The five top driving games available on PlayStation 5

Driving games available on PlayStation 5

For us our purposes, the latest PlayStation’s main task is to be as host of Gran Turismo 7, but there’s plenty to do on Sony’s console other than this. Additionally, many of these games make use of the PlayStation 5’s DualSense controller, which is the most advanced joypad that has been created in the last few years. With triggers that adjust to change their tension once you lock a wheel , and precise vibration feedback that can show a range of road surfaces, it’s as if the DualSense was specifically designed especially for games that race. It could be that it’s just one of those expensive back massagers disguised as. In any case Here are five of our favorite PS5 racing titles

WRC 10

Driving games available on PlayStation 5

When you think of rally games typically, it’s that Dirt series that gets praise, however, those who play the official World Rally Championship games have slowly improved in the last few years. WRC 10 in particular celebrates not only the end of the road of the current offroad spec monsters, but also the whole tradition of this championship featuring classic machines in the spirit of historic events.If you’re searching for the most advanced version of WRC 10 then take a look at the PS5 edition that makes utilization of its exclusive DualSense controller. Rally driving is being about reacting to minute variations in surfaces in just a second before you crash onto a fir tree and the haptic feedback offered through WRC 10 via the new controller is unparalleled.

Hot Wheels Unleashed

We’d say that there’s never a time to enjoy playing with toy cars And Hot Wheels Unleashed only serves to confirm that. The miniature cars in the game are rendered in pitch perfect detail, down to the appealing thickness and rough metallic flake that the paint has that it’s almost as if you can pluck them off the screen and drag through the TV.The greatest aspect of this video game version? Even the most affluent kid in school didn’t have the same Hot Wheels kit. A circuit editor permits you to fill your entire basement with orange track pieces. Additionally, the method of earning ‘blind boxes’ stimulates the same pleasure centers in our brain that were stimulated by our obsession with collecting toys as a nipper. An eminently socially acceptable return to childhood? We’re in.

F1 2021

Then, Formula One games were distinctly normal racing games that were that were designed to sell several copies due to their relationship with the sport in itself. The newest F1 game is a true event to behold and manages to distill some of the more luxuriously complex sports into something that is able to be enjoyed and understood by normal human beings.Naturally, the sport has been unable to keep pace with the numerous changes that have been made to the F1 calendar however the post-release addition of tracks, including the insanely speedy Jeddah Corniche Circuit has fleshed the race further. It’s yet to include confusing decisions made by the race director during the final phases of the championship decider however. Maybe next year.

GT Sport

We’re just beginning to count down the days leading up to Gran Turismo 7’s release as an anxious jailbird however, in the meantime, Gran Turismo Sport remains an ideal way to enjoy race on PlayStation 5. The format that is provided by Sport mode’s racing schedule allows every aspect of online racing feel important and, since its launch, there have more than a hundred vehicles included in the race. They offer an extensive selection of thrilling machinery reproduced in meticulous details.Although visually, it appears similar to the PS4 Pro, the PS5’s more storage capacity results in faster loading times as well as faster menus, which means that there’s less time between events. It’s a great thing, unless you’ve been using this time to make your excuses for racing drivers.


PlayStation may be most well-known for Gran Turismo’s sparkling, flawless incredible supercars and, however, after you’ve bounced inertia off a foe for the 100th time, you might need to drag a pile of metal across dirt tracks in the backwoods. There’s Wreckfest that offers an update for PS5 owners, making it the most stunning and ugly game we’ve ever played.Do not think about getting onto the Alcantara bucket seat of the Ferrari Pista, Wreckfest is all about smashing into your adversaries from the wooden commodes of a motorized outhouse. It’s not that it’s not well-designed underneath, but there’s an amazing physics engine that powers the entire system, which means that when the combine harvester is struck by an unlucky person riding a lawnmowers, it appears convincing.


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