Tower of Fantasy Review

Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy does very not stand out from other gacha-based games. It cannot find its way in terms of gameplay or story which makes it a complete chaos.

In the year that Genshin Impactlaunched in 2020, it was one of the top-rated free-to-play games in its genre. Tower of Fantasy developed by Hotta Studio, has its ambitions at challenging Genshin Impact to the gacha throne. However the sci-fi MMO appears somewhat sloppy to be a good thing and the few fresh concepts it offers aren’t enough to create a convincing argument to convince players to invest their time and money to play an unfocused game.

Tower of Fantasyisn’t a brand new game. In fact, this game was first debuted in China in the last quarter of 2013 before making its way to the West only a few weeks back. With games such as Genshin Impactalready approaching the two-year mark, and gamers likely looking for a brand new shared world gacha game to get their teeth in, Tower of Fantasycould not have come at a more suitable timing. On the surface, Hotta Studio’s debut title appears to be everything that miHoYo’s popular F2P game has, and more, including in mounts , and with an emphasis on MMO elements such as PvP. In reality it’s not a great game. elements have ever produced any kind of exciting or worth your time.

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Beginning with the story, players play the character of the Wanderer The Wanderer, an adventurer who discovers they are dissociated from the twins at beginning of the game, and ends in a tiny settlement on planet Aida. Already , the Genshinparallels begin to increase in size. Aida is in the midst of a post-apocalypse, where humans have been almost extinct after their use of Omnium, the natural resource Omnium almost destroyed the entire planet. The remaining humans and the factions on Aida battle over the usage of Omnium as some believe that it is evil, whereas others believe it is necessary to survive. The main character is in a relationship with the twins Zeke and Shirili prior to the onset of disaster and the protagonist is plunged into the battles between Aida’s factions in the first-hand.

Tower of Fantasy‘s concept is intriguing and distinctive enough to draw attention however, it begins to fall apart quickly. When players first encounter Zeke and Shirili the game will begin by throwing new characters and exposition at the player at a breakneck speed. It is common for players to meet new characters , who attempt to be witty and memorable but they will pass in such a short time that players likely not see any need to care about the characters in any way. Pivotal moments in the story are often sloppy because of poor writing, and are often followed with exposition dumps. Additionally, Tower of Fantasy‘s presentationdoes very little to the aid of the story.

Unprofessional voice acting and incoherent animations make up the majority of Tower of Fantasy‘s cutscenes. The majority of the characters in the game have voices that sound like the actor is giving their best effort, whereas the remaining half of them sound rushed and mixed badly and sloppy. Furthermore, Tower of Fantasy occasionally gives characters a voice over during the cutscene, while the that is not featured has no voice. This can be uncomfortable and can be even more uncomfortable, when characters tensely shift their bodies and shake their heads at one another. Players must go through these scenes in order to complete the next story quest that usually involves resource gathering or MacGuffin searching that is typical for MMOs however without any motivation behind the reason why players must continue to do these tasks.

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Tower of Fantasy

Combat is the area where Tower of Fantasymakes the necessary adjustments and proves that the game does have teeth, yet it seems a little less sloppy than its other quest and story-based games. Tower of Fantasyallows players to choose from three types of weapons in any time, each with four elements that can be effective against enemies that are not able to the element that is corresponding to it. Once the weapon has gained an adequate amount of energy during combat, players are able to swap weapons to use a unique move. If paired with the game’s slow-motion mechanic that is activated upon the perfect dodge Tower of Fantasy is a pretty smooth combat. But, the main combat loop ends into being quite dull during training.

In terms of combat, Tower of Fantasy‘s principal flaw is having weak enemies who have very boring attacks. The majority of low-ranked enemies within the overworld remains stunned upon hitting and can be quickly defeated by pressing attacks with. Sometimes, enemies break out from their stagger to fight, however, players are able to use the game’s large dodge window to spam the mob till it ceases to exist. Tower of Fantasy is a fun game by having boss fights however, these fights are played out as a longer version of the dodge-and-poke technique, only with a slightly softer adversary. In general the combat strategy Hotta created fails to produce an environment in which players must think about the possibility of attacking, and sometimes avoiding. Anyone who stays up-to-date with their updates – and the game isn’t trying to slow down their progression – will be able to breeze through the majority of PvE content with minimal effort.

One of the biggest flaws that can be found in Tower of Fantasy is the fact that it insists on time-gating much the content. This isn’t the sort of game players could traverse through in the span of one week. From time-gated stories to chests that are time-gated to caps The game keeps placing obstacles that keep them from progressing. The prospect of finding a chest in the wilderness and then being instructed to return within two days is among the most disappointing aspects in Tower of Fantasy and takes the enjoyment out of exploring the gorgeous post-apocalyptic universe. As of the moment the main storyline isn’t finished in the foreseeable future, and it could be only weeks or months before it’s completed. Additionally, Tower of Fantasy‘s mount system is one of its primary features that differentiates it against Genshin the Impact isn’t a joy to play with and keeps getting trapped on tiny bit of geometry. It also detracts from the excitement of exploring the world.

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The biggest question about Tower of Fantasy is the gacha monetization system. Certain of these games excel at giving players who are free to play fun without spending a dime and others adopt an approach of paying-to-progress. Tower of Fantasyfalls somewhere in between. While playing the main storyline, it won’t provide players with any amazing weapons as well as drops for items of high quality aren’t that high, however players can finish all PvE content with nearly every weapon, provided they upgrade in line with their needs. But it’s during the PvP content that gachas are introduced. There are players who could spend a fortune trying to obtain duplicate weapons and improve their equipment to gain an edge in the battle. In general, Tower of Fantasy‘s PvP is a game that favors players who pay more than free-to-play players which makes it difficult to enjoy the MMO aspect of the game. It is mostly playing dungeon crawling with a bunch of players, even when they’re not participating in PvP.

Overall, Tower of Fantasyfeels as a loosely made-up replica that is a haphazardly put together imitation Genshin The Impact that isn’t able to be found in the gameplay or the story. The most enjoyable aspects of the game is its vast character creator and beautiful open world that evokes the similar Breath of Wild style of art that only a handful of games have managed to master. It also penalizes gamers who want to experience every inch of the game with time-based quests, chests, and other items. The feeling of stiffness affects all areas of play making it hard to enjoy long periods of time , with all of the game’s system constantly forcing players to go further. Tower of Fantasywill be a tough game to keep playing for the long haul and offers no reason the reason why players should move to the world of Aida over the more expansive and refined free-to-play gachas available.

Tower of Fantasy is now available to download for PC, Android, and iOS. Game Rant was given an PC code to review the game.