Wreckfest: 8 Top Car Types


Here are our picks for the best Wreckfest cars, from the HammerHead and RoadSlayer.

Wreckfest is a serious approach to full contact racing, while most racing titles follow simulation or arcade tracks. There are many collisions that win positions. These include perfectly timed T-bones and salvaging a corner with an opponent.

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Wreckfests are just one turn away of destroying every car on the grid. This is a stark departure from the clean race lines, photorealistic models and marquee realistic racing titles such as the Forza or Gran Turismo. It takes more than just brawn to run a race from the back to the top. Wreckfest’s most successful vehicles show that acceleration, top speed and cornering are often done in tandem.

Rocket Class C Midsize: A versatile, American classic. Get it for free


Wreckfest is your home. Even if you have never raced and don’t have any experience, this car is a great freebie to get you started. Although the Rocket may not be the fastest (5.0 base speed top speed), or the strongest (4.1 base strength), players behind it will learn all about Wreckfest: wrecking, racing, bonus objectives, and event types.

The best part is that the Rocket is completely free. This boon applies to players who are more budget-conscious when buying a car. Its versatility across events teaches lessons about race-specific tuning and the interplay of upgrades and armor that allow cars to move between classes. Wreckfest vehicles can be driven with the correct settings and driving style. The RX is the souped up variant. It’s a more powerful (8.4 base acceleration), and more drift-prone option that can be used in conjunction with a long Tournament grind.

How to get it:

  • Start of single-player Career mode free
  • Rocket RX is available in the Tournament Mode store for 100,000 fame.

KillerBee Class C Compact: A Spritely Speedster that’s a bit lacking in strength

The tiny KillerBee is a powerful giant-killer that lives in a Fiat 60s-era car. The compact, agile and fast car accelerates quickly (3.8) and maintains a respectable topspeed (4.6), while navigating traffic and corners (4.0). KillerBee can be difficult to catch on the open track, but is easy to knock aside when in contact with another animal (1.7 base strength). It’s unlikely that a KillerBee with a badly mangled tail will make it to the end after a hard-fought battle against an aggressive field.

Unlocking the KillerBeeS later will render the original obsolete. It is better in all ways, but equally fragile when it comes to trading paint. The upgraded KillerBeeS zooms through creases and topples larger and more meaner opponents, with the risk-reward ratio being either a DNF or 1st.

How to get it:

  • For 4,050 credit, it is available on the market
  • KillerBee S can be unlocked in Career mode as a reward for the Attack of the Killer B Event.

HammerHead Class B Wagon: A Swift Turbo Drifter With Space For Four

The HammerHead, a Wreckfest favourite, is unbeatable for its long build (5.7 base speed). This speed wagon is based on the 1975 Volvo Estate and sprints quickly off the line (5.3 base acceleration), while carrying enough weight to withstand the bitter nudges from those it passes (3.6 basis strength).

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HammerHead is able to handle oversteer and has satisfying drift control (5.1 base cornering). It’s all fun and games until you dive into its long back end. The Tournament store’s new RS model is a top-tier favourite that excels in almost every category, especially acceleration (7.1), and its lighter weight.

How to get it:

  • Unlocked at level 15, available on the market for 13,780 credit
  • HammerHead RS can be purchased in the Tournament Store for 70,000 fame.

GateCrasher Class A Full-Size Heavy Metal With A Heavy Petal

Wreckfest is similar to its wreck-racing cousin Burnout Paradise. It rewards damage almost as much than speedy lap times. GateCrasher is the car that top cars choose to survive. The Chevy Monte Carlo doppelganger is extremely fast (6.8 base speed top speed), strong (5.3), and very sloppy in most turns (3.7% base cornering). GateCrasher is an aggressive and fast car that can be woken up in a few seconds. Once it does, GateCrasher will be a beast of acceleration and aggression (7.5).

Wreckfest is just like Forza. It has its fair share of slower vehicles, often one trick ponies that sacrifice speed in favor of spectacle. The dual-use of GateCrasher as a derby weapon and demolition racer is the opposite. Corner bombing is frowned upon but if Venom flashes broadside, a GateCrasher will handle it better than most.

How to get it:

  • Available on the market for 19,990 credit

Rammer, Full-Size Class C: A Bully with Top Speed Stride

It’s the large-bodied Rammer sedan, which evokes memories of stock cars from yesteryear. The Rammer, as its name suggests, is a massive rear-wheeled beast that lumbers around the track without regard for its surroundings (4.8 base strength). It has a top speed of 5.0 and the physical ability to defeat faster (usually less sturdy) opponents. Although Rammer’s initial acceleration is only 2.9, it is still formidable with full steam.

The RS model jumps to higher class races by switching from 4-speed to 5-speed transmission. Performance increases all around. RS addresses acceleration (5.5), but the original Rammer is faster on straightaways.

How to get it:

  • 6,940 credit available on the market
  • Rammer RS can be unlocked in reward for the Ramming It Down Challenge in Career.

Boomer Class B Midsize: Too big for compact, too small for full-size, too quick for all

The Boomer is a midsize car with 6.2 base cornering, but it weaves through tight corners like a compact. It will be seen at the front of the pack, zipping through traffic, pivoting quickly, and then accelerating off. Boomer excels in acceleration (6.1), but it is weak in strength (1.9). As your opponents throw shoulderchecks and dodge destruction with each turn, hold on to your lunch.

In capable hands, the RS model can be a top-tier king. It is capable of driving defensively to the front and running straight to a first place finish. A charging Boomer RS with exceptional acceleration (8.1) or cornering (8.1), is always a threat and a target.

How to get it:

  • Unlocked at level 10, available on the market for 13650 credits
  • Boomer RS can be unlocked for The Underdog Challenge in Career.

SpeedDemon Class A Midsize: A Blazing Import that Folds Like Paper

The SpeedDemon appears to be based on an older Toyota Supra. This Japanese street-racing royalty is a far cry from the neon glow of its Need for Speed appearances. It excels at what it does best, which is going fast (8.1 acceleration and 7.2 top speed). SpeedDemon is very hard to beat on ovals and tarmac, as well as other speed-intensive tracks. SpeedDemon is comparable to Sunrise Super and Venom in terms of handling (6.0 cornering) as well as survivability (4.5 strength).

SpeedDemon is not a perfect machine. It can drag a messy mess from the start to the finish after a collision. The power of the rear-wheeled SpeedDemon can cause unruly handling, and even near-uselessness on dirt and gravel. You’ll be a class act and leave your opponents behind if you stick to the asphalt and give the maulers a wide berth.

How to get it:

  • Unlocked at level 32, available on the market for 25,190 credit

RoadSlayer Class B Full Size: A Top-Tier Beast with All-Around Balance

The RoadSlayer is the best-selling car in Class B (or Class A) with tuning and upgrades. The RoadSlayer is a classic American gas guzzler from the 70’s. The RoadSlayer has rear-wheeled power. It boasts a 5.6 acceleration and a 5.3 top speed. The RoadSlayer’s rear-wheel drive allows for a smooth drift and the ability to accelerate out of corners easily. RoadSlayer finishes at the top of the leaderboards with power, control, and enough power to challenge any speedster trying to pass (4.4 strength).

RoadSlayer GT increases acceleration (7.5) as well as top speed (6.9). This improves on the original’s power slide/power out strategy. RoadSlayer GT is a balanced, capable class A vehicle that remains a top choice.

How to get it:

  • You can purchase 16,100 credits on the market, but you cannot unlock it at level 23.
  • Roadslayer GT can be unlocked in reward for the Slaying the Road Event in Career.


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