What is GameFi and how Does It Do Its Work?


GameFi refers to blockchain-based play-to-earn games that provide financial incentives for players. The majority of players earn NFT and cryptocurrency through completing tasks, fighting opponents, and moving through various game levels.

In contrast to traditional video games many blockchain games allow players transfer gaming items from the game’s virtual world. This lets players trade their possessions through NFT marketplaces as well as earn crypto earnings from cryptocurrency exchanges.


GameFi has rapidly taken over the gaming industry as it has since the advent of Axie Infinity. It entices players by giving players the opportunity to earn money while enjoying themselves. What exactly is GameFi and what makes it different from the games we’re used to?

What exactly is GameFi?

What is GameFi and how Does It Do Its Work?

GameFi is a blend of the words”game” and “finance. It is a reference to play-to-earn-blow-chain games that provide economic rewards for players. The GameFi ecosystem utilizes cryptocurrency and NFTs, or non-fungible currencies (NFTs) and the blockchain to provide a virtual gaming space.

In general, players get rewards in the game through completing tasks, fighting opponents, and progressing through different levels of the game. Players can also transfer assets out of the game and trade on cryptocurrency exchanges and NFT marketplaces.

What is GameFi? GameFi function?

In GameFi the rewards could be in a variety of ways, including cryptocurrency or in-game assets such as virtual worlds avatars, weapons, and even costumes. Every GameFi project will use the game’s own model and economy. In the majority of cases the assets in game are NFTs that run on blockchain that means they are able to be traded through NFT marketplaces. In some cases however, the in-game assets must be converted to an NFT before users are able to sell or trade the assets.

In general, assets in the game will offer certain advantages to players, which allows players to receive more rewards. However, certain games have avatars and other cosmetics that are only visual, and have no effect on the game’s gameplay or income.

According to the game they play the players get rewards for performing tasks, fighting others, and by building built structures that can be monetized on their piece of land. Certain games allow players to earn passive income while playing the game. This can be done by taking stakes or by giving their games assets away to players. Let’s examine some of the most popular features that are available in GameFi.

Play-to-earn model (P2E)

The heart of GameFi projects, we offer the play-to-earn (P2E) to be a new game mode. It’s distinct from the traditional pay-to-play system used in traditional games. Pay-to play requires players to pay before they are able to play. For instance video games such as Call of Duty need players to buy licenses, or purchase recurring subscriptions.

In the majority of cases traditional video games don’t bring any financial benefits for players and the assets they have in game are managed and owned by the gaming industry. Contrarily, P2E games can give players complete control over their game assets and also provide opportunities for players to earn money.

But, remember that it’s all dependent on the game model and style adopted in GameFi. GameFi projects. Blockchain technology may (and ought to) provide players with complete control over their game assets, but this isn’t always the situation. It is important to know the mechanics of the game and who’s involved before you dive involved in the P2E game.

Another thing to consider one thing to note is P2E games may be free to play and provide financial benefits to players. However, certain GameFi projects require the purchase of NFTs or cryptoassets prior to you are able to play. It’s crucial to DYOR and assess the risk. If the P2E sport requires significant cost to begin and has a small reward it is most likely to be losing the initial investment.

The most well-known game that you can earn money playing are Axie Infinity. This is an Ethereum-based NFT game that’s seen a rise in popularity since the year 2018. Gamers can make use of their pets from NFT (Axies) for earning SLP tokens for playing daily quests, and also fighting against other players.

Additionally, they can earn AXS rewards when they manage to reach an appropriate PvP ranking. Furthermore, AXS and SLP can be used to produce new Axies that can be utilized in game or traded on the officially-owned NFT marketplace.

In addition to buying and selling Axies players are also able to offer the Axies for other players giving owners the opportunity to earn income without participating in the game. This type of lending model is known as scholarship. It permits scholars to utilize Axies borrowed from others to play games and gain rewards.

Also owners of Axie can earn an income from their passive activities while scholars can participate in the game with no investments. The rewards earned are divided between scholars and Axie owners.

Digital ownership of assets

As we’ve mentioned blockchain technology permits ownership of digital assets, which means that players are able to earn money from their assets within games in many different ways.

Like video games, players are able to have avatars, pets, homes tools, weapons, and more. However, in GameFi the assets can be created or issued by creating NFTs on the blockchain (also called NFT minting). This allows users to take complete authority over the assets they own with a verifiable and authentic ownership.

A few popular metaverse games, like Decentraland as well as The Sandbox, focus on the idea of land ownership. The games allow players to earn money by selling their virtual property. Through The Sandbox, gamers can buy digital pieces of land and further develop them to earn revenues. For example, they could charge other players that visit their property or earn token rewards for hosting events and content, or rent their custom-designed property with other users.

Applications DeFi

Certain GameFi projects also provide DeFi-related products and features including Staking, liquidity mining or yield farm. In most cases, players stake their game tokens in order to get rewards, gain access to unique items, and gain access to new levels of gaming.

