The PUBG New State beginner’s guide – Strategies and tips to help get that first meal of chicken.

PUBG New State beginner’s guide

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Krafton announced a brand-new mobile battle royale game, PUBG: New State in the PUGB series in 2021. Initial tests showed the idea that PUBG: New State could be a viable competitor to its sibling title, PUBG Mobile. After the game’s launch in the world of Android as well as iOS it was met with some early bumps on the road. Fortunately Krafton will not let you down The company has huge hopes for PUBG New State, especially now that the game has been given several modifications to make things more even as it begins its first season.

If you’re an mobile gamer hoping to test your skills with your very first battle royale understanding the game mechanics and loops can initially be quite intimidating. The good news is that AP can help by providing a specific guide to teach players who are new to battle royale exactly the features PUBG New State brings to the table, and how to dominate.

Starting out in the PUBG game: New State

After you’ve installed the game, there are a few steps to be able to complete before making your mark in the top leaderboards. In the beginning, you’ll need to agree with the terms of service agreement before entering your username online. The next step is the option to customize your character, so that you can modify your avatar to the extent you want.

When you’re happy with the appearance of your character, your battle royale background is scrutinized (in the form of a questionnaire). Its the default UI layout for your controls is based on the answer you give. It is recommended to select an experienced players (using three fingers to operate your controls to get the maximum flexibility) and then refer to this guide to get up to speed with the battle royale game play.

Now , you’re in the main menu. The game will prompt you to click ‘Start’ do not bother with this at this point. Learning about the mechanics of PUBG: New States is the main focus, and you’re now ready to go into The Training Ground. Note Note: The Training Ground mode isn’t unlocked by default. It’s for you to gain access through installing the mode which we’ll walk you through in the following section.

How do you navigate into the Training Ground

  1. The main menu to the left of the Startbutton you can tap the download arrow.
  2. Click on Training Ground and tap on the yellow download arrow that is located to the right. It appears that the Training Ground is currently downloading.
  3. Go back to main menu, and click on the button for selecting a map that is above the Start button. Go to the left until you locate Training Ground, tap on it, and then tap Confirm .
  4. Your map selection in the main menu has changed to Training Ground. Tap Start When you’re ready to go in.

A tutorial for newbies to battle royale

We’ve got you covered in case you’ve not played a battle royale game. The concept behind the genre is simple: it’s a multiplayer arena game in which the last player (or group) standing is the winner.

In most cases, you’ll land in an undetermined area on the map at the time of take-off. Once you’ve landed, because you’re not equipped with the necessary items, you’re now on a search for anything that will guarantee your survival. This is known as looting. The chance of encountering other players as you loot and gaining control over the areas is a given. It soon becomes one man for himself scenario to safeguard the resources.

Camping, which is the act of staying in one position for prolonged periods of time, is a problem for the case of any FPS game. Battle royale games generally have an approach to avoid this from happening by cutting off zones regularly, eventually requiring players to move. Always move towards the safe zone when your map gets smaller.

Tips and tricks for beginners

  1. Keep on top of your teammates and keep in touch with them. Your team members may have more experience than you are. Utilize this advantage to speedily get ready or find good locations to keep on the map by listening to what your colleagues do.
  2. Play the same map in order to remember zones. In the end, you’ll have an understanding of what areas are the most populous that you’ll be able to strategically avoid.
  3. The landings are in less populated areas So, if you spot a group of players getting ready for take-off do not be a follower – situations that are not prepared for can be nasty fast.
  4. Be prepared to scavenge but don’t go over at your own discretion. It is important to be moving and ready to observe opponents. Being aware of their location before they can identify that you’re there is essential.
  5. Spend some time at the Training Ground to familiarize the controls and equipment. Determine which guns work most comfortable for you during training, and then be looking for your favorite guns when you go to matches. Be sure to read the description of the item so that when you get them during a match, it will be clear that you already know how to operate the guns.
  6. Improve your loot and steal your adversaries loot. The more advantages you have the more easy it will be to win a fight.
  7. Be patient and be active Be aware of for the surroundings. Slow and steady could win the race, but don’t Let other teams start competing first.

