The ultimate Xbox controller for you to purchase for 2023.

Simple, top-quality, inexpensive and customizable there are a lot of options

It’s not obvious however, but we’re living through the golden age of gaming controllers. The gaming controllers available today are of higher quality with more versatility, as well as more adaptable than those that was available only two console generations ago. This includes the myriad of third-party options offered by such companies as PowerA, Scuf, Nacon and Turtle Beach and as well as first-party controllers made by Nintendo and the other console manufacturers. The days of inexpensive, “little sibling” controller that looked great but only did not function properly are gone.

You can now select among a wide range of controllers. And if you’re playing on Xbox or Windows PC, the same option is available for both. So, let’s assume that your preferred console will be either that of Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S. Which is the best choice for you? We’ve looked at a variety of controllers to determine the top Xbox controller that you can purchase.

The Standard Xbox Wireless Controller was the top option It may seem simple, but it’s the best choice for a myriad of reasons – flexibility as well as comfort and more. Beyond that, we’ll take through the benefits and drawbacks of the other controllers that merit your consideration, from high-end options such as those from the Xbox Elite Series 2 and Scuf Instinct Pro to some good affordable options such as The PowerA Enhanced Wireless Controller.

There are of course older models which are still compatiblefor example, Xbox One controllers are forward compatible with the Xbox Series X / S However, our goal is to help you decide what’s being sold right now. There are categories that can guide you in your purchase and determine the most suitable one for your needs, as well as the option to customize it, which could provide a slight advantage when playing multiplayer games.

Best Xbox controllers 2022

1. Microsoft Xbox Wireless Controller

2. PowerA Enhanced Wired Controller

3. Microsoft Xbox Elite Series 2

4. Scuf Instinct Pro

5. Nacon Revolution X

6. Turtle Beach Recon

Other controllers that are worth knowing about


Best Xbox controllers 2022|

The standard Xbox controller looks great, feels great, plays great, and is available in cool colors.

1. Microsoft Xbox Wireless Controller |

The most effective Xbox controller for the majority of people.

Okay, I know the question you’re asking yourself. “The most effective controller for the Xbox can be the model that is included in the Xbox?” That may seem like a straightforward proposition however, I can assure you that it’s not. This “standard” controller does get the title of the most suitable option for many Xbox gamers. It might not have the features we’ll cover on the premium controllers however, this is the result of four generations of first-party controllers prior to it -and it’s evident.

This is the only budget-friendly wireless device available because of Microsoft’s exclusive wireless protocol. Although some might be disappointed the fact that it uses the AA batteries, not the built-in rechargeable cell this also means that it’s flexible, and can be recharged with batteries, or AAs. It also functions as a wired device when coupled with a USB-C connection and the user-replaceable battery means you won’t be stuck with the controller that has lost its charge even after many years of usage.

Xbox Wireless Controller

$47.99$59.9920 20% off It’s the official Xbox Wireless Controller has a shared button to save videos and images and sharing them on the internet, Bluetooth support, and an USB-C port to charge Microsoft’s rechargeable play-and-charge battery.


However, the standard Xbox pad isn’t only great due to its connectivity. The actual hardware is superb for its $60 price. The buttons, sticks triggers, as well as the sunken dish-shaped D-pad are extremely comfortable with an enthralling click. If you’re a ferocious combat game player it is possible that you’d prefer the classic arcade-style stick, or controller designed specifically for this type of game, one that has an outstanding D-pad such as the Horipad Pro. Horipad Pro — however, it’s the Xbox Wireless Controller is an outstanding jack-of-all trades.AAA batteries might not be the best choice, but you can also get rechargeable packs that are added-on, such as this one byHori.Attention to Detail: Microsoft color matches the flashing Xbox button on that controller.

One thing that the controller isn’t able to offer as compared to more expensive options is the addition of customizable buttons, as well as software tuning to things like stick sensitivity. Microsoft can offer cosmetic changes via the Xbox Design Lab that ranges between $69.99 to $99.94 according to the settings. There’s a lot you can love about these controllers, regardless of whether you build your own or select one of the many colors Microsoft offers.PowerA’s Enhanced Wired Controller is a fantastic bargain. It comes with a wide range of designs and colors.

