What are the ANGRY BIRDS Names? Popular LIST 2022 Updated


Created in collaboration with Rovio Entertainment Angry Birds game titles gained more than 3.7 billion downloads, making it an extremely loved and addictive games for mobile devices.

After the huge success of the franchise the company launched its merchandise and Angry Birds movie. What is these Angry Bird names?
We’ve researched all characters in the Angry Birds characters and created an extensive guide to aid you in answering your question.


What are the ANGRY BIRDS Names

1. RED

He is among the most well-known Angry Birds characters and even became the avatar in the world of the game.

The most authentic Angry Birds game icon, Red is an Northern Cardinal known for his quick temper, his leadership and his vehement hatred of green Pigs.

Additionally there was it was also noted that the Red Angry Bird was able to develop his anger issues due to being abandoned by his parents just before he was born and then being victimized by other birds 11.


Stella is an active and friendly bird that is part of The Angry Birds Stella video game. One of the original Angry Birds characters based on the Galah bird. Galah, Stella is like the bird that cheers and is thought to be the calmest among other birds that are part of the series.


Charles Chuck Chuck Chuck, is Chuck, the Yellow Angry Bird and best companion of Red. Chuck is one of the most authentic Angry Birds within the franchise, based on the Atlantic Canary. The Yellow Bird is also the fastest of those that live on Bird Island, running up to 100 miles per hour.


Another Red’s gang member, Bubbles, is one of the most authentic Angry Birds based on an orange Jamaican Oriole that has an the ability to inflate like balloons.

Bubbles is famous for his bravery and smile. Additionally, he’s the only bird who loves eating candy and everything sweet.


Also called Bomb, also known as Black Bird, Bomb is another bird in Red’s flock that resembles an Myna Bird or Greater Antillean Bullfinch.

He’s also the only Angry Birds character that works as an improvised explosive device (IED) which causes a lot of issues in Bird Island [ 2[ 2.

6. Silver

A character in Angry Birds 2, Silver appears to be a gray falcon, and has a variety of designs. She is the sister of Chuck which the pigs snatched before hatching.

Silver is a fun character as well as Red’s love interest.

7. HAL

Based on the Emerald Toucanet, Hal is one of the other members of the Angry Birds flock and the Boomerang Bird. Hal is the only bird that has been to be rescued twice throughout the entire series.

However, Hal has a sociable person, who is tolerant and has an enthusiastic personality. He loves playing banjo and camping.



Matilda often referred to as the White Bird serves as the leader of the Anger Management Class for other birds in the series.

Within Angry Birds, Matilda is inspired by a chicken who has maternal instincts, is gentle, and is a peacemaker. She also got married Terence and had four chicks.


The Angry Birds Blues features the adventures of three characters from the franchise made up by Jay, Jake, and Jim. The first time they appeared were on Poached Eggs and are based on the Eastern Bluebird.

They’re also known for being a bit sly and throwing themselves at the slingshot.

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The Angry Birds collection, Terence has been dubbed Terence is Big Bird and is also the most powerful bird in the group. Terence is a massive red bird that looks like his brother Red.

He is quiet and has a sensible personality since he enjoys peace and quiet.

11. King PIG

Leader of green piggies King Pig Smooth Cheeks is way too fat to be King. The character he portrays isn’t very bright, and at initially appears like other pigs that have smaller bodies.

The King Pig is also known for his baffling his mean, greedy and childish nature. King Pig also is a royal painter minion pig called Artist Pig.


Admired by their fans for their adorable characteristics They are Hatchlings are baby birds born with different genders, colors and appearances, according to their parents.

They are known for their small hands, feet and beaks, and their eyes are large. Hatchlings are adorable. Hatchlings are also playful and adorable.


The character first appeared in the Angry Birds movie 2, Courtney is a pig that is based in a millennial entitled who enjoys playing music, and spends the majority of her time on her mobile.

Even so, Courtney is the most skilled and competent assistant to Leonard. Courtney also wears braces and hot pink headphones as well as a smartphone.

14. Garry

Like the geeky character Q of James Bond films, Garry is a pig with a geeky personality. James Bond movies, Garry is a cocky pig who oversees the creation of the newest and most innovative gadgets at the Pig Lab for the mission of the team piggy.

The character perfectly portrays the characteristics of an inventor from his mustache to large glasses.


The video game that puzzles Bad Piggies features a young freckled pig called Ross who is famous for his love of building transport vehicles.

In addition to the aforementioned pig, there are many other piggies who are bad including the Corporal Pig, who’s in charge of the education of other pigs and the pig named Handsome, whom is the Bad Princess Gale is known for her smitting.

16. ZETA

The first name was Zelda, Zeta is the head in Eagle Island who wants to make Bird Island and Piggy Island into her perfect summer retreat.

She is based off the Philippine Eagle along with Mighty Eagle’s ex-wife as well as Debbie’s mother. Debbie.


Ethan Mighty Eagle is based on a huge bald eagle that likes Sardines and has the ability to eliminate the pigs. Within the video game Angry Birds, he is the only character to require unlocking.

However, in the film the film, he’s portrayed as a hero who is less powerful and a coward because he is overweight.


Who is the most ferocious Bird?

While portrayed as a mythological figure far from his prime, Mighty Eagle is considered the most powerful Angry Bird in the franchise.

Ethan is also taller than the other birds and also can be killed with one hit in all game levels. Additionally, Ethan was featured with an amazing feather in the show”Red’s Mighty Feathers.

Who is the most angry Bird?

In the main group, Terence is considered the most popular of the franchise. Terence was introduced in the Angry Birds Space along with the bird of protection named Ice Bird.

Also, Red is among the most powerful Red’s gang and the second strongest in the series , after Ethan.

In addition, Terence was developed with an anthropomorphic shape, which gives him a larger build.

In a summary

No matter if you’re a fan of franchises or an avid bird-lover We hope that our guide has helped you understand the names of every feathered friend and piggy, as well as which is the most well-known Angry Birds character is.

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