God of War Ragnarok: How to Find the Solution to The Water Wheel puzzles within The Applecore Mine

Water Wheel puzzles within The Applecore Mine | The three water wheel puzzles is an essential step in locating Tyr In God of War Ragnarok.

They embark on a lengthy travel on a long journey God of War Ragnarok to locate Durlin’s Mine after they leave the office of Durlin in Chapter 2. The Dwarf tries to confuse both the dad and son team by offering them a map, claiming it’s a great. After fighting off numerous creatures and completing a myriad of puzzles on the way and finally, they reach their destination hoping to locate Tyr and help him.

When they reach Durlin’s Mine the entrance to Durlin’s Mine, Kratos and Atreus are confronted with some monsters such as Wretches and mini-bosses such as Bergsra. Take on all of them and then continue your adventure to Applecore Mine in God of War Ragnarok. In this game, players have to solve a couple in water-wheel puzzles, which block the way to Tyr.

How to Solve Water Wheel Problems in the Applecore in God Of War Ragnarok

To solve the water-wheel puzzles, players need to utilize an Axe to freeze the water, thereby activating the wheels. Three primary puzzles that require water wheels within the Applecore mine. The first one is found after leaving Sindri’s Shop; the second one is located near the bridge after you have defeated two Draugr while the third one is when you have cleared the area of Soundstones and tightening an untied rope to get across the opposite side.

The Water Wheel: The First Puzzle | Water Wheel puzzles within The Applecore Mine

This is the first wheel, and it is significantly more straightforward than the others. With some God of War Ragnarok suggestions players will be able to solve it easily. There are a few Soundstones are blocking the flow of water, making the wheel inactive. To resolve this issue, use the Axe to freeze the wooden trough over the wheel. then let Atreus to shoot Soundstones. This will trigger the wheel, causing the claw above the water and swinging to the opposite side.

The second Water Wheel Puzzle

To complete the second puzzle of the water wheel Drop down to the ground beneath (to from the left) and then climb up the chains to view the puzzle from a different perspective. When you reach the top on the platform you can use your Blades of Chaos and aim at the red circle in order to block the water.

Go back to the bridge. freeze the trough just above the wheel in order to elevate the claw. When you cross over to the opposite end, turn right and freeze the water in order to start an elevator.

A Third Wheel of Water Puzzle

To make it through the third wheel of water, help Atreus climb over the edge before getting towards the end of the bridge. This will allow him to turn on the mechanism from the top. Then, follow these steps:

Utilize the Axe to freeze the left trough , near the water wheel, then move the crate until it is in the middle.

Ask Atreus to turn on the mechanism that will drop two Soundstones and keep the wheel moving.

Use the Leviathan Axe to utilize to freeze water inside the trough, then levitating an arm out of the water. Make use of the claw to cross the water and to land on the cage.

Water Wheel puzzles within The Applecore Mine

Create Atreus eliminate the Soundstones that block the water flow at the beginning of the trough in order to move the crate closer the door.