The PUBG game New State features

Each battle royale has distinct characteristics to the genre. Inspired by the modern settings that is PUBG: New State, certain features have a distinct appearance when compared against other battle royales. Here’s a brief overview of the features you’ll see.

  1. Drones and drones are accessible to all. The Drone Shop is available mid-match to purchase upgrades using credits from Drones.3 ImagesBe aware of where you will be calling your Drone as a threat to your security is that enemies could shoot it down , and later take your drone away. A Scout Drone is used to gain a better understanding of the battlefield by recording footage.
  2. Ballistic Shields: The shields can be deployed and placed before your gun to protect you from projectiles. Ballistic Shield can be attached to the firearm (M249) to deter the incoming fire, as a way to reduce the amount of ADS (aim down your sights).
  3. Vehicles The ability to move vehicles around the map. It is possible to use the vehicle’s doors as a cover, and also store your treasures inside. Trams are able to be used any time to set locations to ensure safe travel throughout the world.
  4. The ability to revive mechanics for your team It is possible to fire the Green Flare Gun to order the Taxi Drone. Your teammate will then spawn into the game , where you fired your Flare.3 ImagesYou can also revive teammates around you The more people around to aid with the revival process, the lesser time it will take.
  5. A player’s recruit is knocked out by an opponent There is the possibility of having up to eight squad members in your team, however only 4 of them can be alive (alive) players at a time. The ability to reject offers is available by pressing ‘Give Up.’ The more people who assist when recruiting, the lesser time it will take.
  6. Customization of weapons It is possible to modify and upgrade your weapon however, you cannot reverse your choices. You can purchase or find customization Kits as well as customization options. are tied to the weapon you’re using For instance, the MP5K comes with the weapon with a laser sight.

The PUBG game mode is New State games modes

The PUBG New State beginner's guide - Strategies and tips to help get that first meal of chicken.

Some of these games modes are available when you first start therefore, make sure you download them whenever you want.

Training Ground

Lobbys are open for every 30 minutes and offer access to all the necessary equipment and vehicles for testing and for practice. Start by visiting this site to become familiar with the various guns available.

Battle Royale (Original and Extreme)

Troi along with Erangel (8×8 km maps (8×8 km) are the ideal locations for your battle royale adventures. Troi comes with the Original as well as an Extreme version. Original fights with 100 players across the entire map, whereas Extreme cut it down to 64 players, dividing an area of the map in order to create more PvP battles.

The first time players should concentrate upon the Original version in order to experience the entire map, while getting familiar with the game.

4-v4 team deathmatch (Round as well as Team)

Round Deathmatch is a game where two teams battle within the Arena until one team is eliminated. The team to win four out of 7 rounds wins.

Teams from Team Deathmatch fight it out, elimination style to see who gets forty kills the fastest.

Both modes allow presets for weapons to be selected prior to the game begins.

It’s a fantastic chance to practice your mechanical skills in a ‘try before buy’ fashion to discover which modifications or guns feel most comfortable in PvP.

How to set the presets for weapons

  1. On the menu bar, click on map selections to switch the map to Arena (Beta)/Station (Beta). If you’re not yet downloading yet the Deathmatch modes, you need to tap Download first.
  2. Tap the gear icon in the menu under “Gun Preset” to open Manage Presets .
  3. You can tap Main Weapon Secondary Weapon and Throwables To change the weapon you are using. To begin, click on Main Weapon and scroll vertically to select the weapon you want to use. Tap on any part of the weapon that is accessible to your firearm to enable customizing options. After you’re done, tap Equip . Tap “X” on the left side of the screen by Manage Presets to go back to the menu of presets.
  4. Repeat step 3 to create Secondary Weapons and Throwables. You can make as many as four presets. click on Equip to select your desired choice of.
  5. Tap the ‘X’ (top left) when you’ve completed selecting your mode’s preset.

The PUBG New State has untapped potential

Even after a rough start, the quality of life updates and continual improvements on the game show the dedication of Krafton, which shows that the game’s creator is committed to the success of PUGB New State’s continued achievement. If you’ve been wanting to play a new game of battle royale, or would like to know what the newest game on the block offers this guide will surely assist you in starting. If you’d like to test out the features the PUBG game New State has, you can download the game via this Play Store button below.

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