Wreckfest Beginner’s Tips: Careers, Tuning, Challenges, and More.

Wreckfest Beginner’s Tips

Wreckfest is back on PC after being available for a while. It offers a full-fledged career mode and a great car deformation engine. You can also drive a combine harvester and crush 20+ lawnmowers. Yours is larger than mine.

For those racing game enthusiasts who are more familiar with GT Sport or Forza Motorsport, Wreckfest can be a daunting experience. We have some tips to help you get behind the wheel of one Wreckfest’s battered bangers. A little.

1. Be aggressive, be aggressive

Although this is obvious, it needs to be stated. Wreckfest rewards you for getting involved and destroying your competitors to pieces. Rear end the car in front of you if they slow down to turn the corner. You’ll earn EXP, and often force them off the track. However, you will still be able to take the corner without any problems.

Wreckfest Beginner’s Tips

The game’s mechanics back the tagline “drive hard, death last”, which is not just marketing slogan. You take more damage if you’re moving faster than the other car when you collide. You can also hit harder if you are moving faster.

You can also channel your inner Cobra Kai and show no mercy. Wreckfest vehicles have an overall health score, as well as armour on both the front and back. A car that loses armour on one of its sides takes more damage overall, so it is best to “sweep the legs”.

2. Check out Your Events

There are many types of events in the career mode, such as banger racers and destruction derbies. We’ll also be discussing special events. It is worth checking whether the derby event is a deathmatch, or a last-man standing affair. Deathmatches reward constant destruction and are point-based, while last man standing events only concern the survivor. This requires a more cautious approach to victory.

3. Special Events

The Career Mode championships often include special events and challenges. While they don’t provide much in terms of points, they can offer rewards in form of new vehicles. You can use the special vehicles, such as the school bus, to get you online. However, the events that unlock new versions regular cars like the Rammer RS will help you save credits for a new B-class car.

4. Tuning Is Necessary

You can make your car perform better than most other racing games by getting under the hood. Wreckfest makes it easy to tune your car and gives you a map of the track so you can customize the setup for each race.

The road surface on which you are racing will affect the suspension tuning. Materials like dirt favor a soft suspension, while tarmac demands a stiff suspension. Mixed roads surfaces are somewhere in the middle, depending on what percentages. This is what the game will tell you. Your speed and acceleration are affected by your gear ratio. A higher top speed at high speeds comes at the expense of acceleration. A shorter gearing ratio will allow for faster acceleration and a lower top speed. You want the ratio to be set so you don’t reach your maximum speed halfway down the track’s longest straight.

For advanced players, brake balance tuning and differential tuning are for you. These have an impact on handling and cornering. You can leave them as is and still be successful in the game. However, if you really want to reduce lap times, you might consider using those.

5. Tailor Your Upgrades

You can add a number of upgrades to your car’s engine. Players can also buy armour that will protect your car against big hits. This can affect your acceleration and speed. You should tailor your upgrades to your race. You should stock up on armour upgrades for derby events. Folk racing allows you to use less armour.

6. Difficulties of Difficulty

Wreckfest, like Forza has a customizable difficulty system that lets you adjust how difficult you want it to be. You can adjust the severity of safety systems such as ABS and Traction Control, along with how hard you want it to be. You will earn an EXP multiplier for every assist you turn down or off, and the harder the AI is. Then, determine the difficulty settings that are most suitable for you and reap the rewards.

7. Bonus Challenges

One or two bonus challenges will be offered by career events, including causing damage or finishing in a certain place or causing spin-outs. They are completely optional and offer EXP rewards for completing them. However, it is not a large amount. EXP can be very useful as it unlocks new cars and upgrades that you can purchase. However, you don’t have to do them all. It’s usually not worth it to wreck cars at folk racing events.

8. Podium Finishes

Although you might think podium finishes are the best tip for racing games, I’m here to tell you that it is not. You can unlock new items like engine, armour, or visual upgrades for you vehicles if you place consistently in the top three in each event.

9. Your Mini-Map is Here!

The mini-map is one of the best tools for surviving events in Wreckfest. It can be found on the right side of your screen. The mini-map can be used to protect yourself against attackers from behind in standard races. In derby events, however, the map acts like your eyes. The map can be used to identify and eliminate stragglers in order to score more points.

10. Reset Often

Many racing games have a reset button that allows you to teleport back to the track if you go too fast. Although you can reset only if you are moving very slowly, if you are slow enough to reset, it is possible to get rammed.

Resetting allows you to return to the track with temporary immunity against collisions. This will allow you to avoid being smacked around. This feature is especially useful in races where things go wrong. It allows you to quickly and efficiently recover. You can also reset your computer during derby events to avoid massive damage. It can’t be used at the beginning of an event and it cannot be spammed repeatedly.

11. You can grind it out if necessary

You can launch one or two events if you reach a point in your career where you require extra credits. Set up a destruction derby with 23 AI racers and you driving a school bus. You should be able to get enough credits and EXP for the next 5-10 minutes.


Ten Pro Tips for Playing Wreckfest.