2. PowerA Advanced Wired Controller |

The most affordable controller for Xbox

If you’re in search of an outstanding controller, but don’t have lots of money to invest — and you’re willing to accept the cable option, the PowerA Enhanced Wired Controller is an excellent value, without having to sacrifice too much. The retail price for the Enhanced Wired Controller is $37.99 However, some colors are priced to as low as $25. The Enhanced Wired Controller comes in the large variety of colors and designs as well as licensed versions from games like Mass Effect and Fallout. Some of these designs could cause you to believe that these are fakes or cheap imitations however, it’s the design and quality that could surprise you once you play with it.

PowerA Advanced Wired Controller

$25.99$37.9932 Discount of %

Its PowerA Enhanced Wired Controller is an affordable wired controller to Xbox and PC that connects using Micro USB and features two adjustable buttons on the rear. It is available in a variety of designs and colors.

$25.99 AT AMAZON$29.99 AT BEST BUY

Let’s first eliminate its main drawbacks to the forefront: it utilizes an Micro USB connection (gross, I know). At the very least, you get an extended, detachable cable. However, the fact that it doesn’t have an adapter that can be reversed is a hassle. The good news is that there’s nothing else about this controller seems old-fashioned. The build quality is good, and it comes with two buttons that can be mapped to the rear that are built into the gripsan excellent feature to get at this low price.

The remainder of the PowerA Wireless Controller includes a lot of table stakes, however it does everything for a reasonable price. PowerA has left out the impulse trigger rumble and rumble, but if there’s a aspect that is worth sacrificing I’d suggest that this is the best option. On the other hand this Enhanced Wired Controller comes with the two-year warranty that is twice as long as expensive alternatives such as Microsoft’s Elite Series 2 offer.The programmable rear buttons are simple to use without obstructions.The image alt=”If this controller was only equipped with an USB-C connector rather than Micro USB.” data-nimg=”responsive” src=”×680%3A1021x681)″/>If this controller only included USB-C instead of Micro USB.

PowerA gives you a ton of value for money with the Enhanced Wired Controller when you’re in a budget-conscious position. It’s worth noting that when you have more cash to spare it’s PowerA Fusion Pro 2 is a great option. PowerA Fusion Pro 2 is an excellent controller that is over its weight in its class. Its Fusion Pro 2 looks a little like an imitation from the Microsoft Elite Series 2, but its price at $89.99 is usually by as little as $62.99. It’s a good option to purchase if you’re seeking an elite controller with extra options, such as four rear paddles as well as rubberized grips. However, you are able to afford the standard Xbox controller.The PowerA Fusion Pro 2 also is a great choice for people looking for premium features, but in a tight budget.

PowerA Fusion Pro 2

$62.97$89.9930 Discount of %

PowerA Fusion Pro PowerA Fusion Pro is an cost-effective replacement for that of the Xbox Elite Series 2 controller. It has switches that can be swapped, mappable back paddle buttons as well as friction rings and the ability to zip up the case. The wired controller comes with an 3.5mm audio jack that can be used with headphones, and is connected via USB-C.

$62.97 AT AMAZON$62.99 AT TARGETThe Xbox Elite Series 2 is built with premium materials and is a stylish, subtle style.

3. Microsoft Xbox Elite Series 2|

The most high-end controller for Xbox

The ultimate Xbox controller for you to purchase for 2023.The Xbox Elite Series 2 controller is Microsoft’s fancy superior version of the stock controller. It’s also outdated it was launched one year prior to when that the Xbox Series X / S consoles were released. It does have an USB-C port as well as wireless support, it does not have the Share button that is found on the most recent Xbox Wireless Controller. It compensates by delivering excellent build quality, additional buttons, swappable sticks for users and D-pads, and plenty of personalization.

If you buy the Xbox Elite controller, you immediately recognize the quality of the materials that go into it. While the standard controller is an unassuming plastic construction The Elite blends premium material with grips made of rubber as well as pieces of metal. Incorporate this with the rechargeable battery that is built in then the Elite is significantly heavier than its cheaper counterparts. It also comes in a dock for charging, as well as a zip-up case that allows the ability to charge through.


Xbox Elite Series 2

$153.95$179.9914 percent off

The Xbox Elite Series 2 is definitely one of our top controllers here at The Verge. It’s an upgrade on the previously excellent Elite Controller, with deep customization options, rear paddle buttons, a swappable D-pad as well as analog sticks which allow you to customize its layout to fit your preferences.


While the fit and finish is important, the most crucial elements that could provide you with an advantage are the locks for hair triggers and the paddles on the rear. The hair trigger will allow you to shoot quicker when playing shooters and the rear paddles let users to jump, crouch or reload. and without having to take your thumb off the stick that you are using to aim. However, using the many buttons at the rear of the controller requires some adjustment. It is necessary to develop new muscles, and as it requires dexterity using more fingers, it’s not suitable for everyone.

