The reason you should care about Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s newest trailer Might be a Double-Edged Sword


  • Pokemon Scarlet as well as Violet released a brand new overview trailer on Monday and it’s possible to be a hindrance throughout Gen 9’s reveal.
  • Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will be available within a little over two months, and the most recent release coming in the shape of the ghost-like puppy Greavard. However, it’s odd to find out the fact that Game Freak has only announced 19 Scarlet and Violet Pokemon and one regional version prior to the launch date with an overall total of 20 creatures that is pretty low when compared to the previous generation even in the case for Pokemon Sword and Shield. Today, The Pokemon Company shared the first trailer to Gen 9 games that shows five minutes of gameplay in order to review the entire reveal beginning with its announcement on February until the most important new features players will encounter.
  • This isn’t The first trailer for an overview The Pokemon Company shared for Gen 9, as the one that revealed Farigiraf was a 14-minute trailer that covered the many routes that players could take in the wide realm in the world of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet and also as Tera Raids and much more. There’s another important aspect to be noted that is derived from the news coverage of Pokemon Sword and Shieldfrom three years back. In reality, the previous trailer that was released prior to the launch of Gen 8 was an overview trailer, which showed gameplay from the newly released Pokemon, Gigantamax forms, and other features that are that are available throughout the Galar regions. There’s an opportunity that this is the final video in Gen 9.

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What Pokemon Scarlet as well as Violet’s New Trailer Could Mean It’s the Final Before Launch

  • Overview trailers can be very useful to show the key features of the upcoming primaryline Pokemongames prior to their launch or release. Even in the event that they do not reveal any details that aren’t previously revealed it is the most effective way to summarize all the information. Sometimes, they reveal something brand that is new to the game due to information that was previously omitted from the picture, however this isn’t really the case with the most recent video on Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.
  • There’s an excellent chance the possibility that The Pokemon Company will remain unresponsive for this period of time, aside from things such as a launch trailer that will show more gameplay footage, but with any new information. If this is indeed the situation, then the latest trailer could be a double-edged sword due to a variety of reasons, like it being the announcement was made on Oct. 25, and that could mean that Gen 9 the one with the longest gap between game’s launch date and the actual presentation. This could also confirm the notion that this could be the new direction for Pokemonprojects that will follow Gen 9, with only a handful of trailers coming out before the release.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

  • A good example of this is the middle-stage changes that Gen 7 revealed way before launch, however, the two Gen 8 and 9 didn’t confirm the notion that players shouldn’t have much to look forward to before the launch. This could be a successful method however it is also a sign it means that it means that Pokemon Scarlet as well as Violet‘s leaks were Game Freak’s promotional strategy in a sense because they contributed and continue to contribute to the general excitement surrounding Gen 9’s release.
  • If the new overview trailer is the last trailer of Gen 9 excluding the rumored DLC, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet‘s Paradox Pokemon will not be revealed until launch. The creatures, as per reports, have an important role in the storyline of the game and they’re also strong in battle, thanks to new abilities and new types based on the original ones and the new design. In the end the overview trailer won’t offer much information about Gen 9 at this point unless it’s planned to be the final trailer which isn’t what the community would like or expects.