xScreen to Xbox Series S Review

Snappy But Not Necessary

Xbox Series S | It’s been a little over 2 years now since PS5 as well as the Xbox Series launched in November 2020. Since then, we’ve seen an increasing number of accessories to the consoles. One of the most interesting products that has hit on the marketplace is UPspec Gaming xScreen , an ultra-portable foldable screen that connects directly to the Xbox Series S.

But, it’s an expensive price to ask for in addition to what could be the most reasonable console of the ninth generation available.xScreen to Xbox Series S – Review  13 images    

xScreen Style and Functions

The xScreenfeatures an 11.6-inch 1080p foldable IPS screen with a single color option which is white. The screen is modern and elegant design that includes an adjustable hinge that folds up to provide the look of a laptop for those connected with Series S.

Its xScreen is connected to Xbox Series S via HDMI and one of the USB-A ports located on side of console. However, it’s not a basic plug-andplay design. The xScreen comes with two latches – one on the opposite side of the screen. They must be screwed into place by hand to ensure that the unit is securely attached with Series S. Series S. The latches are white as well however, if you’d like some flair, different color choices will be available at $9.99 each.

When you first setup the xScreen, you’ll notice the device and Series S connect seamlessly, which makes the latches seem insignificant. But, without these latches the screen doesn’t feel secure enough with it’s Series S, so I’d suggest using them no matter what. The latches fit nicely into the grills of the xScreen as well as that of the Series S. When everything is in place it is easy to mistake the xScreen as a component that of Xbox Series S by default.

With the xScreen connected, the USB-A port as well as the Ethernet port of the Series S are blocked off from use. However, there’s an opening on the right-hand side of the console, which allows users to connect a power cable and extend your storage using Seagate’s own storage expansion cards.

The loss of a USB-A port isn’t the worstthing, since you’ll still have access to the port that is located on top of your console. More concerning is the blockage of the Ethernet port, meaning you’ll rely on Wi-Fi to connect to the internet. Although there are some issues, it’s amazing that UPspec has been able to design an LED display that draws energy direct from Xbox Series S. Folding the xScreen closed will turn off the console immediately.

xScreen comes with two speakers built in I have found them to be unreliable in terms volume and less than ideal in regards to audio quality. If you’re looking to get a high-quality quality audio, I’d suggest having a headset in order to experience the best sound.

There are two additional accessories available for the xScreen available on their own: a $59.99 traveling case which houses each of the Series S and xScreen and allows for easy travel as well as a $24.99 standing feet that let you put the console and display horizontally. Through my tests I was unable to discover any instances where moving the console upwards increased performance, and it is only required when you want to use the Series S to take up the smallest amount of space.

xScreen Gaming Performance

The xScreen always delivered gaming at 1080p. When configuring the device initially, you’ll have to enter the settings of your Xbox and change on the 1080 p resolution, as the default is set to 720p. The refresh rate tops out at 60 Hz which is adequate for the handheld gaming it offers, but isn’t what you’d see on an gaming monitor or TV.

But the xScreen was fluid when I played games such as BugsnaxCupheadHalo Infinite as well as Forza Horizon 5. I experienced no lag in input during gaming, which made it easier for me to concentrate on the action in the game , rather than being distracted by how the display was running. The xScreen’s IPS display has good viewing angles.

Xbox Series S

The display is vibrant and sharp. Although it’s not as sharp as an OLED screen, the xScreen’s small but powerful display has excellent image quality. In the default settings I have never felt the need to set the screen at the right angle or dim my lighting to view the screen. Of course, there’s the option to alter the brightness and control settings in the event of a particular preference however the default settings are sufficient for the majority of users.

Guide to Buying

The xScreen is available only through the website of UPspec Gaming at $249.99.


The UPspec xScreen is a great portable monitor which makes the slimmest console of its ninth generation considerably more portable. With just one cable to supply power to both the display as well as the screen, the xScreen makes an ideal option that is ideal for Series S owners who want to make their console more portable or to play while all other screens in the house are busy. However, the price of it’s a lot to take for a portable 1080p screen that may soon be outdated in the event that Microsoft ever alter the design for its Series S in any way.