The most effective Pokemon Go tips and tricks

Pokemon Go tips and tricks

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(Pocket-lint) (Pocket-lint) to Pokemon Go are simple and enjoyable. You walk, you capture Pokemon You collect as many as you can , and you go to Poke Stops to fill your backpack with items to aid your trainer along the journey.

However, when you’re trying to master this game, there’s plenty more to think about. Here are some of the best strategies to assist you in becoming an expert Pokemon professional:

1. Incubate your eggs and hatch them. Use your incubators with care

The eggs you pick up in Poke Stops or receive as gifts will allow you to collect some Pokemon and also gain more XP and boost candy when you’ve put them in an incubator and completed the prescribed distance of 2km 5, 5km, 7km or 10km. Every person starts with an unlimited use incubator, with a icon on it, but in some cases you’ll receive three-fold incubators as well having the option of purchasing them in the store. Make sure to use them in a responsible manner:


  • Don’t throw away your 3x incubators. Use them to hatch 10km eggs
  • Make use of your infinite incubator to hatch those 2km eggs that are just a little bit small.

By using this method is a better way to make utilization of these incubators. Be aware of special occasions when the length of hatching is cut in half. In general, longer distance eggs offer more reward.

2. First, build your XP. then you can power-up Pokemon

The level of your trainer is determined by the level of XP that you have. You progress through levels of XP, requiring more XP every time to increase your level. As you progress you will earn more rewards and you’ll be able to evolve and create Pokemon at the highest level, and also having the ability to upgrade at higher levels.

The power of your Pokemon while your XP is low will cost you more candy to do it. It’s best to keep the power-ups you get from Pokemon up until the time you reach an XP degree, such as over the 20th level.

To aid in building XP quickly, you can try these suggestions:

  • Utilize an Lucky Egg when you’re actively playing
  • The base Pokemon can be evolved using additional candy – such as Pidgey or Rattata
  • Take everything in your grasp
  • Play with your friends to earn XP by playing in Gyms

3. Make an army, and manage your bags

There are two parts of the game which record the Pokemon you get:

  • Bag: These are the Pokemon that you actually have available to you.
  • Pokedex: This list every Pokemon you’ve gotten, the ones you’ve seen , and outlines the development paths.

There’s no reason to carry all kinds of Pokemon in your collection. You can keep a growing selection is why the Pokedex is designed for.

It’s better to only keep the Pokemon you require: it’s an army that you can fight when fighting in Gym or Raid battles. You’ll require high-powered versions of Pokemon however, it’s more beneficial to have several strong Blissey rather than just the one Blissey along with one Caterpie, Metapod, Kakuna and so on, since these Pokemon when recognized and upgraded – will not actually do much to help you. Therefore, you should learn your Pokemon’s abilities and build an army of Pokemon that can fight effectively, like Gengar, Blissey, Vaporeon.

It’s also necessary to carry around the items you must evolve and hold on to those that require an item that is unique to evolve for example, Onix If you haven’t yet acquired Steelix.

Also , keep an watch to see special-edition characters, like the seasonally released Pikachu. They transform into unique Raichu which is why it’s worth holding and having these for the sake of being able to keep them in gyms that others can envy.

4. Transfer Pokemon to candies

You can transfer Pokemon to the teacher, with the promise of Candy from the Pokemon kind. Once you’ve been able to capture the Pokemon and obtained their Stardust and Candy that they provide it is possible to transfer out Pokemon you don’t require.

If, for instance your collection already includes 20 Rattata You could exchange some for sweets to increase the power of those that will fight for you in the form of Raticate. We’ve said it before you only have only a limited number of Pokemon and you’ll want each one to be strong therefore, remove the weaker ones.

5. Look up the path of evolution

The Pokedex illustrates the way Pokemon evolve , and it’s worth looking into the different forms the Pokemon could transform into before dropping Candy onto it to speed it up or change into less powerful forms. For example, if have a lot of Pidgy and also a few Pidgeotto it is likely that you would not like spending Candy to transform Pidgy into Pidgeotto You want to hold them until you can transform Pidgeotto into Pidgeot since it requires more Candy.

Doing more middle-tier Pokemon isn’t as useful as finding the rarer form, which is often more effective in combat.

Be sure to check the evolution path. There are many Pokemon also have a second evolved version that becomes available as the game grows. For instance, after the introduction to Sinnoh, the Sinnoh region, different versions are now available. You’ll require the Sinnoh Stone to evolve them which means that some Pokemon that you thought you had finished are now able to do something different which is why it’s worth going back to look.