These features of the highest quality come at a an expensive price as well. For instance, the Elite Series 2 is normally priced at $179.99 although it can be found at $139.99 however, it’s more than twice as costly than a standard Xbox controller. You must really want additional features and preferences, and if not using the paddles on its rear or the software-based adjustments that adjust stick’s speed, then you’re not receiving the value you pay for. But, Microsoft just released the stripped-down “Core” edition costing $129.99, for an affordable method to join the Elite. It’s a good option for those who prefer the black-and-white appearance, but purchasing an optional $59.99 accessories package to complement the Series 2’s configuration costs the Core the same price, which is $10 more.The D-pad made of metal that looks like a dish is a masterpiece. Unfortunately it’s far from the top D-pad available.The four paddles with removable parts at the rear are located below the trigger locks as well as the docking pins for charging.


Also, you should be aware that the Elite is not without its flaws. It has an image of poor quality control, and there are many users reporting horror stories of having to go through numerous replacements under warranty. Microsoft has extended the warranty of the controller from 90 days to one year in the final quarter of 2020 to alleviate issues, however purchasing the Elite Series 2 may still appear to be a somewhat risky option. If you can nail the best sequence of changing to your pistol and launching the headshot using a swift click on the trigger for hair, while your fingers remain firmly on the stick — it could be worth it.The Instinct Pro from Scuf is a premium product that’s extremely customizable — with an additional cost.

4. Scuf Instinct Pro|

The second-pricier option is the Elite

The Scuf Instinct Pro finds itself in a odd position, since it’s the only wireless controller that isn’t a third-party, however, it’s also costliest Xbox controller available (it begins at $199.99). The one I tried came around $263.91 with a unique faceplate and colored accents. This is more than what even the Xbox Series S occasionally sells for the full console. But, you’ll be getting a great deal If you’re willing to spend the amount The Instinct Pro is certainly superior to Microsoft’s Elite in certain aspects, including its ergonomics and use of hair and rear buttons. triggers.

Scuf Instinct Pro

$209.99$219.995 20% off

The Scuf Instinct Pro is its top-tier controller for Xbox consoles as well as PC. It’s the only third-party wireless controller that is available. For its extremely high cost you can get rubberized grips with maps built-in back paddle buttons hair-trigger locks, interchangeable sticks and user-configurable cosmetics.

$209.99 At SCUF $229.99 AT AMAZON

The Instinct Pro features very distinct rear buttons which I personally prefer. Instead of paddles the Instinct Pro has four buttons that resemble rockers in the body of the controller, which you can push towards and away from the hands using the middle finger. It’s not perfect, but it takes the brain to be trained to get used to it, however I found them to be more intuitive.

Apart from the rear buttons The Scuf’s most notable characteristic are its triggers for hair that have the fastest response of any controller that we tested. Simply flick a switch at the back, and both the both triggers make you feel like you’re using like a mouse. It’s an incredibly satisfying. Hair triggers, the back buttons, as well as the fantastic texture of the grip material on the controller’s bottom can make this controller enjoyable to use.The faceplate that is magnetic and sticks are simple to remove and swap.The image alt=”Scuf’s rear rocker buttons as well as rubber grips textured with rubber are intricately elaborate.” data-nimg=”responsive” src=”×680%3A1021x681)″/>Scuf’s rocker buttons on the rear and grips made of rubber are exquisitely precise.

Instinct Pro Instinct Pro feels like Scuf simply hot-rodded an existing Xbox controller, but as all items of a high-end brand it has huge costs. It still runs on batteries that are AA and has no the ability to customize software So, as much as I love the use of it, I’d recommend it if you’re absolutely devoted to its particular features or you enjoy the vibrant features and faceplates that can be swapped magnetically in the configurator of Scuf.The Nacon Revolution X looks a bit cheap at first however, its top features are packed with the most extensive personalization.

5. Nacon Revolution X|

The most customizable controller

Its Nacon Revolution X may be worthy of an award for its terrible names, but its main strength lies in its immense customisation. If you’re someone who enjoys endlessly tweaking numerous settings then this controller is for you. It’s normally priced at $99.99 The corded Revolution X and its added features aren’t inexpensive, but it is more reasonable in comparison to the other controllers it competes with.

