How to Complete This World Cup Berghuis SBC In FIFA 23

World Cup Berghuis SBC In FIFA 23

FIFA 23 | Berghuis is the very first player to be awarded the World Cup’s Path To Glory SBC during FIFA 23. Let’s have a look at this exciting SBC.

Steven Berghuis is the first card to get an Path To Glory World Cup SBC in FIFA 23. It’s a good looking card and is expected to be upgraded during the tournament. Worth doing? Let’s have a look.

Berghuis is a player for Ajax The team is the 87th position, and needs one team to finish. This guide will go over the advantages of the card, and the best way to spend your money/fodder now on during the promotional.

What is the cost of Berghuis?

Berghuis isn’t an expensive card and could be upgraded in the coming couple of weeks. Here’s how you can get the process.

How to Complete the Berghuis

In order to complete Berghuis, you’ll have to build:

  • A team of 85 including one ToToW player

We’re not sure of how the market will react to this huge promotion So, a precise price isn’t easy to determine. It could cost between 40-50k.

  • 85-rated players are trading around the 8k-10k mark however, this promotion may have an impact on markets during the weekend.
  • Players from TOTW can be snatched at a cost of discard, but it is subject to alter as players start to sell their fodder

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Does the Berghuis SBC Worth The Coins? Do You Need To Complete The SBC?

It appears that quite many people are unhappy that the first player to be awarded the World Cup SBC comes from an off-league. It could be an ideal player in the near future. But, a glance at the statistics of this card provides a different perspective.

Pace85 Pace in total with an acceleration of 88.
ShootingOverall shooting, with key stats in Long Shots
PassingFantastic passing, with 89 crossing and an 87-yard short pass and an overall score of 86.
DribblingExcellent dribbling around 87 well-rounded all over the board, with excellent agility (89) and a good sense of humor (86)
Physical75 all-around The most important stat being 87 stamina

The card appears very complete and on the upgrade track (which could result in stat increases and weaker foot/skill increase should the Netherlands proceed to the next level) is bound to get better in the coming months.

Berghuis also is four-star skills as well as the weak-foot is three stars. The traits comprise Early Crosser, Finesse Shot, Outside The Foot Shot characteristic.

Do you think they in the Netherlands likely to be able to get into their group? It is likely. They’re in a match-up to host Qatar, Senegal, and Ecuador. We’d expect the Netherlands to perform very well with this set of opponents. It is a guarantee that Berghuis will receive initial improvements.


All in all

It’s a fun and likely underrated card that could have you in support of the Netherlands in the coming weeks. At this price it’s an excellent card. It is linked to players such as Danjuma, Van Dijk, and a myriad of highly rated Dutch icons and future cards. For those who want to enjoy this World Cup, we recommend this card.