6. Make the most of your Lucky Eggs.

Sometimes, you’ll find an Lucky Egg. It’ll double the amount of XP for 30 minutes. Do not just drop it randomly and hope to make use of it to gain the most to boost the level of your trainer. It could be that you’re in a brand new, bustling, and exciting area and you’re certain that you’ll be catching or making Pokemon, or if there are plenty of gyms available where you can fight – and ultimately win.

So, you can save those Lucky Eggs to use in the incredible town center Pokemon Go sessions to get the maximum XP from them.

7. Switch off AR mode.

Sure it is, AR mode is fun, AR mode is enjoyable because it makes it appear as real reality, but it requires batteries, which makes the game more challenging and also it doesn’t work on low-powered phones.

Turn it off and enjoy in the world of games and you’ll be able to find Pokemon because the setting remains exactly the same. It will help you save battery life, too.

8. “Master” the Poke Stop

If you go to an Poke Stop and spin the sign, you don’t need to tap every thing released. Simply tap the X on the bottom of the sign to shut the Stop and you’ll instantly get your prizes.

If you’re in the vicinity of an PokeStop with a meal or coffee it is possible to visit the Stop repeatedly It only takes a couple of minutes to get back to it.

9. Join Gyms

 Pokemon Go tips and tricks

Gyms are where all the worth lies as they’re the main source of Coins. Gyms are the essence of what Pokemon Go is about. You fight, win and then take over a Gym to your group. You’ll need to take away an imposing Pokemon to defend the Gym and the more they remain in the area and defend it the more Coins you’ll earn. More Coins you collect, the more things you can purchase.

You’ll be the one to take over Gym to your group. teammates will defend that Gym together. Certain Pokemon, like Blissey are tough to eliminate. If you’d like to save it Blissey the Pokemon, however be aware that in high-volume gyms (like in the town centres) your Pokemon is likely to be wiped out, so there’s no point in having your strongest Pokemon.

Consider that Pokemon who are in Gyms , but do not defend it, won’t make a lot of coins. So the remote Gym that no one ever takes on isn’t going to bring in the same amount of Coins as you imagine.

10. If you take part in Raid Battles to take home

This may seem like a sly tactic it’s not, but there’s no sense to pitting your 86CP Squirtle at 50000CP Kyogre. If you don’t have strong Pokemon that you own, or a group of your buddies to compete with, you’ll be defeated and have to get back the power of your Pokemon as well as treat them using Potions.

Also, make sure you check the strength of each Pokemon within Raid Battle. Raid Battle before you start.

When fighting Gyms you’ll be able to take on your adversaries slowly which means you are able to fight against opponents who are stronger but you’ll lose, however you may make improvements.

11. Pick a rare type friend

Certain Pokemon do not appear often. Since you don’t see them often so making them your friend allows you to earn these kinds of sweets slowly as you move. Over time, you’ll discover you’ve earned enough to change the Pokemon you have.

It’s probably not a good idea to do it using Magikarp since you’ll require 400 candy to make it evolve and you’ll become bored before you even get to the point of. It’s worth noting that different Pokemon require you to travel at different distances.

12. Make use of the Golden Razz Berry or Silver Pinap Berry for a specific purpose.

It’s the Golden Razz Berry and Silver Pinap Berry are the most coveted berries. They’re excellent to help catch crucial Pokemon that don’t wish to be captured. If you’ve been searching for something for a long time and you’re not getting it then the golden Razz Berry could bring it to life. It’s the Silver Pinap Berry will give you additional candy after you capture the Pokemon.

But, you could also give your Golden Razz Berry to Pokemon that you find in a gym. If your Pokemon is unhappy and requires attention, mainly to maintain its top fighting shape – this Golden Razz Berry can bring it back to top. If you’re looking to hold the Gym this is an excellent way to help.

13. Find out the Pokemon types and combat advantages

If you’re struggling to defeat the Pokemon and are unable to determine the reason is it because of the advantage of type. This is the fundamental idea behind the whole Pokemon fighting world. The same principle is echoed by Pokemon Go, with weather factors also increasing certain types over other types. It’s also a matter of specific fighting techniques that your Pokemon could be equipped with.