When you first get it, the Revolution X, it seems to be unassuming and a bit expensive. While it’s not the prettiest however, it’s a design is function controller. It’s comfortable to hold, and its four buttons that are built in the grips are large and well-contoured. The true stars of the show are, however, these analog sticks, and also their software-based customizations along with the many custom options that can be customized to customize the internal workings that the control.

Nacon Revolution X


It’s the RIG Nacon Revolution X is wired controller that works with Xbox consoles as well as Windows PCs, that provides an array of highly detailed options for customizing the software. It also has four adjustable rear buttons, as well as adjustable sticks and weights that can be inserted into the grips to increase the heft of the.

$99.99 At BEST BUY $99.99 at AMAZON

Although other controllers that can be customized by users come with three profiles that to switch between The Revolution X has four -and there’s a “classic” mode that has basic settings as well as a ring of RGB lights on the right stick to let you know what the mode is. The software isn’t the most user-friendly but the controls are extremely detailed. There are thankfully, helpful starting points that include presets for arcade fighting games, racing FPS games even shooting. It’s much easier to comprehend when you have examples of various genres of games. You can also change and customize every control button and an Dolby Atmos Headphones application license that gives you plenty of options to customize your experience.The grips on the rear are open to allow additional extra weights.The controller cables, sticks tops and grips and stick rings are contained in the zippered case.

The flexibility doesn’t end with software audio, lighting, or but also lighting. Revolution X comes with a variety of accessories. Revolution X comes with ring spacers that can adjust your analog stick’s range also, and several tiny weights that range between 10g and 16g that you can put into the grips of the device to add an extra quantity of weight.

If you take all of the features above, you’ll will see how the Nacon is a fantastic controller for playing around with. It took me a while to adjust to this controller but once I had it having it set up in the manner I wanted and it became an extremely effective controller in various game genres.It is the Turtle Beach Recon controller’s biggest advantages lie in its wide range of audio-related controls.

6. Turtle Beach Recon|

The best gun controller

Turtle Beach is known for its headsets, and it’s not surprising that its Recon wired controller comes with solid audio controls. The Recon’s strengths come into the spotlight when playing first-person shooters in which the Superhuman Hearing mode alters the sound of any headset wired to include gunfire, footsteps and distant footsteps from the background. The Recon retails at approximately $60, and then being sold for $29.99 Recon Recon is a reasonably affordable option to get a advantage in multiplayer games without having to spend more than $100 for an expensive controller.

The pad will not be a winner in any beauty contests due to all the buttons that sit right on its forehead, however each has a legitimate reason to be there. The pad has four different levels for monitoring for microphones and controls for overall game volume and a the game chat volume mix with 4 EQ presets, four programable modes to map to the rear two buttons as well as four levels of right-stick adjustment of sensitivity. This last feature, named Pro Aim by Turtle Beach reduces the sensitivity of left analog stick when you press the left-hand rear button, which allows for tiny movements, like cutting, but it’s somewhat awkward to use.


Turtle Beach Recon Controller


Turtle Beach’s Recon Controller is a USB-C wired gamepad that provides a good amount of audio tuning for headsets with wired connections. The Superhuman Hearing mode lets you hear gunfire and footsteps in the mix. The two buttons at the rear help create a great gaming experience FPS games.

$59.95 AT AMAZON$59.99 AT TARGET

Learning how to operate these controls can be daunting however using the control’s guide to quick start will make it much easier. Superhuman Hearing can be extremely useful in shooters and is worth using frequently in games like Halo Infinite -Be aware that it will alter the sound quality somewhat which is why you might prefer to not use it in single-player games that are story-driven.It’s quite a lot to comprehend initially however, these buttons make an extremely convenient audio control with a headset wired.The shoulder, bumpers and the rear buttons that can be customized are adorned with a beautiful texture that feels fantastic.

The audio controls aside being the only thing that matters, the Recon does not have fancy features such as hair triggers and switchable thumbsticks. Additionally, the D-pad appears like the regular Xbox Wireless Controller but pales against the competition. The plastic construction of the controller feels thin, but the rubber grips give it an incredibly comfortable and soft feeling. For the triggers, sticks and the additional buttons on the rear They all feel sturdy and quick. Add that to Superhuman Hearing and you’ve got yourself an ideal shot-gunner’s recipe. The Recon isn’t without learning curve, but when you’re playing ranked matches and want a reasonably priced controller with additional buttons and audio features that are useful You can’t go wrong in this regard.

Other controllers that are worth knowing about |

Super Mario Bros.

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