Incorporating DeFi elements may allow crypto gaming to be more open to decentralization. Contrary to traditional game studios, which are centralized in their control of its game update process, certain GameFi projects permit the community to take part in the decision-making process. They can make suggestions and even approve future updates using autonomous decentralized organizations (DAOs).

For instance, Decentraland players can vote on the game’s policies and in-game rules through the locking of their management tokens (MANA) within the DAO. As many tokens that they lock, the more their vote ability. This lets players interact directly with game designers and have a direct impact on the development of their game.

Can video games be considered GameFi?

Traditional players of video games are also able to earn in-game currency and also collect digital assets that can be used to upgrade their character. But the tokens and other items cannot (or should not) be traded out within the context of the game. In the majority of cases they aren’t even of any value that isn’t part that the game offers. However, even when they do, players are typically restricted from trading or monetizing their assets in real life.

In games that use blockchain the game’s assets and tokens are generally NFTs and cryptocurrencies. There are some games that make use of virtual tokens, not NFTs or cryptos, but players are still allowed to convert their game assets into NFTs should they would like. This means that gamers are able to transfer their profits into crypto wallets and sell their crypto assets on exchanges or marketplaces for NFT. They can later transform their crypto gains into fiat currencies too.

How can I start playing GameFi games?

There are a myriad of blockchain games on the market and they all function differently. Beware of scam projects or fake web sites. Connecting your wallet to the internet or downloading games from any website could be risky. It is recommended that you make a new cryptocurrency wallet that is specifically designed for this purpose , and only make use of funds that you are willing to risk losing. If you’re confident that the game you have found is secure then take these actions to start.

Create a wallet that is crypto

To enter to the GameFi world, you require an acceptable cryptocurrency wallet like Trust Wallet or MetaMask. In the case of the game you’re playing, it may require different wallets, or connect to different blockchain networks.

If, for instance, you wish to play games that require blockchain in the BNB Smart Chain (former Binance Smart Chain) You must join to your MetaMask with BSC. BSC system first. You may also connect Trust Wallet as well as any other cryptocurrency wallet that supports it. Visit the official website of the game to see which wallets they have support for.

Additionally, you can connect your cryptocurrency bank account with the Ethereum blockchain to access the majority of games within the Ethereum network. However, certain games such as Axie Infinity or Gods Unchained can create their own wallets to cut cost and boost performance.

Axie Infinity is built on Ethereum and their team created the Ronin network to serve as an sidechain. In order to use it, you have to utilize an officially-issued Ronin Wallet to interact with the Axie Infinity ecosystem. As an alternative to it is the Ronin system makes it less expensive to exchange and breed Axies and reduces the cost of playing.

Link your bank account to the game

To play a game on blockchain you must join your bank account. Be sure to connect to the official website of the game and not fake copies. Visit the official website of the game, and then look for the link to join your cryptocurrency wallet.

Contrary to traditional online games which require an account with a login and password many blockchain games utilize your cryptocurrency wallet to act as an account to play, and you’ll probably be required to verify an account on your wallet before you are able to connect to play.

Make sure you have the right requirements for playing

The majority of GameFi projects require you to buy their cryptocurrency token or NFTs in-game to begin. The requirements for each game differ from to game, however it is important to consider the potential for earning and general risks. You should estimate the amount of time it could be to earn that initial capital back, and then begin earning profits.

If you’re interested in playing Axie Infinity, you need 3 Axies to play with in your game’s wallet. They can be purchased from Axie Marketplace. Axie Marketplace. To purchase Axiesyou will need wrapped in ETH (WETH) within the Ronin Wallet. You can purchase ETH via crypto exchanges like Binance and then use your Ronin bridge for transferring the funds into Your Ronin Wallet. For more details, look up How to Use the Ronin Wallet?

If you’re short of funds or aren’t willing to risk your life, think about seeking out an opportunity to participate in a scholarship program. They let you take out NFTs to playwith, however you’ll have to split your profits with NFT owners.

GameFi’s future GameFi

The amount of GameFi projects has increased dramatically since 2021 and is likely to increase in the years ahead. In March 2022 there were over 1400 blockchain-based games available on DappRadar. There are now games that are popular across multiple blockchains like Ethereum, BNB Smart Chain (BSC), Polygon, Harmony, Solana, and numerous others.

As blockchain technology develops as it does, the GameFi increasing trend is expected to continue at a rapid speed. The possibility of owning game-specific assets and earn revenue through games is what makes GameFi extremely appealing, particularly in countries that are developing.

Final thoughts

Since the beginning of Bitcoin we’ve seen players trying their luck at simple games on the web trying to earn BTC profit. While BTC games remain however, the rise of Ethereum and smart contracts definitely revolutionized the world of blockchain-based gaming that can now offer many more sophisticated and engaging experience.

It’s not difficult to see the way GameFi draws players by combining entertainment with financial rewards. Due to the rising popularity of blockchain-based games, we’ll most likely see an increase in the number of large companies forming the metaverse

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