypot for you to battle over.


The huge POI has a split central hub, separated by two long arms stuffed with loot. There are landing spaces for four teams. The built-in Zip Rails at the Foundry let players quickly move across the main hub, or move back to a position for a fight. This is where ferrofluid gets refined and is used to patch areas of the moon in order to prevent any further degradation.


The asymmetrical area can be divided with a small bridge that also serves as a funnel to allow rotating between two parts that comprise Dry Gulch. The gulch is characterized by rapid, multilayered battles that are tight-packed internal spaces


The source of the moon’s food supply Cultivation consists of a low-lying set of circular greenhouses that are connected to a huge central greenhouse, the centre of power in this area. It is easily defendable from all sides The waterways that cut through this area offer shady ways to steal and attack the main structure unnoticed.


The Promenades is in which the majority of moon dwellers reside and purchase their necessities. This massive, visually visible vertical landmark is an encircling hall fight that has Zip Rails that run throughout. The flank routes encircle the interior of the map, and the exterior serves as the primary central funnel connecting the north and south sides of the map.


The team is extremely satisfied with the effort that went to make Broken Moon as magical as it can be. In the very first game of Apex Legends you’ll fly through the map at high speed as you bank around corners and increasing your speed when you feel the thrill from your Zip Rails. Get it done like never before, whether you’re trying to track down the next battle or escape from a closing ring or quickly grab more loot. I’m thrilled to share our effort with you!

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