There are many charts on the internet which you can consult for more in-depth information however, here are the essential information about which kinds are able to withstand the other kinds. Below is a list of the types that are strong. the first name type causes greater damage on the second type:

  • Bug > Darkand Grass Mental
  • Dark > Ghost Psychoic, Dark
  • Electric > Flying Water
  • Fairy > Dark Dragon, Fairy Fighting
  • Fire > Bug, Grass, Ice, Steel
  • Fighting > Normal, Rock, Steel, Ice Dark
  • The Flying > Fight, the Bug Bug,
  • Ghost > Psychic
  • Ground > Grass, Rock, Water
  • Ground > Poison Steel, Fire Electric
  • Ice > Dragon Ground Flying
  • Poison > Grass, Fairy
  • Psychotic > Poison, Fighting
  • The Rock is Flying > Bug Ice, Fire
  • Steel Fairy, Ice, Rock
  • Water > Fire, Ground Rock

14. Restart the application

Pokemon Go has never been the most stable game throughout its history, from server issues in the beginning to general inability to respond. It’s common to see an animated icon on the upper left corner of the screen to show that it’s communicating with the server. Sometimes, it’ll get stuck there. In most cases, you’ll find no Poke Stops and there are no nearby Pokemon.

If nothing is happening you can try pressing the Pokeball to launch the menu. If you’re not getting any response, shut down and restart the app, and continue. Otherwise, you’re wasting your energy and waiting around for it to get working properly.

15. Get away and far to attend specific occasions

It might not be feasible for all, but going to as many locations as you can will allow you to discover more varieties of Pokemon. Your town will likely be dominated by a particular kind of Pokemon, so be sure that you explore new areas to see more.

It could be as simple as leaving the bus early and walking or using the weekend to travel to a different region. Perhaps you’ll visit relatives or friends from a distance and then tell them you’d like to explore all local attractions so that you can collect Pokemon and locate Gyms to join and so on.

The special events are becoming increasingly frequent and often introduce more obscure Pokemon or previously undiscovered Pokemon such as some region-specific characters that you might have not seen. Check out this section in the Pokemon Go app to see what’s going on.

16. Master Battery Saving Mode

Pokemon Go has been dubbed a battery killer for all mobiles. The battery saving mode of Pokemon Go will let the screen go completely when the device is upside down so you don’t have to spend all your battery life lighting the screen when you don’t have to. You’ll require a smartphone with an accelerometer to function, which could restrict basic Android phones.

When it’s turned active, you’ll often place the phone in your pocket upside-down and the screen will be turned off, but it is still active in tracking your location to hatch eggs and then vibrating to notify you of Pokemon.

17. Research Master in the Field as well as special research

Research will set you up with an array of tasks to complete, giving an additional variety to the game. This is also the path towards some most rare Pokemon that are often found in special occasions. It’s also the way to find out if Field Research is ongoing, helping you finish tasks you can get from Poke Stops such as collecting five Pokemon by boosting the weather. Here are some strategies:

  • Remove field research that is difficult to complete, such as throwing five great throws in a row If you’re not able to complete it, remove it and do another job.
  • Do not claim your rewards in the same day Only one day at a time
  • Don’t bet on your reward until you know that there’s an entirely new Pokemon type that is available to capture

18. Make use of Adventure Sync

Pokemon Go can now be connected to the step counter in your phone which means you don’t require the app to be open constantly. You can turn off the Adventure Sync function in the settings menu. It will be able to count your steps even when you’re walking and laying eggs with less difficulty. Even when you’re not playing, you’ll gain the benefits of every step you take.

19. Favorite Pokemon to discover the ones that you must change

With new regions being created within Pokemon Go, it can be difficult to track Pokemon that aren’t yet evolving. Make use of the favorites functions to place stars on them, so you can easily see in a glance, the Pokemon which you’re trying to improve. It will be simple to pick one from the list and create your new friend.

20. Remotely run

Raid battles always place certain demands upon Pokemon Go players, needing players to be at the right spot at the most appropriate moment. With remote Raid Passes (introduced due to lockdowns) you are now able to view Raids and join in without needing to be physically in the area. Be aware of themas they could be an opportunity to get some of the rare Pokemon you may need.

21. Take part in Battles to earn greater rewards

The original Pokemon Go game was about discovering and finding Pokemon The evolution of Battles provides a new dimension that includes a wide array of rewards. You can fight through tiers, earning a lot of rewards as you progress across the board. It is important to note that Battles do not rely on walking or exploring, making it part of the game that you can use to increase your position even at home.


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