Tormented Souls Nintendo Switch Review

Tormented Souls

Following a successful launch in PC, Playstation 4, and Xbox One, Tormented Souls will be available on Nintendo Switch to offer creeps in the field.

  • The year was 1996. Capcom captured lightning from bottle and carried that lightning to a wildly successful franchise featuring Zombies, B.O.W.s, and a non-clandestine evil organization that pulled the strings within the shadows. Since then, other game designers have tried their toes in the genre but have not had the chance to capture the same feeling of the late 90s’ survival horror. Perhaps they were able to capture the pre-rendered backdrops, static camera angles and controls for tanks as well as the monsters as well as any mix of these the games that have not had the same effect. With the launch of Tormented Souls during the 2021’s Summer Fans of the genre believed that the waiting was over. Turns out they were right.

Tormented Souls It was created through Dual Effect and Abstract Digital and was published through PQube Limited and was listed on numerous a “best frightening game” listing in the year 2021. The game allows the player to assume the character of Caroline Walker but gives them no information about what she’s like or her motives. In the next moment, the player receives a mysterious letter that contains a photo of two twins at the location of Winterlake. The twins disappeared without trace, and this is sure to be a source of concern for Caroline as she journeys to Winterlake to unravel the mystery that led to their disappearance. Caroline’s motives behind the reason she is determined to locate the twins aren’t clear but she travels to the lavish mansion or hospital.

When she arrives, Caroline is knocked unconscious and then awakes naked in the bathtub. After removing the breathing device and examining her clothes, she is shocked to discover she has one eye are missing. In a state of confusion as to the incident or why she’s blind, Caroline leaves the bathroom to investigate this mansion.The the only other individual (monstrosities aside) who Caroline meets is a priest who seems to be familiar with her, but it’s not mutual. Armed with a nail gun pressurized and a lighter for corners, Caroline must traverse the halls of Winterlake to discover the tale of the twins, and discover her way out, while avoiding horrifying creatures on the way. In the end the plot doesn’t provide anything to the viewer but it contributes to the basic retro feel.

Through the second quarter of 2021 Tormented Souls was only available to play on PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One. In the present, both returning and new players can play Tormented Souls on Nintendo Switch. However, Tormented Souls isn’t able to benefit from this mobility There are more disadvantages to using the game for Switch rather than advantages. Tormented Souls has been an amazing game, however playing it on the wrong platform can make it a nightmare.

Tormented Souls is a game with an aesthetic quality to its graphics which gives it the feel of an old VHS for horror, but without the grainy filters that most indie horror games use nowadays. The graphics seem to be improving when playing on the small screen size of the Switch however the inconsistent frame rates can knock gamers off the edge of their seats. There are choices that favor frames or visuals, but the console version and PC versions are superior to those on the Switch version.

The controls on the Switch version leave a lot to be wanted. While Caroline’s movement isn’t regarded as typical tank control, they’re similar to tank controls. So, for majority of the time, movements are effortless. If there’s a nervous moment and panic begins to set into the scene, Caroline could go running towards a wall or, even more dangerously or even an animal.

The Tormented Souls’camera angle choices can also cause the controls to be an even more challenging task. If the player is pursued by a monster wheelchair, with knives in their hands, the player must be able to create an easy escape. However, it can be complicated when the camera’s angle shifts and suddenly up means down and down is upwards. Even more difficult is the cursor control that is used for inspection of items. However sensitive players will have a difficult time trying to place their cursor exactly where they’d like it. It’s difficult to say the least.

In addition to the adjustments in the game’s feel and performance using the cursor controls, as well as some slow-moving cutscenes, Tormented Souls remains one of the very few success stories that recreate that retro survival horror style of the late 90s. Cinematic camera movements and a gorgeous yet eerie setting (not to mention terrifying monsters) creates a sense of terror in the game, whereas horrible voice acting and a bizarrely simple plot leave gamers with more questions than they can answer at the point the game has ended. It seems like the most authentic and best method to enjoy the game of Tormented Souls would be to play on Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC. The slight improvements in graphics for a smaller screen do not negate the advantages of playing with other consoles.

Tormented Souls

The game Tormented Souls can be downloaded for download available on Nintendo Switch, PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One. Game Rant was provided a Switch code to review this game.